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NFL’s Hardest Hits From 2008-2010

I saw this floating around today, and thought what the heck I’ll take a peak. 10 minutes later, I had to snap myself out of a trance. I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off this video. Typically I find Youtube annoying, it always feels like it’s filled with crap that takes a ton of time to sort through. But I gotta say nuggets of gold like this make me take back every bad thing I’ve ever thought about it. Enjoy some bone crushing destruction, I know I sure did.

Ni Hao Ma = Hello From China

So, MCeezy and I have been in our homeland, China, for the last seven days, and have found it impossible to blog while we are here since, Doin Work, and basically every other blog in the U.S. seems to be blocked out from the 1.5 billion people in China to enjoy. I guess they found our posts about the up and coming Chinese ballers offensive or something. I scheduled a couple posts for while I was gone, because it was aticipated that this would happen, but really didn’t think that their internet censoring was quite as bad as this.  Anyways, here’s a few random snapshots from our trip so far, becuase it’s taking forever to get these up, I could only put up four of the pictures! We have caught tons of funny ass pictures of signs and other stuff that will be posted upon our return!

Chappy (Left) Mceezy (Right) Never seen a Beer Called Reeb, we and the family made it a running joke the rest of the trip...

We climbed Mount Ti, and all we found at the top was the Taian Kid...

A serious food market, I tried to pay this chick ten yaun or $1.25 USD, to chop some chickens head off, and she completely cared (didn't) what I was saying and did it anyways. Missed the blood from the butcher knife in the photo, but a fun stop at the market regardless.

Hai Bau, the best mascot since WHATISIT, or IZZY the Atlanta Summer Games mascot. I think that they may have pulled off as good a knock off mascot as the Lkbers 24 Bryant Jersey we saw...

Are you a Working Stiff That Loves the World Cup?

Then worry not, here is your complete guide to slack off at work and watch from your desk….AND GET PAID!!

Live Streaming Sites

ESPN 3 is the online streaming version of the popular sports network in the U.S.A. Their upcoming live streaming schedule includes the kick-off on June 10th, the opening ceremonies on June 11th followed by the FIFA World Cup matches. According to the NY Times, ESPN 3 will be streaming all 64 games.

ESPN Mobile TV will be streaming the kick-off, opening ceremonies and 56 world cup matches including semifinals and final to Sprint customers on the new HTC EVO smartphone, according to MarketWatch.

CBC Sports is Canada’s national public broadcaster. The CBC Sports website states “Between June 11th and July 11th 2010 watch every game streamed LIVE on CBCSports.ca”.

Optus is the #2 Australian telecommunications carrier and will be live streaming 2010 World Cup matches for free to customers with compatible 3G mobile devices.

TVU Networks is a live streaming Internet TV platform and, according to Ask MetaFilter, should be carrying the 2010 World Cup.

BBC Sport states that “All BBC matches will be available to watch live online in high quality video” according to this article, which also contains a schedule of which matches are on the BBC and which will be on iTV.

iTV is the biggest commercial television network in the UK. According to their FIFA World Cup Live description they will have select content from all 64 games, and be broadcasting live any matches that iTV carries.

FIFA 2010 World Cup Schedule

To find out when your team is playing, check out the official World Cup soccer schedule on FIFA’s website.

Regional Restrictions on Live Streaming

Many of these live streaming video sites are infamous for using geographical restrictions to lock out certain viewers. The BBC will almost definitely be blocking anyone not located in the UK, and other sites may have similar policies.

Random Internet Clip to Start your Morning

Now look, I don’t condone violence. And frankly I think drugs are very very bad, hell I’m scared to death having to talk to my kids about them. But then again when they produce a world famous Youtube clip, that literally makes your jaw drop open, what can you do? Well post it of course!

On a side note, how freaking scary would it be to be the homie in the PT Cruiser? Holy mackerel, he seemed to play it pretty cool, I would freaked out and rammed the car in front or busted up on the curb and get the hell out.