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Marshawn Charged for Grand Theft of $20

BUFFALO, N.Y.— Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch has been accused of stealing $20 from a police officer’s wife.

Buffalo Police Sgt. William Crawford, filed a complaint with Hamburg Police saying the football player took $20 from his wife last month while at a T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant at the McKinley Mall.

Hamburg Police are not commenting on the issue because the woman who alleges Lynch stole money from her has not filed a complaint yet.

The Department did release a statement on Sunday:

“The facts reported in the January 9th edition of the Buffalo News regarding an incident between Marshawn Lynch and Mrs. Crawford are not consistent with those conveyed to our department by Mrs. Crawford. The Town of Hamburg Police has received no complaint from anyone directly involved.

ProFootballTalk.com reported Lynch’s agent is speaking out about the incident. Doug Hendrickson is calling the allegations “false and entirely malicious” and “slanderous.”

Hendrickson goes on to tell ProFootballTalk that he is a “racist rogue cop” and that the cop is “very dangerous and citizens of Buffalo should be scared that this guy is on the force.”

Okay, so maybe I lied about the grand theft part, but he is accused of taking a Andrew Jackson out of someone’s hand. It’s always fun to watch the player’s that comes out of Cal in the NFL, and Marshawn has been no exception to the rule. They are just cocky and fun to follow for good or bad. When I read this story, I could help but laugh. I honestly don’t even need to know the rest of the details to think this is one of the worst charges I’ve ever seen. The trashy lowlifes that go on the peoples court shows don’t even care about $20, so why is this lady? Maybe it’s Marshawn’s gold teeth or his flowing dreadlocks that make him kind of scary, but I don’t see the reasoning behind this claim. I think the “rogue racist cop” has a racist wife as well. Apparently, when the wife of the officer was going to pay for the bill she pulled out a $20 bill and Lynch snagged it from her hand as he and teammates were talking to the ladies at the table. Not sure why she didn’t say anything to anyone at the time, after all it was TGI Fridays NOT some club or any kind dangerous place to say something. Even if she was scared of him from those rape charges he had awhile back, that should just give her one more of a reason to report it right away. I can almost guarantee management at the restaurant could have done something to settle the situation if she had told them. Scared of the guy or not, as a police officers wife you should know your rights, and be aware of your surroundings. What makes this story even less believable in my mind, is that the filing of these charges weren’t until now, and the incident happened way back on December 7th! WTF lady!?! I guess this is just one more sign that Marshawn needs to get out of Buffalo. Maybe he’ll make a comeback in a new uniform like Cedric Benson did with Cincy this year…

Monday Morning Randomness

Over the weekend there was one good playoff game, and the others turned out to be not so exciting, especially for someone like myself that doesn’t have any real connection to the teams playing. I just wanted to see some good contests, but that unfortunately didn’t happen for the most part. The Arizona and Green Bay game made up for it a little bit being the highest scoring playoff game of all time, but still, I really hoped for more this weekend. I have to say it was fun watching the Pats get blown out at home though! I guess I’ll talk about few other things I found interesting in the sporting world this weekend.

Aroldis Chapman signed with the Reds for $30 million. This made me happy since I won’t have to root against the man with the same last name as me wearing an Angels uniform. Seeing how he went to Cincy, I have a feeling he won’t pan out since most their moves don’t. Not too many guys I can think of fare well pitching in that stadium. Maybe he’ll end up being a closer, which would be slightly easier to be successful than a starter at least in Cincy…

Vlad Guerrero stays in the AL West, but is moving to Texas. If there’s anywhere to see if Vlad has anything left in the tank it’s got to be Arlington. If he doesn’t produce there it’s easy to assume that his bat speed has slowed, and IS out of gas. The Rangers kept busy by signing Kahlil Greene to a deal as well. It looks like the Rangers can be a team that will be tough in the west if they can get another pitcher besides the often injured Harden they might be in business!

I came across some more reason’s that Raines deserves to be in the HOF. This link on Sportsnation shows how voters picked Dawson over Raines 70% to 30% in an original poll when it was just their names, then they posted the best five season’s from both guys in a new poll using Player A and Player B. The percentages flipped, and 70% voted for Raines’s numbers over Dawson’s. Thanks for showing me I wasn’t crazy when I said Raines deserves to be in the HOF sportsnation!

Paquiao and Mayweather are fighting on March 13, but Pacman will be in Dallas fighting, and Mayweather will be in Las Vegas. Sounds like Mayweather must want to fight Pacman for the PPV purchases. We’ll see which fight is MORE worth watching as Mayweather hasn’t announced who his opponent is, but I don’t see myself buying either…

Kansas and John Wall dropped to #3 in the NCAA basketball rankings and Texas jumped to #1 with their perfect 15-0 record. Kentucky is #2, in case you were wondering at 16-0. It’s the first time anyone but Kansas held the top spot this year including the preseason. The Jayhawks lost to Tennessee on Sunday in an upset.

Jay Mariotti actually wrote something that I agree with about the Rooney Rule in the wake of the Pete Caroll hiring. Sure Seattle says that Leslie Frazier was a true candidate for the head coaching job, but does anyone buy that? Sounds like they went straight for Pete, and Frazier was only considered because of the rule. Like I said in my piece on Pete moving, just a waste of everybody’s time bringing him into interview…