Doin Lines Week 1

Chappy: It feels like football crept up on us quickly. It feels like just yesterday they were locked out and crying over spilt milk. Now that my fantasy teams are set it’s time to take a look at some of the bets to make this weekend to avenge my losing trip to the Del Mar horse races last weekend. I feel like week 1 is always the toughest to pick, and this year it feels a little tougher to pick with the extremely shortened offseason, and not knowing exactly where all the free agents landed. I’m looking for a bounce back year with my picks. I didn’t have a whole lot of luck last year which might have evened out my extremely successful 2009. Anyways we’re on to year three in the Doin Lines picks, and I think it’s going to be a good one!

By: Doin Lines is back!  Woot a mother f**king woot!  I’m so excited to yet again, give you all my idiotic thoughts, opinions and overall predictions for another season!  I really don’t have much to say as far as an intro to our picks, I’m just so happy and excited that football is back!  We all know the NFL is king in terms of sports ratings, so with that being said, LONG LIVE THE KING!  Glad the suits were able to get together with the hard hats and hash it out!  Now … let’s get this show on the road!

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore (+2.5)

Chappy picks Baltimore (+2.5). Wow starting the year with a pick that I don’t really want to go with, but it’s going to be a great game, so I couldn’t resist. Anytime these two teams meet up, you know it’s going to be close. I feel like Big Ben might have his best season of his career this year, but that might have to start after week 1. I really like taking the points when (A) the home team is the underdog and (B) said home team is looking for some revenge from the season before. I’m scared of this pick because the only time the Ravens did beat them last year was during Big Ben’s four game suspension, but that won’t stop me from throwing them in a parlay.

Detroit @ Tampa Bay (+1.5)

By picks Detroit (-1.5)

It’s tough to pick the unproven Lions, who are led by an unproven and often injured quarterback to open the season with a win on the road against an upstart Tampa team, but … that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.  My mouth salivates thinking about all the weapons Detroit has at its disposal, from Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, to Jahvid Best (who is also injury prone).  If this team can stay healthy, watch out.  Aside from the potential explosiveness from Detroit’s offense, their defensive line is equally ferocious.  Anchored by the fiery Ndamukong Suh, they’re an opposing quarterback’s nightmare, just ask Tom Brady.  Plus, I have a gut feeling the Bucs are going to fall into the category of “one step forward, two steps back” from last season to this, and it starts with week one.

Chappy picks Detroit (-1.5). I think the Lions meaningless undefeated pre-season record talked me into this one. Yeah, I get it, preseason means about as much as my opinion, but I feel like Detroit is going to be good this year as long as Stafford can stay on the field. Megatron should have his breakout year pretty soon as he enters his physical prime. I was disappointed in Tampa’s offseason as they seemed to forget to spend some of their money when they had a ton left under the cap. I’m a big Freeman fan, but I just don’t see this one ending in the Bucs favor.

Philadelphia @ St. Louis (+6)

By picks Philadelphia (-6). Although the Eagles haven’t exactly set the world on fire during the pre-season, it is, still … pre-season.  Some experts now have Dallas as the favorites out of the East … seriously?  What has Tony Romo done to sway their predictions?  Anyway, this is about Philly and how they’ll dominate St. Louis.  As oppose to listing reasons as to why the Eagles will cover, I’ll ask a few questions.  Once you answer them in your own head, you’ll understand.  Who on St. Louis will stop Mike Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek?  That’s to name a few.  Can you see how easily Philly can spread the field?  Now, does St. Louis have enough on offense to pose a threat to this stacked Eagles d?  Bare in mind, Nnamdi Asomugha will erase half the field. Not sure why the spread is so low, Eagles big.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland (-6.5)

Chappy picks Cleveland (-6.5). I have few rules with my betting in week 1, but this is one I’ve always stood firm by. Bet against any rookie QB starting their first game. This holds even more true after a lockout, and while I don’t have anything against Dalton, I don’t think he’s had enough time to guide this team to a victory in week 1, plus Cincy is far from a contender. Not that Cleveland is, but they looked pretty legit down the stretch last year under Colt (I wish the Raiders picked him) McCoy. If Cincy has a tough time scoring early, Cleveland covers easily.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville (-3)

Does this look like the face of a guy you want leading your team?

By picks Tennessee (+3). To be honest, I don’t even know who Luke McCown is, and I’m not even going to Google him.  He’s probably just keeping the quarterback seat “luke” warm for Blaine Gabbert anyway.  See what I did there?  If I stated Matthew Stafford is unproven earlier, then what does that make McCown?  And with that being said, that is why I’m going with Tennessee here.  It’s crazy how quickly people have pushed aside Matt Hasselbeck.  He may not be the Hasselbeck of 2005, but the guy can still sling the rock.  Plus there’s some good targets out there in Tennessee, Kenny Brit, Jared Cook.  Oh by the way, having Chris Johnson in the backfield is not a bad thing.  Long story short, the Titans load the box and force McCown to win the game, which he won’t.  Tennessee 21, Jacksonville 10.

Carolina @ Arizona (-7)

Chappy picks Arizona (-7). My week 1 rule applies twice to my picks. Always pick against a rookie making his first career start, and you can count on me parlaying the two rookies in the loss column. I have little to no confidence in Arizona, but of any team in the NFC West, for some reason I think they are the best. They should be able to handle last years worst team. Cam will throw a couple picks and Beanie Wells will run over their terrible defense. Yeah, I just said Beanie Wells is going to play well this weekend, and that will probably be the only time you hear me say that.

NY Giants @ Washington (+4)

By picks NY Giants (-4). This is a situation in which I’m not so much in love with one team, as much as I am in hate with the other.  Experts expect big things from the G Men, but I’m still skeptical.  Yes, Eli Manning is the best Manning right now, but obviously that’s by default.  To this day I don’t believe he has what it takes to win a Super Bowl, and that’s with him already winning a Super Bowl!  I know, it doesn’t make sense, right?  Yet, it kind of does, huh?  But the Giants have plenty of weapons to make up for a sub par quarterback performance where as the Redskins have nothing.  Literally … nothing.  ‘Nuff said.

New England @ Miami (+6.5)

Chappy picks New England (-6.5). Even though we’ve seen Miami hang tough against the Pats a few times, I don’t see it happening Monday Night. Bellichick had a whole off-season to prepare for this game, and that’s never a good thing for the competition. I feel like Brandon Marshall and Devon Bess could have big games after they are getting blown out against a weak Pats secondary, but that’s a crappy consolation prize. I’m pretty excited to see Daniel Thomas in the backfield for Miami, dude looked like he had some skills in college.

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