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Fans Being Fans

By and I were fully on the Denard Robinson bandwagon when he  broke onto the scene a couple years ago. Since then, I haven’t payed as much attention to him, but this year he’s the third most likely to win the Heisman according to Vegas. It will be his final year at Michigan, so hopefully he keeps those electric plays coming since I’m not so sure he’ll make it in the NFL. Not only was this video pretty funny, but it sums up just how into sports us “die-hard” fans are. Something our significant others and friends may never truly understand.

Hand It Over Already

Denard Robinson is running away with the Heisman, so hand it over already, there is no other player even in the discussion right now.  He led newly ranked Michigan to a late game victory over Indiana yesterday, but what’s more impressive, was his body of work on the day.  How’s this for fantasy stats, 277 yards passing with 3 TD’s, and 217 yards rushing with 2 more TD’s?  On top of that, he was an efficient 10/16 through the air with no picks, and only needed 19 carries to break 200 on the ground.  He became the first player in NCAA history to have two games of over 200 yards passing and rushing in the same season.  Two games, and we’re only five games in!  He’s also doing this on the road (@ Notre Dame & @ Indiana), in hostile environments.  Needless to say, he is the single most important player to his team, anywhere.  Even #1 ranked Alabama kept it rolling without last year’s Heisman winner Mark Ingram earlier this season.  Oh and by the way, he’s also electrifying to watch, which is a Heisman trait.  I can’t wait to see his highlights every Saturday!

I could go on forever about this guy, but the numbers speak for themselves, here.  http://scores.espn.go.com/ncf/player/profile?playerId=480237

And if reading isn’t believing, how about seeing?  Here.

And this was one of his “average” performances.  It almost sounds cliché to call him the next Michael Vick, it seems any running QB gets those comparisons now, but Denard Robinson does remind me of Mike Vick.  Which brings up an interesting argument, is he an NFL QB?  I know he flourishes in a Rich Rodriguez system out there in Michigan, but regardless of the system, he is putting up good passing numbers.  And of course, his ground game, which might be the best in college, could be an advantage at the next level.  So doesn’t that make him a potential NFL star behind center?  I don’t know what the experts are saying, but I think he can be.  I remember on one of the Doin-Work e-mail chains, we spoke of how it was difficult to read the transition of QB’s from college to the pros, and whether they’ll make it, well I think Denard Robinson is a prime example of that.  But without looking too far ahead, there’s one thing that’s not hard to read.  Denard Robinson, Heisman Award winner.