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Doin Work’s 2010 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

Alright fantasy fans, we’ve are proud to say that we’ve now completed our cycle of fantasy sports here at Doin Work. We had a mock football, basketball, and now we’ve done baseball. I guess we could do one for Hockey and Golf, but seriously, I doubt there’s much interest from the fantasy community for either of them. As always, we had a 12 team mock, with people writing a little bit on why they picked the player they did, and in some cases why the already regret picking them! With out further ado here’s the first three rounds of the draft!

1) Matt La Porta Potties – Albert Pujols (Cardinals)

HELLO  #1 PICK!!! I can’t remember the last time there has been a more straight forward #1 pick in a fantasy draft?!? Matt La Porta is going to be shitting on some Potties for sure this season. The only downside now is waiting two full rounds to pick again.

2) Huff Huff Pass – Hanley Ramirez (Marlins)

Tough to NOT pick Han Ram. Sure he might be considered weak when it comes to pain tolerance by his teammates, but that doesn’t effect any of his play when he’s out on the field. He’s a 30HR/30Steal/100Run/100RBI guy, so it’s tough to find any reason not to take him. Oh yeah, and he’s a shortstop that’s usually in the race for a batting title too! Shortstop was my weakest position last year, so I decided to sure that position up right off the bat this season…

3) Who Creamed in My Clear – Chase Utley (Phillies)

This was a tough choice for me, A-Rod and Miguel Cabrera were hard to pass up. In the end I’ve decided to go with the player that has won me two previous championships. Locking up a 2nd baseman who’s production is so prolific is a valuable early draft piece to have. There will be plenty of other players at corner positions and in the out field to pick up later on down the road.

4) Triple Hawpes Brewed – Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)

I really hate the Yankees, and dislike A-Rod to the extent that I probably wouldn’t mind if he got hurt. If there’s a guy in the league that is as feared as Pujols, I’d say A-Roid fits that mold. He’s hit 30 HR’s and 100 RBI’s in 12 consecutive seasons, so no reason to think he’ll slow down batting in the middle of the most feared lineup in the big leagues.

5) Blue Va-Jay-Jays – Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)

Ummmmm…..When I saw I had the fifth pick I immediately wrote down Chase Utley and A-rod, and by god they went three and four right in front of me. Miguel is essentially a panic pick based on me looking at a million possible picks right up to time expiring. Longoria, Braun, and Kemp  got long looks right up before I hit the “Draft” button. From a talent stand point, I probably got the best player on the board, not much to complain about really.

6) I need TP for my PujolsPrince Fielder (Brewers)

Prince killed me every time I played him last year. I think he hit 40 of his 46 home runs when he was playing me in this head to head league. Seriously though, Prince is a one man wrecking crew, and he is just turning 25 years young. He looks like he could be an MVP contender for years to come. Even though there’s a lot of 1B that can put up comparable numbers, I sided with him because he killed me every time I was against him, and if you can’t beat him pick him!

7) Kinsler’s List – Ryan Braun (Brewers)

Bamm, I was hoping Braun would still be here. He’s a dynamic young power producer and I was hoping he’d be here instead of kemp. Alas, they were both still available making my decision even more simple. Getting a power outfielder is a great pick, there is so much power available in later rounds to build off, I’m just happy I got my guy. I’ve seen in happen in other drafts, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Ryan Howard makes it back to me. If these league values pitching I’ll have a chance.

#8 Lawn Mauers – Joe Mauer (Twins)

League wide I’m known for picking my hometown Minnesota players too early in drafts, and since I never seem to do all THAT great in the leagues why not change my strategy you ask? I’d much rather draft a guy I like earlier than I should instead of drafting a guy that I want to see fail in non-fantasy situations. I LOVE Mauer, and pray that we sign him to a long term deal. He’s easily the best catcher in the league, and will be producing at a spot that it’s hard to find good production at!

9) The Uggla Truth – Evan Longoria (Rays)

Lincy or Longoria? Lincy or Longoria? Lincy or Longoria? Lincy or Longoria? Lincy or Longoria? Honestly, I took a shot of Jack, flipped a coin, and landed with heads. Longoria it was. Thanks Mr. Daniels for making my pick a tad easier.

10) Keeping up with the Kouzmanoffs – Mark Texiera (Yankees)

Tex went invisible in the playoffs, but maybe it was because he was nervous in his first year with the Yankee playoff spotlight. I don’t see any reason for him to struggle during the regular season. Sitting in the heart of the order in the best lineup in the bigs he will put up huge numbers.

11) The Good,The Bad,And The Utley – Tim Lincecum (Giants)

Wow, okay so I hate taking pitchers early in drafts. I love building from the infield and then out, and tackling pitching last. I’m also an avid believe in streaming. Seeing Lincecum here so late, I couldn’t pass on the value. This has totally shaken up my draft strategy, but will see what happens, I also feel very good knowing I’d have a ton of trade partners with other owners in this league.

12) Mound Rubbers – Ryan Howard (Phillies)

There are no sure things in baseball, but Howard is pretty close. He’s smacked 45 or more homers in the last four straight seasons, and I doubt he’ll slow down anytime soon residing in a very hitter friendly lineup and park. I’m not sure how I got screwed with the last pick this year. I finished second to last in the standings and still have the disadvantage of picking last. Screw you random pick generator!

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