More to LeBron’s Move to Miami …

Inspired by Chappy’s latest post (see post below this) I have decided to keep up with the “random thoughts” theme, as the world of sports is sloth like to me at the moment.  Stagnant.  So why not combine my fascination for two things I can’t turn my eyes from, and write about it?  

Forget Wade & Bosh, these are Bron's real friends in Miami

It’s been about a month since we were all witnesses to “The Decision”, yet the media still talks about it as if it happened yesterday.  Rightfully so.  My first reaction to his hour long special was, “What a douche!”  I mean, that was about as classy as “The Situation” is from Jersey Shore.  To pick the bigger douche between the two would be a difficult task after that.  His decision to make “The Decision” was a complete train wreck, just like the Jersey Shore shows, but, we were all tuned in.  We love train wrecks don’t we America?  A lot of us were hoping that LeBron would announce he was staying in Cleveland, to fulfill the contrived destiny we create for our stars.  But, some of us were hoping for the opposite.  Some of us were hoping for exactly what happened.  Just like how some of us hope Snooki’s drunk date pukes all over her when she attempts to kiss him.  Tell me you didn’t find it all entertaining.  And get this, now that the Jersey Shore cast has moved to Miami for the second season, wouldn’t it be great if LeBron was the surprise new roomie?  I mean, judging by the way he’s carried himself since the end of last season to now, wouldn’t he fit right in with the orange people?  Bron looks like a total “Juice Head” right?  Is all of this going down like it has, a coincidence?  I’m sure he’s ran into Sitch & DJ Pauley D in Vegas once or twice, they all get along, have a few drinks and then maybe come up with a pact to be casted on a reality show together in Miami.  Pending his other pact to sign with the Heat falls through first, of course.  Would that be impossible?  I think not.  LeBron better not bring “grenades” to the house though.

6 responses to “More to LeBron’s Move to Miami …

  • Chappy81

    I still can’t get into the show, but have tried to watch it a few times. It’s a trainwreck like you said, but has hit’s moments. I haven’t really seen any of this season, but that it would be pretty funny if they could land lebron in some kind of deal to bring his talents to reality TV!

    • mceezy

      See, I’m the opposite. I tried with all my might to not get into the show, but I got hooked. Then I said I was gonna let Season Two go on w/o paying attention, but I’m right back in it.

  • tophatal


    I’m sure that Snooki will somehow try to break LeBron in !

    She’s sort of skank that does that sort of thing so well !

    tophatal ………….. 🙂

    • mceezy

      Love the comment about Snooki’s date puking on her. I gotta say though, I think Lebron’s a bigger douche than the Situation. Sitch is a douche on the outside, but I think he’s a pretty funny dude. Pretty sure Lebron is a douche inside and out. I do hope Lebron shows up in the season finale though!

      • tophatal


        When I found that James’ people had accepted $250,000 for the interview with Jim Gray and ESPN my liking for the guy went downhill. All that bullsh_t for a 30 second sound byte ?

  • Lebron’s List Isn’t Shrinking « Doin Work

    […] A couple days before Lebron had to add the 1992 Dream team to his list of people calling him out, Lebron took his talents to the amazing Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio last week. Not sure why he’s in a three point contest against some kids, and even more surprised that a scrawny white kid beat him, but fortunately for us Nike and Maverick Carter couldn’t hide camera phone footage of it like they did when he got dunked on. If Santa Claus, I mean, Lebron, is keeping up with his list he better throw on the names of the guys heckling him as well as the guy who shot this footage! Next week, hopefully he’ll be taking his talents to join the Jersey Shore crew. […]

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