Daily Archives: February 4, 2010

Is Mel Gibson and Allen Covert the Same Person?

Mel Gibson is back in the news. What’s ironic is he got upset that the interviewer was talking about his screw ups and Mel was pissed off that he was bringing up the past. Thankfully, Mel gave us another gem when he called the reporter an asshole before they cut off the feed. Mel Gibson is fast approaching trainwreck status, because although this particular incident wasn’t that bad, I’m more concerned with his demeanor. Either that’s his 6th cup of coffee, or Mel’s on one. It looks like he killed a 12 pack and downed a shot of Tom Arnold before the interview. My main conspiracy theory, though, is that Mel Gibson is really a character portrayed by Allen Covert, of Grandma’s Boy fame. Since Gibson was obviously around long before Covert burst on the scene, there’s only one possible scenario…. Mel Gibson did in fact die in that car crash years ago, and Covert assumed his identity.