NBA Fast Break!

Just some quick thoughts on the young NBA season …

Despite getting absolutely destroyed by Chicago tonight, my Golden State Warriors currently hold a 6-3 record going into Saturday’s game in Milwaukee.  Things to note:  Keith Smart appears to be an excellent coach, who seems to understand today’s players.  Steph Curry has not fallen into the Sophomore slump.  David Lee is the right acquisition for this team.  Dorrell Wright is the perfect acquisition for this team.  And finally, the team chemistry is at an all time high.  I love this squad.  All praise the “Smart” era!

If the Heat crowd consisted of this 24/7, I might change my tune.

Coming into the season, all the talk was about the Miami Heat, and rightfully so.  They assembled a baby “Dream Team”.  Well, they’re currently 5-4 (not as good as the Warriors) and show no signs of being capable of beating Boston.  But, the most shocking thing to me about Miami is, well, they’re boring to watch.  LeBron and Wade are a highlight reel waiting to happen but without a soundtrack.  What I mean by that is their crowd is weak.  LeBron’s posterizing dunks will never quite be the same without the Cleveland crowd behind him.  I’m sorry Miami, I’m sure there are some real Heat fans out there, but they’re currently not in the stands.

PS – Chris Bosh plays defense like he’s still at the beach, just enjoying the view  …

Free Kevin Love!

David Kahn is probably the worse President in basketball.  I take that back, that’s an understatement.  David Kahn is absolutely the worse president in basketball.  So it’s fitting he’s hired, and kept the worse coach in basketball in Kurt Rambis, employed.  Here’s an “NBA Coaching For Dummies” tip for you Rambis, play your best player.  I don’t know what Kevin Love’s done to Rambis behind closed doors, perhaps a Delonte/LeBron situation but involving his daughter, but whatever the case, Rambis can’t be limiting Love’s minutes due to “lack of defense”.  If that were the case, Michael Beasley should be riding the pine right next to him.  Of course, I wouldn’t be concerned about what’s going on in Minnesota, had I not drafted Kevin Love as a keeper in my fantasy league.


Could the Lakers be attempting to chase down history?  Some people, including myself thought the Heat would be challenging the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls for ultimate team supremacy and bragging rights, by eclipsing Chicago’s 72 wins season.  Well we got the wrong team.  It’s the Lakers laying down the foundation towards team immortality.  Why didn’t I see the signs?  Phil’s last run.  Kobe’s competitive nature.  I’m sure the moment LeBron announced his plans to hit the W on South Beach, Kobe hit the gym.  Plus, Pau Gasol has emerged as the best player on this team, and in the league.  Yes I said it.  That title has belonged to him ever since the NBA Finals two seasons ago.  He was robbed of a Finals’ MVP trophy last season.  The Lakers are so good, and so deep, they can cut Andrew Bynum and be O.K.  Name another team that could do the same.

John Wall and Blake Griffin are fresh, new and exciting!  Like seeing Tony Hawk execute the 900 during the first X Games exciting!  At this point, I don’t see either the Wizards or the Clippers making a playoff push, but the race for Rookie of the Year will only continue to heat up!  When it’s all said and done, I believe John Wall will edge out Griffin due to the fact that he can do the feminine version of the “Dougie”.

Here …

PS – He dances like a girl.

8 responses to “NBA Fast Break!

  • tophatal


    Do you get the feeling also that Riley might want to rethink this whole strategy with his ‘Fab Three’ and the Heat as they’re barely above .500 at present ?

    Warriors could play themselves into contention for the postseason if luck falls their way .

    As for Kurt Rambis he must wish he could still ride on Phil Jackson’s coat-tails .

    If at all interested I did a piece on Pacquiao’s upcoming fight this weekend against Margarito . Simply click on the link provided below to read.

    Being An Ass Never Looked So Bad But Being A Bad Ass Has Its Merits ……


    tophatal …………….. 🙂 😛 * 😦

    • By

      I think Riley is glad they’re struggling, so he can pull a Riley on Spo the way he did Van Gundy!

      I’ll definitely peep that Pac Man post!

      • tophatal


        Riley is itching like a case of gonorrhea to replace Spoelstra and that’s why I think he’ll let him exhaust all possibilities before stepping back into the fray.

        As to Kahn as an owner he’s been ineffective he simply doesn’t possess the will to be competitive much less that of being an actual businessman. Hopefully under the ownership of Hollywood mogul Peter Guber and Joel Lacob the organization will have the presence of mind for real change .

        Sale of Golden State Warriors to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber Complete

        Duo to Serve As Lead Partners of GSW Sports LLC, New Ownership Group of Bay Area NBA Team

        The sale of the Golden State Warriors to an ownership group headed by Joe Lacob and Peter Guber was formally completed today, the team announced. GSW Sports LLC, a group of six board members and multiple investors, headed by Lacob and Guber, have officially assumed full control of the NBA organization.

        “This announcement has been much-anticipated,” said Lacob. “Now that the process is officially complete, I am incredibly anxious and excited to take the helm of the Golden State Warriors organization. It’s a great day for me and my family, and a great day for Warriors fans. The unmatched passion of this Bay Area fan base played a huge role in my pursuit of this dream come true, and I’m looking forward to a tremendous ride on our journey to the return to greatness. We will work extremely hard to represent you as the championship organization that you deserve, and the team that you will be proud to be a part of.”

        “This is a tremendous opportunity for new ownership, the Warriors franchise and its great fans,” Guber said. “I’m convinced that we have formed a passionate and well-diversified group. With the financial and intellectual commitment of the board members and investors, and Warriors fans as the truly key partners in this endeavor, we will not fail

        See link shown to read in full .


        tophatal 🙂

  • Chris Humpherys

    1) There are never Heat fans in the stands. What a drubbing last night was. Damn!

    2) I knew a Kahn/Rambis rant was coming. Nice work.

    3) I don’t know that the Lakers will get to 72 wins. Not that they couldn’t. I just don’t think it’s a goal of theirs.

    4) Me likey Wall and Griffin. Too bad they’re on crappy teams.

  • Chappy81

    Good stuff man! I think the Dubs were just tired yesterday after playing four out of five nights. At least I hope that’s why they looked so slopply with those turnovers… Either way they are exceeding my expectations of them! I guess not yours since you put them as the 6th seed in the west!

    I think your right about Miami, I didn’t really think about the crowd factor. It feels like the Lakers crowd during the regular season. They are all distracted by smart phones and celebrities in the crowd. Lame!

    I saw a good interview with Phil the other day. He was talking about one of the Bulls teams that started 43-3 or something like that, and they ended up winning 64 games or something like that. I think they will have a let down eventually…

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