The REAL USF Shocks Gonzaga!!!

Sorry, no recap or analysis – I missed the game. Since 75% of Doin Work is USF alumni, we had to honor the Dons huge upset of #13 Gonzaga last night in San Francisco. What’s funny is I didn’t even bother checking the score at any point last night. I’ll typically check scores for just about every other WCC opponent, but Gonzaga I usually don’t bother. I didn’t find out until this morning when I logged into Facebook and someone had posted a comment that said “Congrats on the win.” I got that immediate adrenaline rush like when you realize you’ve won the lottery. Actually, I don’t know what that feels like, but you know the “no way, that couldn’t have happened!” feeling. The loss was just the fourth for Gonzaga this season. The list reads like a who’s who of basketball powerhouse programs: Michigan State, Wake Forest, Duke, San Francisco. Okay, so maybe the fourth program doesn’t really belong anymore, but we’ll always have the mid-50s. We also still have more national championships than any school in California besides UCLA as well, but who’s counting. Senior forward Dior Lowhorn led the way for USF with 22 points and 9 rebounds.

Steven Gray isn't on Rashad Green and Perris Blackwell's level. Seriously. Look at his feet.

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6 responses to “The REAL USF Shocks Gonzaga!!!

  • sportsguyby

    LOL! Congrats to the Dons! My aunt worked their for the longest time, and so aside from being a SF resident, I have family ties to this school, so I celebrate any of their success!

  • mceezy

    Big win for our program. The last time they beat Gonzaga was the year after I graduated, of course. Unfortunately, my best memory from a Gonzaga game was being in the background on ESPN’s “The Season” when they showed a bunch of footage from a Gonzaga-USF game. What did your aunt do there?
    (I also vividly remember an Adam Morrison buzzer beater to win the game when he was a freshman. Booooo.

    • tophatal


      To paraphrase former Vikings’ coach Denny Green. ….’Gonzaga aren’t the team they once were’. They’ll more likely than not make it to the ‘Big Dance’. But I for one can’t see them going beyond the first two rounds , if that !

      This upcoming NCAA tournament is too wide open to call and say that there’s an outright favorite. The #1’s seem to be dropping like flies that’ve been sprayed with a repellent.

      Congrats on the ‘Dons’ and their tremendous win !

      Alan Parkins

  • Anthony Burrola

    “Since 75% of Doin Work is USF alumni, we had to honor the Dons huge upset of #13 Gonzaga last night in San Francisco.”

    HAHAHA. That made me laugh, because it makes it seem like there are a lot of you, when there are only 4, so 3 out of 4 are USF Alumni.

  • Dyslecix

    Big win, and to be honest I didn’t even go…….What a loyal fan I am.

  • sportsguyby

    Hey Mceezy

    My aunt was some sort of a counselor!

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