NBA Basketball in Seattle, If Only For a Day

If you’ve ever visited our site before, you probably know which side we’re on when it comes to Seattle vs. Oklahoma City. We’re not the only ones either. Ray Allen is taking charge putting together a charity game to help bring NBA basketball back to the Emerald City. Also scheduled to play in the game are Seattle natives Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford, Aaron Brooks, and Jason Terry. Noticeably absent from the list is Nate Robinson, but I’m willing to bet when push comes to shove he’ll be there. I think this is a great move on the part of these players. There’s no doubt that Seattle shouldn’t be a 4 sport city. Although, with the Canucks right up the road in Vancouver, it’s not as much of a travesty that they don’t have an NHL team, but they definitely should have an NBA franchise there. I’m not going to go so far as to say they deserve one more than Sacramento, because despite recent figures, Sacramento has proved a long time ago that they can draw sellout crowds for years on end. What stands out to me is Seattle has a history with basketball. The city has produced the likes of the aforementioned players, along with many more. Few cities can match the level of pride that Seattle has, and I hope this game takes them one step closer to once again having a franchise there.

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3 responses to “NBA Basketball in Seattle, If Only For a Day

  • chappy81

    I hope it works. Anything they can do to help get those fans a franchise would be a step in the right direction!

    • tophatal


      Personally I don’t want to see it happen given the fact that the owners of Thunder under ownership under Clay Bennett was in cahoots with Stern and lied to the city of Seattle in first wanting to renege on the deal to remain in the city. While Stern still refuses to admit his culpability in the act what makes anyone think that in having a new franchise there they (NBA) won’t do the same thing again ?

      The only reason why things worked the way they did in the end was because Thunder management paid the city of Seattle in breaking their lease.

      As admirable as what Roy and Allen are hoping to do in the end it’ll still end up costing the city.

      Alan Parkins

  • Mitch

    The city of Seattle deserves a NBA team again.

    I’m happy though that OKC didn’t take over the team colors and name. I hate when teams take the name and logo with them, if you move a city leave that city the rights to the name and logo if they ever get a team again.

    Seattle should get the Sonics again someday.

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