49ers Quarterback Controversy

As my favorite football saying goes…. If you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one.

Such is the situation for the San Francisco 49ers.  Now, first off, let me just disclose the fact that I really couldn’t care less who Singletary names the starter.  I’m not much of a Niners fan, but when you live in Northern California, you take what you can get in terms of winning teams.  The 49ers sit at 3-3 after losing two in a row.  They’re a game back of division leading Arizona.  So, that creates an interesting situation for the team as they decide which direction to go.  The sentiment coming from SF fans is simply, Alex Smith played better than Shaun Hill, so he should be the starter.  You can’t argue that, but you can argue that he came into the game down 21-0 when the pressure was off.  Houston’s defensive gameplan also goes out the window as they most likely spent their week preparing for Hill.  One Houston defender even went on to say he didn’t even know who #11 was!

Now, simple logic states that you go with whoever gives you the best chance to win the football game.  But, the 49ers travel to Indianapolis to play the Colts next week, so they probably don’t have a chance regardless of who’s dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodging lineman in the collapsed pocket all day.  Therefore, here’s hoping the Niners go with Smith to finish out the season.  They’re still paying him a ton of money, and they owe it one more shot to see if he can salvage his career and be the starting QB they picked him to be.  No word on whether Coach Singletary plans to announce who the starter will be in today’s press conference yet, but it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it.

UPDATE: Mike Singletary did, in fact, name Alex Smith the starter for this Sunday.

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