Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

Subtraction by Addition

Well, the A’s signed JacKKK Cust today to a one year deal of about $2.4 million. I was crossing my fingers he wouldn’t be back, and thought we did say our goodbyes, but sadly he he is back. He was our top home run hitter last year, so in the end I see why, especially for a discounted price… It’s funny how the Giants were rumored to be talking to him, they must be pretty happy the A’s stepped to the plate with a contract. I’m hoping we never have to see him in the field. We already have a few too many outfielders, and what looks like a good defensive team. Messing up that defense by putting Cust down there doesn’t make you feel all that excited. Adding one more outfielder to the mix isn’t going to help anybody feel like they have a set role on the team. Maybe Beane has some plans to make some more trades. I for one, hope he does. It’s still early in the off-season, so I won’t say this is a bad move yet. The signing of Duscherer was a major plus, but I think this signing could be bad. I hope he doesn’t clog up the bases with his walks and not give all our speedy guys a chance to run the bases or strike out with the bases loaded too much this year.

The Cuban Missile is Going to be a Gayngel

Awhile back you may remember me writing how excited I was for the 22-year-old lefty, Aroldis Chapman. I really couldn’t contain my excitement of seeing the next great bearer of last name Chapman (which is my last name), and was hoping he would be the best since Rex Chapman (the basketball player). I already had a nickname picked out for him “The Cuban Missile”. He has tons of upside, and will get his shot at the big league level just like anyone else who has hit 101 mph on the radar gun with some accuracy. I’m still curious if he really is 22, but that’s for Cuban immigration to figure out. I would still be behind him, but yesterday it was reported that the Angels agreed to terms and have locked him up for $21 million. I’ve been an advocate of not paying guys before they throw a pitch at the big league level, and do think giving Chapman and Strausberg contracts this size isn’t the smartest thing to do for unproven talent. Alas, I’m at a loss, because I can’t stand anything Angels related, so this might bring an end to me rooting for him to succeed. Donning the Halo’s uniform, I’m scared to hear what Rex Hudler (Angels Announcer) has to say about him. If you’ve never heard Rex Hudler announce, he puts Angels players on the same pedestal as NFL announcers put Brett Favre. If Aroldis does succeed, I hope they find out he’s really 33, and trade him away to a team I don’t care about so I can root for him again! Actually I hope they trade him before he ever gets to the bigs, but we all know that the Angels hold on to prospects  tighter than Gilbert and his guns.