UFL Moving Two Franchises

I wouldn’t normally care about the UFL, let alone write a post about it, but they announced that the California Redwoods, who played last season in San Francisco, will move to Sacramento for the upcoming season. The New York franchise is also moving to Hartford, CT. Both teams struggled with attendance last season, and the UFL as a whole lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million. This move is notable because it comes at a time when Sacramento’s viability as a pro sports town is in question. The Kings have long been the only major sports franchise in town, but their issues have been well documented. While the team sold out almost every game for its first 15+ seasons in Sacramento, the fan base got spoiled, and has recently lost interest with the poor results and lack of direction of the team. Fortunately, with the arrival and quick progression Tyreke Evans, along with other young pieces like Omri Casspi, Donte Greene, and the recent addition of Carl Landry, things are looking up for the Kings. A new arena remains the primary issue regarding the long term sustainability of the team in Sacramento.

The city recently lost the WNBA’s Monarchs, due to the Maloofs letting the team go. While Sacramento will never challenge San Jose as the boutique sport capital of California, inheriting the UFL franchise can be considered a step in the right direction. With the Raiders and 49ers playing just down I-80, NFL football has always been accessible to local fans. It’ll be interesting to see how the Redwoods fare at Sacramento State’s Hornet Stadium. I don’t see it being an overwhelming success, but hopefully they can draw more fans than San Francisco did, thus helping the case for the Kings’ new arena. In addition to the Kings mostly successful run in Sacramento, the Oakland A’s minor league affiliate, the Sacramento River Cats, has been a huge success in the 10 seasons they’ve been here, leading the minor leagues in overall attendance in each of the first 9 seasons. I can’t say I’ll be purchasing season tickets to watch Doug Gabriel and the Redwoods take the field week in and week out, but it’s definitely something to check out. I’ll at least have to catch a game to watch Denny Green roaming the sidelines and see if the UFL really is who we thought they were.

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5 responses to “UFL Moving Two Franchises

  • Steve


    we didn’t even know ye! Too bad. I would have made it to a game had I known it was that crucial.

    Although I will also say that I don’t know anyone who actually went to a UFL game. I was just happy to get JP Losman for the Raiders.

  • tophatal


    Does that now mean that the Kings won’t be the ‘only show in town’ stinkin’ up the joint ?

    Nancy Pelosi’s husband , Paul , (owner of the Redwoods) does have a lot of explainin’ to do , doesn’t he ? First he wanted the franchise in LA , now they’re going to Sacramento ?

    Alan Parkins

    • mceezy

      Unfortunately, the Kings are actually overachieving at this point. At the same time, I grew up with this franchise. They moved to Sac when I was 4 and we went to 20 games per year for the first 16 seasons. I like them as an underdog, but I’d prefer them to be closer to a .500 team.
      As for this UFL franchise, I’ve got a feeling LA was saying thanks but no thanks to the team. They need a REAL team, not a UFL squad called the Redwoods. Redwoods are pretty much everywhere in CA except LA. They’d have to be the California Palms if they played down there. I doubt anyone in SoCal is shedding any tears over not getting a UFL team….

      • tophatal


        I’m sure that Paul Pelosi is nothing like that blithering idiot of of a wife of his named Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) ! But then again who knows ? They both have more money than common sense than God have given them both.

        As to the Kings , over time that franchise will definitely improve ! They’ve a great nucleus there in terms of their roster . The sad part has been the departure of Kevin Martin . The ‘guy could ball’ when ‘his game was on’ !

        Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    I wish the best for them. I can’t say I see them being ultra successful in Sac, but who knows, maybe people will be as fired up about them as they are with the Rivercats. My thinking is that the Rivercats do well because people just want to be out and about enjoying the weather during the summer, and what better way than to spend it at the ball park.

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