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The Best Playoff Dunk?

A month or two ago Sportsnation over on ESPN had a best dunk of the playoffs contest. This Pippen dunk barely beat out a dunk by his teammate MJ in another highlight dunk over Patrick Ewing.  I have to say I remember the Jordan dunk more, but did agree with it winning the contest. This dunk had everything in it. Intimidation, rivalry (well, a one sided rivalry), FU mode, and Ewing was really trying to block that dunk! Anyways, I ran across this video of Pippen telling us a little more about the dunk, and thought it was worth sharing…

List 10: Ten excuses Celtics fans will use if they lose to the Lakers

(Borrowed today, but I had to post it)

Suggested by @AmandaRykoff, also known as “Company Woman Amanda” from the podcast

1. Kobe got all the calls. And his fingers weren’t hurt enough. Or his toes. I don’t know. Kobe sucks.

2. Rondo was banged up, and everyone knows you can’t win a championship with three future Hall of Famers if your fourth-year point guard has muscle spasms.

3. The Lakers stole Gasol! Rip-off trades should only happen when a beloved former power forward becomes the GM of another team.

4. Simmons jinxed us.

5. The tech/ejection/suspension on Rasheed/ KG/Perkins is because the refs are out to get them, not because they’re crazy and/or jerks who have complained about every call ever. (Not gonna lie — Artest doesn’t do well in this category either. But at least we only got one crazy).

6. If we aren’t going to get a 38-to-10 free throw advantage like we did in Game 2 of 2008, how does anyone ever expect us to win?

7. Wait, they’re still playing? I jumped off the bandwagon last year. OK, I’m back! I never bailed! Celtics forever! What? They lost? Why does this always happen to me?

8. Fisher is a dirty player. That’s KG’s move!

9. Gasol flops too much. That’s KG’s move!

10. Pierce got confused on which injury to fake.

The Lakeshow Open a Can of Whoop Ass in Game One

This basically sums up the game; Kobe along with the rest of the squad was in the zone last night. Straight from the tip the Lakers played smart, hard nosed basketball. They never backed down, and hit the shots that needed to go down. Stat of the night: Kevin Garrnett’s plus/minus was -17, and Ron Artest’s was +27…..End of story on that stat alone! Not to mention the Lakers out rebounded the Celtics by 15.

On another note the Celtics can’t play much worse then that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out Sunday and played on of there best games of the playoffs. The Lakeshow better be ready for game two, with the bullshit 2-3-2 format, you can’t afford to let game two slip away. Were keeping things short around here for the next few days, so here is a bonus clip to get your Friday morning started with, enjoy.