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Top Ten Breweries In America

Believe it or not, this is NOT Chappy and I getting our drink on.

I usually start every non-sports related post with an apology, but not this time. If you like sports, there’s a 98.5% chance you like beer. The two go hand in hand. Well, maybe beer goes hand in hand with everything. You might notice a little West Coast bias in this list – much like everything else we write about on Doin Work. It’s also affected by the fact that breweries I’ve visited tend to skyrocket up my personal power rankings. But I also truly feel that the best beer is brewed along the Pacific. If it’s from California, Oregon, or Washington, I’m usually on board. So, apologies to fans of Allagash, New Belgium, or Victory Brewing Co. This list isn’t for you. Well, maybe it is. Maybe it’ll inspire you to step up to some better beers. First I should introduce my taste. I’m a fan of Pale Ales, IPAs, and Pilsners. If the mood is right, I can appreciate a good Porter or Stout. What you won’t catch me enjoying is a Hefeweizen or White Ale. If it’s brewed west of Germany / Denmark or East of Colorado / Montana, I probably won’t like it. (If I’m truly missing out on something, let me know. I’m not too proud to prove myself wrong) I don’t claim to be a beer science expert. You won’t hear me talking about aromas and finishes and what not. I just like what tastes good. I used to feel like the hoppier the better, but I’ve since been proved wrong. There’s a fine balance.

#10 – Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing:

This is the equivalent of the NFL Draft’s “Mr. Irrelevant”. I can’t honestly say that Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing is the 10th best brewery in the world, but it makes my list because it’s the one brewery taproom I’ve been to where every single beer I tried was flawless top to bottom. Like many of my brewery visits, this place was a completely impromptu stop on a weekend road trip. I don’t even know how we found the place – I had never heard of it before that one random weekend in Santa Cruz. We must’ve just seen a sign on the side of the road or something. Anyway, it felt like we were hanging out in a trailer where they served beer out on a farm. Okay, that description doesn’t really do it justice. I had a phenomenal afternoon on a Sunday drive home to San Francisco circa 2006. What’s funny is that was the only time in my life I ever drank Santa Cruz Mountain beer….. until recently. I stumbled upon an Organic Dread Brown Ale at a BevMo somewhere in the last year. I’m pretty neutral when it comes to Brown Ales, (I still think Newcastle does it best) but this one excels. Like I said, everything top to bottom is solid.

#9 – Grand Teton Brewing Co.:

These guys are poised to start jumping up on my list. I seemed to stay away from their beers for a while, perhaps because of something so simple as boring labels. To be honest, Grand Teton brews don’t really stand out. But every one I’ve tried to this day has been great. If anything, you know them for Bitch Creek. It’s an average ESB, but their real gem is the Sweetgrass American Pale Ale. That’s some great stuff. I’m also a big fan of the seasonals and limited releases of late, thanks to my local grocery store being of the boutique fashion. There are three from Grand Teton that stand out in my memory. The Pursuit of Hoppiness Imperial Red and the Trout Hop Black IPA were particularly good, but it was two days ago when I had the beer that would forever cement Grand Teton in my top ten. I was perusing the beer aisle when the Persephone Imperial Pilsner called out to me. I tell you it was glowing on the shelf. Time stood still. It was $9.99 for a 750mL bottle, but my confidence in this brewery was sky high. They exceeded all my expectations with this one. If you see a Persephone Pils on your shelf, grab it. It’s well worth the ten dollars. Or if you see one of Grand Tetons traditional offerings, feel free to try that instead.

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Ni Hao Ma = Hello From China

So, MCeezy and I have been in our homeland, China, for the last seven days, and have found it impossible to blog while we are here since, Doin Work, and basically every other blog in the U.S. seems to be blocked out from the 1.5 billion people in China to enjoy. I guess they found our posts about the up and coming Chinese ballers offensive or something. I scheduled a couple posts for while I was gone, because it was aticipated that this would happen, but really didn’t think that their internet censoring was quite as bad as this.  Anyways, here’s a few random snapshots from our trip so far, becuase it’s taking forever to get these up, I could only put up four of the pictures! We have caught tons of funny ass pictures of signs and other stuff that will be posted upon our return!

Chappy (Left) Mceezy (Right) Never seen a Beer Called Reeb, we and the family made it a running joke the rest of the trip...

We climbed Mount Ti, and all we found at the top was the Taian Kid...

A serious food market, I tried to pay this chick ten yaun or $1.25 USD, to chop some chickens head off, and she completely cared (didn't) what I was saying and did it anyways. Missed the blood from the butcher knife in the photo, but a fun stop at the market regardless.

Hai Bau, the best mascot since WHATISIT, or IZZY the Atlanta Summer Games mascot. I think that they may have pulled off as good a knock off mascot as the Lkbers 24 Bryant Jersey we saw...

Doin Brew Review

Although Northern California is best known for its wine production, there are some great breweries out here as well to satisfy any beer aficionado. Now I’m not just talking some home brewin’ favorites, there are some legitimately great beers that come out of this area. The most well-known is probably the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, CA. Beyond that, there are countless lesser-known breweries in the area that deserve a visit. I’m really not sure why I haven’t made a point to visit all of these by now, but I have been slowly chipping away over the last few years. There’s nothing like tasting an entire catalog of beers directly from the source. This weekend, I paid a visit to one of the more notable breweries in NorCal, Lost Coast Brewing Co. in Eureka, CA. Lost Coast is one of the original North Coast beer producers, and arguably one of the finest. The problem is, I’ve never really liked any of their beers. I wanted to like them, because I think they make really good beer, but the problem is none of them seemed to be suited to my tastes. I made a stop in yesterday hoping to find a diamond in the rough – a Lost Coast beer that I could truly love.

They are best known for three beers: Great White, Alleycat Amber, and Downtown Brown. I’m not a fan of white beers, but damnit if I don’t respect Great White. It’s very well made, it’s just Continue reading

IRS Pushing Pabst to Sell

We all know the brand that is Pabst. What many of us don’t know is they own other brands like Colt 45, Schlitz, Rainier, Olympia, and Old Milwaukee. What very few of us know, is the story behind the ownership of Pabst. Pabst Brewing Company was bought by George Kalmanovitz, a University of San Francisco Alumni. Two years after he purchased the company, he died, leaving it to a charitable foundation. That charity donates the majority of profits to the alma mater of 3/4 of Doin Work’s contributors, USF.  I’ll admit, although for the stiff price of $4 for a six pack, I’d rather have a Steel Reserve or Old English 800, but knowing my beer money is going to the very campus where I consumed a large portion of my life’s beer accumulation, my purchases of PBR have definitely spiked in the last few years.  Now, the IRS is stepping in, putting pressure on the company to sell, since it doesn’t exactly like charitable foundations running for-profit businesses. Actually, they’ve been pressuring Pabst to sell for years now, but the company maintains they’ve been unable to find a buyer. Read the full story here.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around why the IRS would have a fundamental issue with a charity running a for-profit company. I’d like to find more than just the fact that they’d rather see those profits taxed, but it’s the best I can come up with. I guess they’re just not satisfied with funds being donated to universities such as USF and St. Mary’s College of California, or hospitals – the main beneficiary being California Pacific Medical Centers. Thus, today begins the fight to let the Kalmanovitz Foundation keep Pabst. How do we fight that fight? I’m not quite sure yet. But, I’m going to start by not paying my taxes and drinking more beer. That’ll show ’em!

Anyone ever notice that Blue Ribbon they’re referring to was awarded in the 1800s?

The Rockies are White Label Hot!

Coors Light

The Rockies started off slow just as anybody would start off an ice cold Coors in April, but just after the All-Star break the Rockies have powered their way close to a .700 record turning that blue bottle label white hot indicating it’s time to pound! The Rockies have pounded the ball and surprised us with some decent pitching as well. The Rockies took the wild card lead back by one game today, and they truly look like the force they were in their last playoff run in 2007. The Rox 2.0 just picked up Jason Giambi, who arrived in Colorado today.Jason Giambi They have added him as a pinch hitter plus a sub for Helton to keep that always troublesome back of his from acting up. Giambino made his first NL atbat of his career tonight that netted a bases loaded RBI walk. He knows he’s not a major piece, but feels he can help them out with his experience saying “There is no small role when you’re in a pennant race.”  The Rockies also added Jose Contreras from the White Sox for a minor league pitcher yesterday who should fill in nicely for injured starter Aaron Cook. He should get his first start this Saturday. The move from AL to NL has been very kind to many pitchers that were performing at a much lower level (See Smoltz).

Their closest competitors are the Giants, which I unfortunately don’t see them hanging in there. I hope they can pull it out, because they have great pitching that would be fun to see in the playoffs. They still can’t consistently score runs though. They never really filled that hitting void that everyone was talking about for the months leading up to the trade deadline. It feels like they just have big holes in their lineup where you decide, they won’t score this inning before they even bat. They were shut out tonight, which could have been Hamels brilliance, but it could just as easily been that they don’t have that many good hitters. Freddy Sanchez and his continually delayed return could help a little, but they need some more power. He wasn’t the guy they should’ve gone for at the trade deadline. Penny just signed with SF, and just like the cases mentioned earlier going from the AL to the NL should treat him well or at least descent.Barry Zito Fail Zito is quietly throwing up lots of zeros on the scoreboard. It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t pitched to the level of his contract, but this is a start.

The Braves and Marlins are the next closest teams to them, but seem to have trouble playing any better than .500 ball as both teams have been just above or below there all season. I think the Wild Card winner should be a good 8 games over .500, at least we’ll hope that’s the case! Tim Hudson made his return tonight for Atlanta, and pitched pretty well. That has to help the Braves chances if he can stay healthy. He’s always been a big competitor, and should give them everything he can. I do like the makeup of the Braves, but they’ll need their pitching to step up especially Lowe. I just saw that Hanley left the game tonight in Florida with some more of that hamstring tightness he seems to have a lot of. They can ill afford to lose him, and if they do you can kiss goodbye to the wild card spot.

Ultimately I think it’s the Rockies spot to lose, since they have been consistently playing better than the other teams in the hunt over the second half of the season. I don’t care if the Giants swept them in a series, and they lost a couple more.Carlos Gonzalez They could have broken the spirits of the Giants, but now I believe it’s just a minor stumble as they are now back in first. Another reason I attach myself to the Rockies, is because they have some former A’s players on their team. With the addition of Giambi, it’s too hard to resist picking them. Carlos Gonzalez homered tonight, and he’s heated to white label hot over the last month! I hate second guessing things, but I wonder if we should have kept him over trading for Holliday. We’ll have to see how Brett Wallace turns out to answer that one, on another post.

Victorino Might Not Be As Cool As I Thought

This past weekend, Phillies OF Shane Victorino was ejected – from center field – for whining about calls.  Today, he’s whining about something else.  Someone threw a beer on him.  So, naturally, Victorino filed a police report. Really, man?!  I root for the guy, if nothing else, because he’s from Hawaii, but this is getting pretty ridiculous.  Getting hit with a beer is part of the game, not assault.  What ever happened to charging up into the stands and fighting everyone in sight when you get hit with a beer?!  While Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson are taking on the entire city of Detroit, Shane Victorino is down at the 19th District police station crying about a beer.  This is exactly why baseball players get the reputation for being soft.  What’s next, suing for defamation of character after when a fan calls you a “bum”?


You guys.... YOU GUYS!  Watch out for Shane!  Hell get PISSED if you get champagne on him!!

You guys.... YOU GUYS! Watch out for Shane! He'll get PISSED if you get champagne on him!!"