NFL Needs to Change the OT Rules, but Not to This!

The NFL announced today that they are looking into changing the rules for overtime. It’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned, since we have nearly all the game decided by opening coin toss, and the team that gets the ball winning about 99% of the time. There definitely should be a more fair way to do things in deciding critical games. The proposed plan would give only playoffs games the following scenario in a tie score at the end of regulation.

Team A receives the ball. If they score a TD, they win the game. If they are held to a FG, then team B is given the ball, and has one chance to either tie or win the game.

I think it’s a start, but I have a few problems with the proposed solution. One, this will give team B the knowledge that they will be going for it every 4th down thus changing offensive strategy. It just feels like the NFL is putting a band-aid on the problem instead of fixing the debate completely. I guess giving both teams the opportunity to have the ball will appease the masses, but shouldn’t we get an overtime that will will get everyone excited about. I understand some owners won’t want all the those extra chances that one of their players can get hurt on, but who cares if it improves the game, right!?!

In my mind the NFL should change OT to one of these two possible solutions.

1)      They change it to the same as the NCAA, but I’d like to see teams start from midfield in the pros at a mimimum, so it’s truly a scoring drive.

2)      They add one extra period that ranges from 8-10 minutes, and is more like basketball. Whoever is winning at the end of the OT is the winner. This would give both teams at least enough time one drive each.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make a rule change. Especially a rule that has caught a ton of flack over the years for being supremely outdated and unfair. I mean you can argue that the defense of team B should stop the other team, but on the same token defenses are pretty winded by the time OT rolls around.

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