Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

A Mistah FAB Classic

Yeah yeah, I know, this clip is old, but every time I watch it I get a good laugh. I guess it’s kinda like MCeezy’s favorite dubs clip. Sometimes when there isn’t a ton to root for on the court in terms of winning, you may as well enjoy the little things, and at least laugh a little about it! My two favorite comments are at the 3:10 mark (play like we don’t want no autographs) and at the 7:15 mark (you look like an AAU team out there). Thanks for being a great dubs fan Mistah FAB! Enjoy if you never saw it, the Lakers announcer seemed to love having him sit behind them! We’ll at least for most of it… Oh yeah, and the inspiration for posting this video was this Mistah FAB interview from yesterday, where he shows just how hardcore of a Warriors fan he is.