Daily Archives: June 7, 2010

Los Angeles Lakers Anthem

Doesn’t get much better this, easily one of the sickest mix-tapes I’ve ever heard all dedicated to your Los Angeles Lakers. The highlight of which is Ice-Cube straight dogging Paul Piece, this brought a smile to my face after last nights shitty game 2. Shit, I don’t know what else to really say about it, just click the link and start bumping.


Lakers still in 6 bitches!

Jumping off the Eiffel Tower

I’ve never been all that into the rollerblading revolution, probably because my choice was a skateboard growing up, and there’s a rivalry between the two sports if you didn’t know. Much like the rivalry between snowboarders and skiers. Rollerblading is looked upon as MUCH easier to learn. Anyways, for some reason I’m not impressed with this jump. I mean, you won’t see me standing in line to attempt it, but it seems like a overblown Red Bull event for one simple jump. I feel like the fall from the tower to the ramp wasn’t that big, so it makes the plunge less impressive.