Cleveland’s U-Turn

Looks like Cavs fans are finally turning the page after seeing their team’s current record breaking losing streak hit 26. I guess even they now realize that Lebron never really had a team that was worthy of his talents. It’s good to see that they are at least fond of the times they had with him. Maybe now, Lebron won’t get his ass kicked when he goes home to visit his family and friends. I loved the Delonte part.


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17 responses to “Cleveland’s U-Turn

  • tophatal


    Was there ever a U turn ’cause I simply thought that they simply came to a fork in the road ? Heaven left , Hades (Hell ) right ! Guess which direction they went in ?

    I guess that Gilbert was never that much of a poker player to begin with ? Because only a fool would’ve made the statement that he did ’bout the Cavs winning an NBA title before LeBron and the Heat would !

    Did your ’bout Sanchez supposedly having sex two underage teens and as a parting gift he allegedly gave ’em tickets to a Jets Bills’ game from this past season ?
    Call me crazy but tickets for a Jets Bills’ game is worth having sex with some skank ? I guess their pimp must’ve been happy with that deal then ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    A Shock To The System ………….

    Three Strikes And You’re Out …………..

    tophatal ………..

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Eh…It is a U turn but i don’t know if it’s as large of one as most of the media believe it is.

    Keep in mind, Cleveland got blown the hell out in the one finals they actually played in.

    I feel bad for Antwan Jamison but I could careless about the rest of those guys


  • tophatal


    Proving once again that they’re simply not as smart as their homo-sapian cousins the Raiders’ front office offers Seymour $30 million but having cut Asomugha when they could’ve franchised tag the guy ! The Raiders want to win alright just as much in th same way that Lindsay Lohan would profess s in having us believe that she’s not a crack head and or an alcoholic !

    tophatal ……………….

    • chappy81

      Well, what I’m hearing is they wanted to leave the franchise tag open for our most important offensive player, Zack Miller. Yup, he’s the only guy that has succeeded consistently with our carousel of qb’s over the years, so I think that’s what they are doing. Plus we couldn’t let Seymour go since we sent our #1 to you guys for him…

      • tophatal

        But you’re still going to try and sign him on the cheap ? How’s that going to work out if the mark’t avg is just shy of $14-$16 mil a year ?

        Common sense wasn’t doled out in an abundance within the front office there was it ?

        tophatal …………………..

        • chappy81

          That’s not how we roll. We make sure our players know we want them. Davis doesn’t mind spending for better or for worse. It might not make sense on some levels, but for a Raiders fan we have to just be happy that we signed a player that is close to being worth his contract after watching them sign a lot of guys that aren’t close to their contract worth.

  • tophatal


    Are you absolutely sure about that ? It wasn’t so long ago that you of all people were regaling me as to how good Asomugha is ? What’s now changed for you to be taking this stance ? You’ve still got someone like Gallery who’s only talent may well be that he comes off looking like a poor man’s Polamalu or Clay Matthews for that matter !

    So what you’re saying is in essence Asomugha was well worth the $15 mil a year when in your eyes he was the shut down corner but the moment he’s unable to meet the incentives in his contract he’s worth squat ? Which is it to be ?

    tophatal ………………

    tophatal ………………..

    • chappy81

      I’m not saying Nnamdi isn’t worth squat, I’d love to have him back on the team, but it doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen so I have to mentally move on. Asomugha will be worth whatever contract he ends up getting wherever that is. I hope it’s with Oakland, but we’ll have to wait and see…

      • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

        Hopefully Oakland wins the division next year. They should finish 9-7. I don’t see the Chiefs being good as they were last year


        • chappy81

          I sure hope so. I really like the coaching staff we are putting together. I’m usually unimpressed in that department, but Davis seems to be going after proven coaches in a rare turn of events in Oakland!

      • tophatal


        You live and die by the decisions you make and this could be one of those that will simply come back to bite the Raiders in the ass if they don’t resign the guy ! You can count on it !

        The AFC West will be once a again a toss up as not one of those teams can show any level of consistency throughout the season. The Chargers are prone to only playing half of one to begin with . And the Raiders from one moment to the next you simply don’t know what to expect. I do believe that the Broncos could prove to be something of a surprise but that’ll be predicated on whether or not Fox and Elway believe that Tebow can lead the team .

        The Chiefs on the other hand have now got to prove that last season wasn’t indeed a fluke !

        tophatal ………………….

        • chappy81

          I do, and if you’ve followed the Raiders for long enough you can expect some wild decisions. This isn’t the exception to the rule, but I’m happy they signed a player that is worth the money. I’m not saying Seymour should be the highest paid DL in the league, but he has made us better so I don’t fault the signing. I want Nnamdi to stay, but I almost think this might be good if he can’t get what the Raiders originally gave him. Maybe Al finally realized he could get him at a discount if he finds out his market value isn’t quite what he thought it was. Hiring Rod Woodson as our Secondary Coach might help too… The West is up for grabs, we’ll see who takes advantage. Hopefully it’s the Raiders. They have a lot of guys to sign from last years team though.

  • tophatal


    Get him at a discount ? This isn’t a bargain basement item you know LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Woodson will improve that secondary immensely because of his knowledge ! I believe him to be a way better player and CB than Deion ever was ! Deion was all ’bout the flashiness and less we forget he never liked to tackle or be hit ?

    I’m waiting to see what takes place in the NFL Draft not that I was ever a draft geek to begin with. I leave that sh_t to the likes of Kiper and McShay over at ESPN ! Those two are like the main characters from “Brokeback Mountain” !

    tophatal ……………

    • chappy81

      Well, by discount I mean less than $17M a season which he was going to get paid had his contract been upheld.

      I’m hoping Woodson injects some attitude and awareness into the secondary next year.

      • tophatal


        You’re right that’s definitely what the secondary needs because for far too long they were ill disciplined , erratic but above all overly complacent !

        It’s amazing that in this day and age in the NFL a rookie comes in and gets close to $70 million as a first rounder with more than half of that sum being guaranteed and veterans who’ve accomplished something have to damn well fight scraps at the table ! How fu_ked up is the NFL at present ?

        tophatal ………….

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