Daily Archives: September 6, 2011

Was Garrard The Face Of The Jaguars’ Franchise?

Perhaps it’s a sign of nothing else going on, but the top story out of the NFL today was the release of quarterback David Garrard by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Some are wondering how it will affect the Jags’ locker room. Others are wondering if it was poor timing, just five days before the regular season begins. I can’t speculate on how they’ll fare with Luke McCown under center, because quite frankly, I couldn’t tell you the difference between Luke McCown and Josh McCown, or even Cade McNown for that matter. The question I keep asking myself today is, is David Garrard the face of the franchise for Jacksonville. Your first instinct is probably to say, without a shadow of a doubt, NO. But when you dig a little deeper, you might realize that Garrard had a pretty good run with the Jags. They’ve really only had three quarterbacks in franchise history, and Garrard was the second longest tenured of the three. But that itself may be an indication that the longest tenured QB, Mark Brunell, may in fact be the answer to this question. There’s actually two other guys who you’d have to put ahead of Garrard as well, and there’ll be another in the next year or two. So forgive me when I say I never really considered Garrard to be the G.O.A.T. in Jacksonville, but it does make for a pretty fun poll…..