Big Z Blowup

I always find crazy players the most fun to follow, especailly when they aren’t causing problems on my own team(s). Maybe that’s why I’ve followed guys like Milton, Artest, and SJax so closely over their career, because they will provide you some entertainment, and plenty of WTF moments if you watch them enough. Earlier today in a game that’s still going on, Big Z gave up four runs in the first, and was taken out of the game after getting in the face of one of my favorite guys in the league, Derrek Lee (If you’re curious why he’s one of my favorites read this post) and pretty much anyone else that was in the dugout. I’m with the annoucers on this, I’d love to see D Lee and Big Z in the octagon!  I had to get something Cubs related up for Dyslecix’s birthday today, too bad it ended up being a lowlight… Don’t be shocked if the video gets taken down… I’ve already talked about how the MLB copywright laws grind my gears

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7 responses to “Big Z Blowup

  • mceezy

    Hahaha, Zambrano needs to book an appointment with Ron Artest’s psychiatrist. Derrek Lee plays it like the ultimate Sacramentan there. “Fuck you…. now I’m gonna get some water and chill.”

  • tophatal


    Why act so surprised this is the Cubs you know ? I mean for them this is merely another reason why the organization won’t ever win anything at all ! Winning isn’t a part of their psyche and Piniella is no longer a good manager ! Giving asinine sound bytes can’t hide at all what’s wrong with the team !

    I hear the Cleveland Indians will be starting their fire sale soon as with regard to the players that they want off load ? And by all accounts that takers for veteran players on their roster . Kerry Wood and others of that ilk simply aren’t worth going after as they’ve had their day in the sun !


    • chappy81

      Well, I never really let on that I was surprised, because I was far from surprised that this happened! I feel bad for Cubs fans, they spend the money, but never get what they paid for…

      I think most teams are ready for a firesale, the real question is who are the buyers going to be?

      • tophatal


        Cubs in the last year have been allowed to file for bankruptcy after their former owner , billionaire Sam Zell mortgaged the Cubs’ parent company up to the hilt. The Tribune Company and its fiances are still a mess and the new owners Tom Ricketts and his family are now beginning to find out how much of a mess the organization really is in.

        Ricketts overpaid for the team and the assets that came in tow. So much for him being an astute businessman !

        As for the Cubs they’ll simply be the lovable but yet bumbling , stumbling Cubs . Gotta pity dyslecix and his situation with the team .

        Alan Parkins

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    I’m on a Cubs internet radio show called IvyEnvy ( and we though this was hilarious.
    Big Z has always been a mess, and this was especially entertaining when you consider that he didn’t even wait until the second inning to lose his temper.


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