McNabb Exiled to the Raiders… Not Quite Yet…

I’ve read about all I can about the possible trade of McNabb coming to the Raiders. It’s funny how ESPN reports that there’s a set deal in place, and the local bay area papers can’t find a source within the organization that will even say the two teams have even talked about a trade. Usually I don’t like to write about a trade unless it actually happens, especially when there are still some other teams that are in the McNabb sweepstakes, and Al Davis hasn’t openly said he was trying to acquire the QB, but our buddy AP’s take on the whole matter made me want to write why it’s a good move. I think it would be a great move if they do it for their 2nd round pick, and would be 10,000% behind it. If they trade away Asomugha too, I’d make it more of a 50/50 trade. A lot of people that don’t follow the Raiders seem to think it’s a waste of time and money for them. Raider Nation knows that Davis is running out of time on this earth, and has plenty of money he’s willing to spend to see them succeed, whether they are smart moves or not. Losing Asomugha would effectively open up one side of the field, and weaken the not so steady CB play behind Namandi. Is there a better place for McNabb? Probably, but there’s worse destinations as he could land in. The Raiders are historically a team full of misfits, and the way McNabb has been persecuted the last few years in Philly would make him a good fit. Another big plus to this move would be Jamarcus can have all the Cambell’s Chunky Soup he could ever want sitting on the sidelines. Maybe he’d lose a few pounds not eating all those burgers. I like the move, so lets get into my reasons on why.

Why would it work if they got McNabb for the 39th pick? I’ve always applauded the NFL for the way they create the team schedules. They even it out, by letting the bad teams of the league play the other bad ones. Next year the Raiders only have three games (besides the two against SD) that are against teams that were in the playoffs last year. Having some marginal QB play after Jamarcus was benched last year won them 3 of their last 7 games including wins over the Steelers and Bengals. With a REAL QB in the lineup, not named Gradkowski, they could feasibly get in the playoffs. Hell, the division champion Chargers don’t even really have a running back right now!  I think the offensive line for the Raiders is bad, but any team would have a tough time when they start eight different linemen during the season due to injuries. Another reason I think this could work, is the Raiders HAVE a running game. It’s about the only thing they’ve done well on offense for the past half decade. This would take some of the pressure off McNabb to throw every down like he was with the Eagles. Lastly, if McNabb does end up on the Raiders he would be a leader, something the Raiders haven’t had since Gannon and Charles Woodson were around. Just look how they rallied behind Gradkowski, and were even were pumped with Charlie Frye on the field. I think with a real proven leader, this team would show confidence every game not just for every third or fourth week. If the deal works out, I’m buying high on Louis Murphy having a breakout second season!

At least we'd have a few less blackouts if McNabb comes to Oakland.

I guess the money is slightly a concern, but if you know Al Davis, he doesn’t mind over spending. This is the guy that just signed Janikowski to the biggest contract ever for a kicker, and it was for nearly triple the cost he could’ve paid. He also signed Deangelo Hall and Javon Walker to ridiculous deals. The money is not an issue, and neither is the luxury tax. What Al wants, he will throw money at until he gets it. Another reason I like this deal is it will make us win more games however many that may be or even if the playoff appearance doesn’t materialize they will be watchable. This will also push us deeper into the first round of next year’s draft, which is the year that the Patriots own the Raiders first pick for that Seymour trade. I was worried that the Pats could have the #1 overall pick if Jamarcus was given another shot at starting, but if the Raiders just got McNabb for a year, this is the year to do it. Test the waters see how he does, and if he doesn’t work out, oh well, I’m just happy we tried. Raider Nation hasn’t had a pro bowl vet in awhile, so maybe it will work out as well as it did with Gannon! I don’t see it going quite that well, but you cna’t be a fan of a team without hoping for the best…

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  • tophatal


    What about that much vaulted defense of the Raiders that’s not even ranked in the top ten defensively in the league ? And as for Asomugha you’re making far too much out of a guy who’s yet to even make his mark in the NFL . Just because he’s made Pro Browl ? What does that define ? It’s not as if the game when it’s played is that competitive to begin with anyway ! It’s as if you’re trying to suggest that he’s a diamond in the rough ? He’s not even fit to strap on Rod Woodson’s jock strap and he’s by far the best player ever to have played the position in the NFL !

    And answer me this will the Raiders commit to giving McNabb the long term contract he seeks, or will they have to end up tagging him as a franchise player and then pay him the league average that’ll be close to $20 million per season ? Did you actually think about that scenario at all to begin with ?

    Like I said there’s not much common sense amongst the Raiders’ coaching staff or front office to begin with.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      I’m done arguing about Asomugha’s worth, we clearly have different ways of evaluating a corner back. Have you ever watched him play? I think you’d change your tone a little if you have actually watched him throughout a game than a couple of NFL Live highlights… Comparing him to Woodson is plain unfair, since he is one of the greatest of all-time. I was comparing him to today’s corners, and the way you’ve been talking you’d think we have the Ryan Leaf of corners out there…

      I’ve thought about it, but isn’t it going to be an uncapped year? Aren’t they going to be locked out shortly after!?! Al will be fine with giving a player that actually does something that kind of money. Al is NOT afraid of paying for what he wants as I alluded to in the post for good and for bad. It might be a bad decision to give him $20M on the franchise tag, but we’ve done much worse. Our backup Jamarcus, would be making half that for being a third stringer, so I have no gripes about it. If they got him this year and he sucks, oh well, at least they tried. I feel like it’s not a big deal if he doesn’t work out since they have NO HOPE at the moment anyways… McNabb would give them SOME hope! Not every franchise is as smart as your Pats nor can you expect them to be…

      • tophatal


        I’ve seen the guy play and he has more than his fair share of lapses where he’s been exposed and then looks around to apportion blame elsewhere.

        Alan Parkins

      • tophatal


        It will be uncapped year because the NFL and NFLPA didn’t extend the cba by the allotted due date.

        They’re still trying to agree to a compromise behind closed doors but Smith knows that he’s got Goodell over a barrel to begin with. Goodell underestimated Smith as an adversary , which in effect shows his naivete.

        Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    By the way the Eagles want far more than a a 39th pick if you hadn’t noticed ?

    Alan Parkins

  • tophatal


    Re your first paragraph concerning ESPN . They much like Fox News are the first and last bastion of what’s known as and is p_ss poor journalism is said to be all about. Fair & Balanced it isn’t ! LOL, LOL,LOL !!!

    Alan Parkins

  • mceezy

    Allow me to interject. Raiders bias aside, I’ve hear everyone from announcers to players to coaches vehemently concur that Asomugha is a Top 2 corner in the NFL. You wouldn’t know it by watching a Raiders game, because you’ll rarely hear his name called. It’s because no one throws his way. This isn’t personal opinion here, it’s commonly agreed truth.

    Btw, McNabb looks like a Raider in the photo!

    • tophatal


      Neon Deion was said to be a great shutdown cornerback as well. But the only things one remembers about the guy is the ints that were returned for TD’s. Where’s that side to Asomugha’s game and if he’s that good how comes the stats don’t even bear that out ? It’s there in black and white amongst the NFL stats by defensive position for all to see.

      Is his name mentioned here amongst these stats of defensive players ? Because by what chappy is insinuating he should be . Defense isn’t just about the singular exploits of one player but a team effort .

      Does Asomugha even tackle at times ? Like I said earlier he’s prone to momentary lapses that’ve cost the team results.

      Because he covers some guy to under 100 yds receiving means nothing if the opposing team has in excess of 200 plus yds of run offense and then perhaps another 100 plus yds receiving on the side of the play in terms of the other corner.

      Alan Parkins

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