Daily Archives: June 8, 2010

Woody Harrelson is Clutch!

In the United States charity soccer matches don’t mean anything, however on the other side of the pond certain events bring out thousands of fans to watch celebrities, ex-professionals, and current footballers play a game for a good cause. Perhaps the biggest of these celebrity events is Unicef’s Soccer Aid charity football match, 65,000 people turned out to support the cause and some of football’s biggest names came out. Anyhow, the match went to penalty kicks, and with score 10-10 it was up to Woody to put away the winning goal…………

The Million Dollar Dream (AKA The Sleeper)

With the 2010 NBA Draft looming over our shoulders, I decided to write a piece focusing on this year’s potential sleeper, Gordon Hayward.  I love pure-shooters, especially those with text-book form, hence Stephen Curry is my favorite NBA sharp-shooter, and this was prior to him being drafted by my Golden State Warriors.  Gordon Hayward has similarities to Curry, primarily their demeanor on the court.  They seem undeterred by the big stage.  We touched on their shooting abilities, but they both let the game come to them, which is uncommon in young players.  The fundamentals have already been established with these two, which usually leads to instant impact once they dawn an NBA jersey.  One thing Hayward has over Curry is size, but then again, Adam Morrison was a bigger guard coming out of Gonzaga, and aside from hitch-hiking his way to a championship ring  last season, Morrison’s career is an obvious bust.

What this all goes to show is that sometimes size doesn’t matter, but more so the system you get placed in.  Although Curry would have been successful no matter where he went, it’s clear he’s benefited from a free-flowing offense, the same offense that a player like Gordon Hayward might flourish in.  I know the Warriors won’t take Hayward at number six, but if a team like Oklahoma City swoops him at 21 or 26, or Memphis takes him at 25 or 28, it should be considered a steal.  Especially if he goes to Memphis, where there isn’t a clear-cut star on the team, so the potential is greater for Hayward there.  Regardless of where he lands, I’m rooting for the kid, and I’m hoping to look back five years from now and read this post and for once, have proof that I know just what the hell I’m talking about.