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Bartolo and the Kings

Bartolo Colon’s suspension for testosterone wasn’t all that shocking to me. I like Colon, he seems like a nice guy that’s having fun in the twilight of his career, and in the end I don’t care that much that he used something that was banned. How else  could a 39 year old increase his velocity after having it be down for a few years? German surgery? I’m sure that helped, but not as much as the cream and the clear did. At least he said bye to his teammates which is more than Melky can say. I’ve seen a few people say the A’s are done, and I couldn’t disagree more. Of all the positions on the team, starting pitching is what they have the most depth in. Colon was only 10-9, so it’s not like the A’s lost a Cy Young contender or anything. This is a team that is used to moving on, and unless it’s Reddick or Cespedes getting popped, this team will take it in stride and move on like they have all year. If baseball really wants to stop the cheating, maybe they’ll introduce a new rule that gives teams the option to cut a players contract and guaranteed money to make all players who use something a little more weary of doing it. Imagine if the Yankees simply cut A-Rod one year into his contract after they found out he used steroids. Seems fair to me, you put the organization in jeopardy, you lose millions, and with millions on the line it would make them question their actions a little more. It wouldn’t deter everyone, but I think it would help.

The Sacramento Kings are heading to Virginia Beach!?! Not exactly a hot spot for basketball, but once again it shows how desperate the Maloofs are to get out of Sac since they’ve burned that bridge a few times over. The Nets, Wizards, Sixers, and Bobcats all reside in that general area, and are in the bottom of the league in attendance (aside from the Sixers), why would Virginia be any better. The only reason the Kings don’t draw in Sacramento anymore is because the fans hate the Maloofs so much they don’t want to give them any of their hard earned money. Can’t say I blame one of them. Oh, and they kinda suck, and are always spending the least they possibly can on team payroll, so that factors in a little too. Even if they do agree to a deal and everything seems set in place, the Maloofs are really good at backing out of a plan, so I won’t believe it until they’re breaking ground for the new arena in Virginia. The only hope for the Kings staying in Sac is that the Maloofs go broke and need to sell the team in order to stay afloat financially.

Doin The NBA’s Worst of the Worst Power Rankings

While I was growing up the A’s, Raiders, and to a lesser extent the Warriors were good. I know they were, because people hated them, and the only reason you hate a team is because they are good. Lately I’ve noticed when I tell a new found friend my sports affiliations I hear pity more than anything. Tuesday, I was watching the Cavs-Lakers game and it hit me, I needed to make an anti-power rankings, and tried to decide which is the worst team in the NBA. I used some criteria for this glorious list. One, obviously team record, and second, how much hope they have for the future with their core players.

#7 Minnesota – Kevin Love is an All-Star. Nobody does what he does. He hits threes while scoring 21.1 ppg, and pulls in 15.8 rebounds a game. If Griffin owns the air above the rim, then Love owns everything below the rim. If the second best player on that team wasn’t Luke Ridnour now that Beasley is hurt, they might have some more wins than they do. I bet if they were in the East, they’d be the 8th seed. They have a solid young front court. If Kahn can finally use these guys to build off, they might be relevant again one of these years.

#6 Toronto – They’ve been hit hard by the injury bug this year, and on second thought, maybe losing Bosh was a bigger deal up there than I originally thought. Somehow they are only a couple games outside of the Eastern Conference’s 8th seed, which shows you why there are so many Eastern Conference teams on my list. Hockey still rules Toronto, the Raptors will be extinct there one of these days up there.

#5 Detroit Continue reading

UFL Moving Two Franchises

I wouldn’t normally care about the UFL, let alone write a post about it, but they announced that the California Redwoods, who played last season in San Francisco, will move to Sacramento for the upcoming season. The New York franchise is also moving to Hartford, CT. Both teams struggled with attendance last season, and the UFL as a whole lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million. This move is notable because it comes at a time when Sacramento’s viability as a pro sports town is in question. The Kings have long been the only major sports franchise in town, but their issues have been well documented. While the team sold out almost every game for its first 15+ seasons in Sacramento, the fan base got spoiled, and has recently lost interest with the poor results and lack of direction of the team. Fortunately, with the arrival and quick progression Tyreke Evans, along with other young pieces like Omri Casspi, Donte Greene, and the recent addition of Carl Landry, things are looking up for the Kings. A new arena remains the primary issue regarding the long term sustainability of the team in Sacramento.

The city recently lost the WNBA’s Monarchs, due to the Maloofs letting the team go. While Sacramento will never challenge San Jose as the boutique sport capital of California, inheriting the UFL franchise can be considered a step in the right direction. With the Raiders and 49ers playing just down I-80, NFL football has always been accessible to local fans. It’ll be interesting to see how the Redwoods fare at Sacramento State’s Hornet Stadium. I don’t see it being an overwhelming success, but hopefully they can draw more fans than San Francisco did, thus helping the case for the Kings’ new arena. In addition to the Kings mostly successful run in Sacramento, the Oakland A’s minor league affiliate, the Sacramento River Cats, has been a huge success in the 10 seasons they’ve been here, leading the minor leagues in overall attendance in each of the first 9 seasons. I can’t say I’ll be purchasing season tickets to watch Doug Gabriel and the Redwoods take the field week in and week out, but it’s definitely something to check out. I’ll at least have to catch a game to watch Denny Green roaming the sidelines and see if the UFL really is who we thought they were.

Doin Discounts

Who says it doesn’t pay to be a Doin Work fan? First we brought you great discounts on clothes, and now we’re bringing the NBA to you. Here’s a special offer for those you in the Sacramento area. Click on the link below to get discounted ticket prices, NO service charge, and tickets to be printed at home. If you haven’t seen Rookie of the Year frontrunner, Tyreke Evans yet, you need to get out to Arco Arena. The Kings, already within two wins of their total from last year, will welcome back leading scorer Kevin Martin this week as well.


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Golden Stick Wiffleball League Coming to California!

Exciting news out of the Northeast as Golden Stick Wiffle Ball is expanding next year. A little less than a year ago, a couple friends and I were having a couple beers, perusing Youtube, when we came across some videos of guys throwing ridiculous stuff with wiffle balls. We were amazed at the junk you could throw with those little plastic balls. A couple minutes later, we were out in the alley by my house throwing unhittable breaking balls to each other until 2am. I looked into Wiffle Ball leagues in my area and was surprised to find there are none. Chappy suggested Fast Plastic, a league he had played in previously in the Los Angeles Area. Unfortunately, they don’t have a league in the Sacramento region. The league that stood out to me was Golden Stick. Their leagues were out in Massachusetts and New York, but it was clear that GSWL is the NFL to Fast Plastic’s CFL.

Fast forward to December, and I found myself watching more wiffle ball videos – this time highlights of Golden Stick’s playoffs. Now, I’ve been known to watch basketball and wanna hit the hardwood, but it doesn’t even compare to how much watching wiffle ball highlights makes you feel like wanting to grab some plastic and head outside. Seeing as how I was knee deep in snow upon stepping outside, I thought I’d pop over to GSWL’s website and see if by some crazy chance they were expanding into CA. Amazingly enough, they are!

That’s right. Next summer, Golden Stick will be in Northern California! Teams are forming right now from Chico to Sacramento to San Francisco. Since this is actually going to become reality, I checked out the league further and was blown away by what I saw. This isn’t exactly the same wiffle ball game you played as a kid. We’re talking jerseys with professional logos and names and numbers. The website has standings and statistics that make my rec basketball league look like the local newspaper in the small town I grew up in. And the ultimate prize – an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas for regional winners to compete for the National Championship.

If you haven’t done so yet, head over to Youtube and watch a video or two. Makes you wanna get out and hurl some 70 mph plastic at your buddy’s face. The best part is watching his knees buckle while the ball breaks right in over the plate. I’m ready to get out there and see if anyone can hit me. The league starts in June 2010. GSWL is expanding into other markets as well, so definitely check out the site to see if it’s coming to your area.

Here are some links if you’re looking for more information…..

Golden Stick Home Page: http://www.goldenstickwiffle.com/phpwcms/index.php

For information about the NorCal Region, e-mail….

SF Bay Area – Sylvie Serrano at raiders38002003@yahoo.com

Sacramento/Yuba City/Chico – Steven Underwood at s.underwood@goldenstickwiffle.com

Explicit Cheerleading Routine Drives Old People Nuts

Wow, old people just keep getting older.  I’m no kid myself, but I’m siding with the teenage girls on this one.  When I saw all the hullabaloo about this “racy” number, I knew it’d be blown out of proportion.  BUT, this was even tamer than I expected!  I feel like I wasted 3 minutes of my life, but who knows, maybe it will do something for you. 

Sorry for the overly ambitious title, but c’mon, that’s how the news web sites get clicks!  Would you have clicked on this had it said “5 white girls and an Asian dance out of sync”?  Really?  Hmm, maybe I would too.

UPDATE:  Damn, these uptight soccer moms are relentless!  Embedding was disabled, so you’ll have to go to the source.

The Duke Shutting it Down For the Season

Justin Duscherer

Our two time All-Star pitcher, Justin Duchscherer has been a question mark all season. It seemed like he was on the road to making his A’s debut about a month ago, but he kept delaying his starts. I along with many A’s fans found it weird as we wanted to see our “ace” back in action for at least the last month or so of the season. He did make a few rehab starts in Sacramento that MCeezy watched in person, and it appeared he pitched good. He has been on and off the DL for a good portion of his career, so everyone just figured he wasn’t ready after having season ending surgery towards the end of last season.

It was made public today in the SF Chronicle that he will shut it down for the season due to “a very treatable clinical depression.” I’ve been outspoken about letting these guys just pack it in due to “depression“. Duke’s case is no different. I can’t understand why he’d jump ship at this point, especially since his contract expires after this season is up. Maybe he didn’t feel right when he was pitching in Sacramento. Maybe he thinks he can get a contract based on what teams remember of his good days. Either way, I think he’s made his last pitch in Oakland, so thanks for the memories Duke!

I Accidentally Won $1.65 Mil On a Nickel Slot On the Way to Work


This is obviously a stock photo, for its doubtful the woman was young, hot, and Asian.

This is obviously a stock photo, for it's doubtful the woman was young, hot, and Asian.

Courtesy of the Sacramento Bee….

An Auburn woman’s favorite slots at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln are a set of Wizard of Oz nickel machines. So, Susan Nott, a federal employee, decided to stop by the casino 30 miles east of Sacramento on Tuesday morning to give them another try.

After playing a five-cent machine for about 30 minutes she hit it big — winning $1,648,076.81.

Nott said she would spend her winnings to buy a car, pay off her children’s student loans and invest.

Can you imagine that call in to work? “Hey boss, I’m, uh, not gonna make it in this morning.  Actually, I might not make it in for a couple weeks.  I just won $1.65 million this morning, so um, yeah.  Hope that’s not a problem.  I mean, if it is, then I quit, but you know, I’ll, uh, come back sooner or later otherwise.”

Sure is a lot better than the guy who racked up a $29,000 tab at a Las Vegas strip club while blacked out!