NFL’s Hardest Hits From 2008-2010

I saw this floating around today, and thought what the heck I’ll take a peak. 10 minutes later, I had to snap myself out of a trance. I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off this video. Typically I find Youtube annoying, it always feels like it’s filled with crap that takes a ton of time to sort through. But I gotta say nuggets of gold like this make me take back every bad thing I’ve ever thought about it. Enjoy some bone crushing destruction, I know I sure did.

2 responses to “NFL’s Hardest Hits From 2008-2010

  • tophatal


    Those are mere taps when measured against LT taking down Joe Theisman.

    My thoughts on the England US game .

    Well No Good Can Come From Being A Lame Duck .

    Click on link to view.


  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    I think in the YouTube generation and with all of the camera angles available at every NFL game, now we are much more aware of the brutality of hits.

    Not that brutality has been a problem in the world of sport lately, with the increasing popularity of MMA, it shocks me that anybody is even concerned with the whole concussion argument. Given that’s a combat sport, but still…

    Maybe if the YouTube era had occured earlier then we’d have started the discussion a long time ago.


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