DUBS 2010

Basketball is around the corner, and I am uberly excited!  I hope the Lakers fail and Kobe finally starts to show some wear & tear.  I’m intrigued to see how the Miami Thrice unification plays out, 73 wins?  Although “Miami Thrice” as a nickname is just lame.  But, most importantly, I’m excited for my new look Golden State Warriors!  I got high hopes on my boys! 

Here’s a little snippet from the Warriors YouTube channel, led by the freshly gold medaled Steph Curry, the Dubs run some basic 3 on 2 and 2 on 1 drills, if I must say so myself, our squad has the look of a playoff team.

PS – I know it’s only rumored … but just in case Lacob & Riley read this, DO NOT TRADE STEPH CURRY EVER!

6 responses to “DUBS 2010

  • chappy81

    I’m excited with everyone healthy, hopefully that lasts!

    I hope the Lakers choke this year, but they improved over the off season, so I’m not too confident in bringing out my trash talking to the Lakers fans yet…

  • tophatal


    Bynum chooses to attend the World Cup rather In South Africa than having much needed offseason surgery on his knee. Now he wants to have the procedure done prior to the start of the season . How dumb is this guy to begin with ? Like you I hope the Lakers’ season gets upended !

    tophatal 🙂

  • By

    Yeah, he’s an idiot who doesn’t have passion for the game. I bet Kobe’s going to rip him a new one for that stunt. Every season they talk about his “potential” but what’s potential without dedication?

    • tophatal


      There are a couple of guys in prison who’d like to rip Bynum a new one but he’s got to commit a crime first. Being stupid isn’t a crime as of yet but there’s always hope !

      Yeah that’s all it is with him ……..potential and it’s the same thing with Dwight Howard who’d rather don a cape and make a complete asshole of himself rather than improving his game.

      tophatal 🙂

  • mceezy

    Udoh looks pretty sick! Did you see him dribble the length of the floor and finish with the right hand? Nah, but at least he’s there. As odd as it sounds, if Brandan Wright can stay healthy for once, they could be pretty solid. People forget about him, and rightfully so, but he could be a huuuuge addition.

  • Chris Humpherys

    My favorite nickname for the Heat came from LeBatard.

    The Three My Egos.

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