Ni Hao Ma = Hello From China

So, MCeezy and I have been in our homeland, China, for the last seven days, and have found it impossible to blog while we are here since, Doin Work, and basically every other blog in the U.S. seems to be blocked out from the 1.5 billion people in China to enjoy. I guess they found our posts about the up and coming Chinese ballers offensive or something. I scheduled a couple posts for while I was gone, because it was aticipated that this would happen, but really didn’t think that their internet censoring was quite as bad as this.  Anyways, here’s a few random snapshots from our trip so far, becuase it’s taking forever to get these up, I could only put up four of the pictures! We have caught tons of funny ass pictures of signs and other stuff that will be posted upon our return!

Chappy (Left) Mceezy (Right) Never seen a Beer Called Reeb, we and the family made it a running joke the rest of the trip...

We climbed Mount Ti, and all we found at the top was the Taian Kid...

A serious food market, I tried to pay this chick ten yaun or $1.25 USD, to chop some chickens head off, and she completely cared (didn't) what I was saying and did it anyways. Missed the blood from the butcher knife in the photo, but a fun stop at the market regardless.

Hai Bau, the best mascot since WHATISIT, or IZZY the Atlanta Summer Games mascot. I think that they may have pulled off as good a knock off mascot as the Lkbers 24 Bryant Jersey we saw...

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11 responses to “Ni Hao Ma = Hello From China

  • tophatal

    chappy & mceezy

    Google China is out and Yahoo ………. well who knows ? Look I don’t want to read about you guys being arrested as being US spies. The jails there aren”t that friendly , so slow your roll but generally have a good time.

    Zai` jian ………….. Goodbye in Mandarin .


    • mceezy

      Fortunately the police don’t seem to care about much over here, at least as far as we’re concerned, but we’ll probably wait to post anything more about this place until we’re safely back stateside. I did get a few photos of the Cameroon exhibit at the World Fare that I’ll have to send you.

      • chappy81

        Nice! I didn’t know Zai jian was goodbye, I’ll try to remember that one… I only had that last Pebble Beach post scheduled, so that’s about it before we get back… I’m ready to get back to the states though, where you can actually look up what you want to on the Internet!

        • tophatal


          You’re not missing much here at present. Tom Izzo is up for the Cavs’ job and he’s mulling it over with the family . $6million a year for 5 years “ ……….let’s just say is there really that much to think over ?

          The NCAA came down “hard” on the USC Trojans and they’ll have to vacate wins , multiple scholarship and forgo bowl appearances for two years. They’ll also be on probation for four years . AD Mike Garrett and university President Steven Sample intend to lodge an appeal.

          The findings of the NCAA were so damning that it’s hard to see them even overturning much less reducing the penalties levied on the school.


      • tophatal


        Chinese police and security forces may not care ’til you inadvertently take pictures of a facility that you weren’t aware was meant to be “off limits”. So you guys had better be careful . By the way how are the women looking or haven’t you had time to notice ? What with all the apparent sight seeing ? Stay safe and keep chappy out of trouble !


        • mceezy

          Haha, there was a pair of SWAT officers who weren’t too thrilled when Chappy took a photo of them at the Beijing airport. The military guard at Tiananmen Square didn’t like his Uncle too much either when he took a picture of his kids jumping in front of him outside Chairmen Mao’s mausoleum either. But, we made it back unscathed!

  • By

    Hope you guys are having a blast! Watch some Steph Marbury while you’re out there!

    • mceezy

      We definitely saw someone in Beijing rockin a Suns Marbury jersey, and I was able to scoop up a Rockets jersey for about $8 USD last night. Not very easy to follow the NBA Finals though!

  • tophatal


    US Appellate Court upholds a lower court’s decision in the ongoing Bonds’ trial . So far the Justice Dept has spent in excess of $11 million on this case. All because Bonds’ former personal trainer Greg Anderson refuses to testify and implicate the defendant , Barry Bonds.

    That’s our tax dollars hard at work folks ! The Justice Dept couldn’t indict a ham sandwich if you gave them the bread, mayo and the ham slices to do the damn job.

    How Long Before You Realized The Gig Was Up But You Still Tried To Defend The Indefensible ?


    Who’s Kidding Whom Here? The NCAA Kisses Ass Just Like a Politician Loves Kissing Babies It Makes ‘em Look Good !


  • tophatal


    So there’s no chance of that showing on Google or You Tube then ? What a pity ! I’d have loved to have seen that particular clip of chappy’s relatives being restrained. It’d create an international incident much like Tiananmen Sq.

    I hope you guys are being respectful of the females that you meet ? Somehow I get the feeling that ” wanting to lay the wood” getting the chance to , are the two things on your mind ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


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