Daily Archives: January 25, 2010

Cable Guy Is Al’s Guy… For Now At least…

Normally I wouldn’t write about this, but since I’ve struggled to be inspired to put up a post about anything going on currently, I might as well weigh in on the retaining of our (has me kinda pumped for next year), Raiders Coach. Cable isn’t the most liked guy around the league, maybe for socking assistant Randy Hanson, maybe because of his woman beating past, or maybe because of his record as head coach (9-19). Whatever the case for the haters, he has won the locker room over, and apparently, for the time being and most importantly, Al Davis. Cable staying keeps the Raiders from NFL history books by not changing coaches for the sixth time in eight years, which would’ve been the most in history. I endorse the move, as we finally have something somewhat stable within the organization, which is much different than years past. I think the hiring has answered at least a couple questions for Raider Nation, but like all Raiders decisions, we never really know if what we are assuming is what’s actually happening.

So what went on in those many meetings between Al and Cable? Did Tom find a way to show Al that Jamarcus was truly a huge problem with this teams success? Was it how Cable kept his poker face when he was surrounded by turmoil on and off the field? Was it the fact that nearly all the players backed him, and wanted him return next season? Did Al finally realize nobody wants to coach the Raiders more than Cable? Continue reading

This Video Brought To You By the Numbers 2 and 4

I couldn’t pass up this video clip of Kobe Bryant on Sesame Street. He’s helping little Abby teach kids the meaning of the word miniature. Kobe pulls out a book, Abby makes a miniature one. Then, he pulls out a painting, and surprise, Abby makes a miniature painting. I’ve got to admit, I got really scared when he pulled out the hot dog. I didn’t want to see his miniature wiener. Thankfully, Sesame Street producers opted to go in a different direction.