Daily Archives: September 27, 2011

Romo The Scapegoat

I must admit, I didn’t catch much sports this weekend. Why? If I may quote the movie Grandma’s Boy, “maybe it’s cause I was with THREE chicks!” I missed the majority of sports this weekend while road-tripping 1,000 miles through Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon. After I returned, I was able to catch the Monday Night Football matchup between the Redskins and Cowboys. Despite a Cowboys win, Tony Romo has come under fire for everything from poor decision making to yelling at teammates, from not caring to wearing his hat backwards. The Cowboys are 2-1 after wins over the 49ers and Redskins, so why is Tony Romo taking so much heat the day after? The first thing I can defend is yelling at his center after his FOURTH bad snap of the game. If Tom Brady did that, he’d be called a leader. Romo, though, is a bad teammate. If my coworkers weren’t 40 and 50-something women, I’d be doing the same thing. He also makes bad decisions. True, that’s been his MO, but THEY WON THE GAME. He doesn’t care. Well, if he didn’t care, he wouldn’t be yelling at his teammate for making crucial mental errors. Lastly, he wears his hat backwards. If I had the time and resources, I’d list every other QB who’s been spotted donning a backwards cap. Since I can’t, I’ll simply suggest that maybe he’s trying to observe the game better. After all, how can you see the entire field with a hat bill obstructing your view? I’d be the first in line to harp on the Cowboys, but what about all the other QB’s who have a sub-.500 record? Michael Vick complained that he’s being targeted and he’s catching less heat than Romo. Who’s talking about Donovan McNabb or Matt Cassell? Nobody. I’m not sure when Tony Romo became the most ridiculed QB in the NFL, but can’t we at least wait until Dallas isn’t playing well???

Gamechangers Series

I usually try to keep my posts PG-13, but I ran across these videos on funny or die just now while looking to see how funny Blake Griffin’s internship was going. Blake did have a couple videos up including this one with a creepy mini-me character in it, but the short wasn’t ultimately all that great. After watching the Blake clips, I ran across a series called “Gamechangers”, which I thought was hilarious, and for some reason had never seen them before. I figured since each one had less than a million hits, I was obligated to inform our readers of these comedic gold videos. I think any sportsfan will find each skit in this three part series as funny as I did. Unfortunately, I’m not a technical genius, and once again seem to be failing at embedding these videos into the post. Maybe funnyordie doesn’t like us using their videos or something, because it seems to be the only site I have this kind of problem with. Anyways,  episode 1 kicks off with a quality recap of the Mike Tyson baby eating rant with the writer who wrote nearly every funny athlete rant. Episode 2 (with the guy from the Kobe spoof videos) is a top college recruit talking about how scary the NFL draft can be. And then there’s episode 3 on announcer Jim Brockmire, which was my least favorite for some reason, but entertaining nonetheless…