Japanese Fart Dance

Supposedly this little dance number is about farting….

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One response to “Japanese Fart Dance

  • Amy

    My Japanese frined did a translation for it… It’s pretty funny!

    Let it go with strength
    Let it go with a good sound
    Do Re Mi Fa Poo poo poo WOW
    Even if its big, even if its small
    its the same fart

    Put your hands on your hip
    Hey Hey Pooo

    Everyone Let it go, laugh and let it go
    Do Re Mi Fa Poo poo poo Wow

    Even mom, even dad
    Everyone farts

    Up to the sky here we go
    Hey Hey Pooo

    Its about to come out, its gonna come out soon
    Do Re Mi Fa Poo Poo Poo

    Powerful fartts, cute farts,
    I wonder what kind of fart is going to come out next

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