Random Internet Clip to Start your Morning

Now look, I don’t condone violence. And frankly I think drugs are very very bad, hell I’m scared to death having to talk to my kids about them. But then again when they produce a world famous Youtube clip, that literally makes your jaw drop open, what can you do? Well post it of course!

On a side note, how freaking scary would it be to be the homie in the PT Cruiser? Holy mackerel, he seemed to play it pretty cool, I would freaked out and rammed the car in front or busted up on the curb and get the hell out.

5 responses to “Random Internet Clip to Start your Morning

  • tophatal


    So this is what happens when you’re drugged up ? Now I know why Whitney says crack is whack !

    Are you gearing up for the World Cup ?

    The Group C __ match between England and USA ought to be good.


  • dyslecix

    Can’t wait for the world cup….I just want to see some amazing soccer over rooting for the US or anything. I think I’ll be treated to that! You rooting for the Three Lions?

    • tophatal


      Let’s put it this way if England gets a draw from this game then Capello might as well throw in the towel. They need the win to send a message and at the same time get themselves in the right frame of mind.

      For Bradley and the US team it’s a chance to gauge themselves against one of the alleged favorites for the tournament . Personally I’m not totally enamored with the English squad and its lack of fire power up front.


  • Chris Humpherys


    Where did you find that old video of Al?

    • tophatal

      Chris Humpherys

      The west coast of the US has never been my scene . Even though I’ve visited family there as well as the girlfriend’s as well. Let’s just say I prefer the far more climative presence of South Beach , the Caribbean or South of France rather than East L A !


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