Fired up Commentator

There’s a few people out there that can get me engaged in a event I could care less about. Gus Johnson would easily top the list. This guy might rank somewhere in the top 5, because he got me to watch a full run of some guy I could care less about. One thing I was wondering though, is if this announcer was this excited for all the racers. It sounded like he was going to pass out from excitement. It seems unlikely he had that pace all the way through, but he can take solace in the fact he got me to watch my first full run of a mountain bike racing…

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8 responses to “Fired up Commentator

  • mceezy

    I just watched this with a room full of blind guys and they agreed this was the best highlight they’ve ever seen!
    I agree though. That guy kept me fully captivated. Love any time an announcer can simply say, “Dude! DUDE!!”
    Oh, and the rider isn’t too shabby either….

  • tophatal


    I wonder if he’d show the same type of emotion when it comes to “free running” ( parkour) ? I mean it seems to so atypical now of the commentators wanting to elicit excitement even when the events aren’t that exciting . The ABC / ESPN coverage of “The Spelling Bee” ….. comes to mind !

    tophatal …………

    • chappy81

      You know what I do like to watch is American Ninja Warrior! That show seems like it would put anyones pakour skills to the test. Some of those obsticles are insane and they just breeze through them!

      • tophatal

        I’ve seen a few episodes and some of the stuff is insane ! They’re using what’ll soon be an abandoned shopping mall close to where I live for parkour . Kids have been thronging there in droves over the past few weeks . I simply watch from afar …………. funny seeing some of these kids however with no real skillset actually ending up injuring themselves . You need all round ability for that stuff and no way is it to be practiced by the unskilled .

        I see TO is off on qnother one of his rants ?

    • mceezy

      I wish you didn’t post this Al…. I’m going out tonight and I’ll be real surprised if I don’t end up pulling some of this stuff. My next post is gonna be from the hospital!

      • tophatal


        If you’re out doin’ that then I hope it’s being done to impress some chick as to your athletic prowess . That way she knows what you’re capable of if she tells you …….. “your place place or mine ” ? _________ for that after midnight appetizer . Take it easy .

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