Doin Lines Week 1

Chalk linesThroughout the season I will be try to predict the outcomes of the NFL spreads. I used to gamble quite a bit, and had good and bad times with it. I think I would’ve done better if I hadn’t gone for so many parlays, but that makes it more exciting. Anyways, I’ve never kept track over a whole season, so this should be interesting. The home teams are in bold, and the first team listed is the favorite. I will also be giving a confidence rating on my picks with a scale of 1-5. A one would be “I like me betting on the Raiders, because they’re my favorite team”, and a 5 would be “Parlay this one with any other 5 on the board” Without further ado here is the predictions.

Pittsburgh (-6) Tennessee

3, It’s going to be tough for everyone going to Pittsburgh, but Tennessee proved last season that they are for real with their 12-4 mark, but are a fairly big underdog against the Steelers. The Titans have pretty much the same look as last year minus Haynesworth. They should be ready to at least cover in this one, since I feel like this line should be around -3. Plus, I have a feeling the Titans will want to pull out everything they have to get a win off the newly crowned champs.

Atlanta (-4) Miami

4, I felt like the Dolphins were huge overachievers last season. They wouldMichael Turner stiff arm Falcons probably do fine in the AFC West, but in their division I think it’ll be a long tough road for them. Their first game is going to be in hostile territory against a team looking to see improvement through acquisitions and growth from their young QB. The Falcons should cover this spread with all the offensive firepower they have.

Baltimore (-13) Kansas City

2, It’s always hard to tell how crappy a team is going to be. I doubt that KC will win this, but can you really give a guy named Flacco enough confidence in covering a two TD spread? I didn’t think so. KC will kill a few bettors at the end of this game scoring some points in garbage time. They seemed to do that well last year even with Thigpen.

Philadelphia (-1.5) Carolina

2, this is a tough one. I don’t like it when the home team isn’t favored, but in this one I can’t argue. Carolina’s often stalling offense is always a roller coaster that I wouldn’t bet a replica ring on.Donovan Mcnabb McNabb has two weeks to prove he is the undisputed starter, so I like Philly taking this one either by a good offensive effort or Jake Delhomme choking it away.

Cincinnati (-4.5) Denver

3, With all the drama in Denver this off-season it’s hard to tell what is going to come out of the once proud franchise. Saying they are dysfunctional is an understatement, but saying Cincinatti hasn’t had it’s problems isn’t fair either. I don’t like any team coming off as many problems and changes as Denver had this off-season, and they won’t figure it out until it’s too late.

Minnesota (-4) Cleveland

5, Like I said before I don’t like road teams being favored, but I really can’t bet on a franchise that just named it’s starter today, Quinn. Cleveland didn’t make any upgrades and sorely needed to over the off-season. Minnesota should run away with this one. We could even see a chunk of playing time for Tavaris or a tryout from Anderson if Quinn struggles…

Houston (-4.5) NY Jets

4, it’s Mark Sanchez’s first start as a pro, and I have a feeling that he’s going to get acquainted with Mario Williams early and often.Mario Williams If the Jets had a solid running game or receivers that didn’t disappear, I’d give them a chance. Schaub is expected to go today, so as long as that stays the same I’m taking the Texans.

Indianapolis (-7) Jacksonville

3, I think it would be impossible to pick anyone but Indy at home. Jacksonville usually gives them a good fight, but in a home opener it’s going to be hard for the Jaguars to pull it out especially with their disappointing 5 win campaign last season. I think the Colts will start the season as they usually do undefeated with a convincing win.

New Orleans (-13) Detroit

5, The question is when will the Saints be up by 13? First half? First quarter? Watch the bottom line or your stat tracker to see just how many they can put up. I don’t see the Lions 20 game losing streak ending in week 1 especially in a tough environment.

Dallas (-6) Tampa Bay

4, Tampa Bay is in shambles after barely missing the playoffs last year. They are doing an overhaul with minimal talent, so it’s pretty hard not to like the Cowboys in this one. Dallas will probably run a little more smoothly with TO out of the way. Look for the Buccaneers fans to be one of the blackout teams soon.

Arizona (-6.5) San Francisco

2, I really don’t know what to expect from this one. I’ll loosely pick the Niners to cover.Kurt Warner Cardinals old Arizona had an incredible season last year, but I don’t see lightning striking twice. It was kind of funny watching Kurt Warner fall to late rounds in nearly all my fantasy drafts. That has to say something about their chances.

NY Giants (-6.5) Washington

2, it seems like the Giants start off strong and slowly fade away as the season wears on. If Eli had one good receiver, I’d probably bump up my confidence rating, but in this rivalry game it’s always tough to give a team nearly a TD. Washington just ends up being disappointing every season, and this year doesn’t look much brighter, as I see the Giants taking this one.

Seattle (-8.5) St. Louis

3, One rule I have is never to bet on crappy teams, because you never know what you’ll get. Seattle vs. St. Louis definitely fits that mold, and I can’t really give more than a TD to any team I deem crappy. St. Louis should make this competitive while they cover the spread.

Green Bay (-3.5) Chicago

4, I like the way the Packers look this year.Greg Jennings Packers Rodgers has a lot of guys to throw to, and proved that he is going to be a good starter for years to come. The Bears have issues on defense especially against the passing game. I like the Pack to set the division tone with a convincing win.

New England (-11) Buffalo

4, If Brady is indeed back to 07′ form, we could see the stats that only a QB on Madden puts up. I don’t really see the impact of TO on the field overshadowing the gaping hole left by Lynch in the backfield. I think Buffalo is a decent team, but they are no match for the Pats in Foxboro on opening night. There could be two Monday night blowouts.

San Diego (-9.5) Oakland

2, it’s never easy picking against your team especially when they are giving a TD plus, but the Raiders are starting to mirror the Timberwolves as their franchise spirals out of control. They have talent, but no direction. On a side note, I hope Gruden calls this game on ESPN, it would be nice to hear what he has to say about his former employer! Plus I caught him during a pre-season game and he was pretty funny.

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15 responses to “Doin Lines Week 1

  • Alan Parkins

    The only spreads that I for one like to see set out, are on a buffet table. I just watch the games that’s all. But I can tell you this, if the Chargers falter in the AFC West this season. Then they ought to send Norv Turner packing once and for all.

    The same can be said of Marvin Lewis and Bungles. Have I missed out anyone ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Not a betting man huh!?! I’m not nearly as much as I used to, but it always makes it more fun to watch the games! Yeah, I was honestly happy when Norv went from the Raiders to the Chargers. I knew he was a downgrade from Marty, and if it goes to a division foe all the better!
      I’d say that Jack Del Rio is on the hot seat, and maybe Lovie Smith as well.

      • Alan Parkins

        In high school in London. I was a beast , but that’s what happens when you’ve got an errant father whose greatest joy it’d appear at the time was teach his son all of the nuances of gambling. Once he left my mom and my two younger siblings there wasn’t much use that I had for him and I rarely heard from him , from thereon in.

        Thankfully I didn’t fall into the trap of being in itinerant gambler ,losing more than winning. I merely bet when I felt the need to and shied away when I knew it just wasn’t worth it !

        Once military life got a hold of me then let’s just say that there were far more important issues that need to be dealt with. Like staying alive in a combat zone.

        Alan Parkins

  • Alan Parkins

    Del Rio commands no respect whatsoever from the fans in Jacksonville. Wayne Weaver , as the owner of the Jags knows that this has got to be it if the team doesn’t at least have a winning season.

    If Lovie Smith screws things up now with the advent of Cutler being there. Then the Bears ought to throw him to the lions, bare bones and all.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      To be honest I’m not sure why Del Rio is still there. He should have been booted out of there after last season, but hey, that’s not my call. Chicago will crucify Lovie if they don’t do good this year. They have to be tired of seeing Green Bay coming out on top, so the often angry Chitown fans will get what they want Lovie’s pink slip….

      You could probably add Wade Phillips, Herm Edwards, and Norv Turner! It’s a wild world for coaches!

      • Alan Parkins


        With John Madden now being hired as a consultant to the NFL to provide Goodell with wise counseling. Does that mean his first edict will to be declare a special day totally devoted to Brett Favre ? It’ll no doubt be called Brett Favre Day ! LOL, LOL, LOL,

        As to Del Rio he knows he’s now walking on thin ice. As a matter of fact the fans there in Jacksonville are prepared to dump his a_s in the St Johns River at the culmination of this season. But only after they’ve tarred and feathered his a_s .

        Wade Phillips knows he’s on the edge. And that’s why no doubt Gruden may well be on Jones’ speed dial when it comes to phone numbers.

        Norv Turner and any one Jimmy Johnson’s cast-offs have been absolutely hopeless when it comes to coaching in the NFL. Just look at their overall records collectively in the NFL ? It’s been preposterous !

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          God, I hope there isn’t a Brett Favre day! If there is, I hope it’s atleast after he retires and only in Green Bay.

          It seems like there’s more and more coaches each year on the hot seat. I guess I didn’t notice, because our coach is always on the hot seat seeing us go through coaches like shots on one of those blacked out drinking nights. Before the year is over I bet there will be 7-10 coaching vacancies. I wonder if anyone can convince Cower to get back in the mix!?!

        • Alan Parkins


          If we can celebrate Christmas , Thanksgiving , Hannukah, 4th July and any other damn holiday as seen fit . Then why not a Brett Favre Day ?

          I even allude to that in this piece . Click on the link to view.

          Alan Parkins

        • Alan Parkins


          Well Brett had a good day but Peterson had an even better one at the office.

          As to Cowher , I sincerely doubt that he’ll return to the NFL. He’d stated that he wanted to spend more time with his family and in particular be there for his kids.

          Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          Yeah, it was “All Day” all day for Minnestoa… I’m 8-6 on the week for my picks! Hopefully I can pull a winning record after Monday Night!

        • Alan Parkins


          There’s no reason why not.

          Any truth to the rumor that in order to save the franchise further heartache the Lions will be removed from the NFL and placed in the UFL ?

          Stafford and his teammates had a torrid time against the Saints. Brees schooled not only Stafford but the entire Lions’ team.

          Alan Parkins

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  • Alan Parkins


    I don’t see any reason why not !

    Any truth to the rumor that the Lions will now be removed to the UFL after their horrid display against the Saints ?

    Brees throws for 6 TD’s and he made it all look so simple !

    Alan Parkins

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