Tigers Out Slop The Ducks

The National Championship last night had it’s moments, but for the most part was a pretty boring game, and it looked like both these offenses weren’t in sync, which was the opposite of what everyone was hoping for. I wanted Oregon to pull out the win or find some way to get the game into overtime, but instead we got one of the lowest scoring, and boring bowl games of the year. Congratulations goes out to the Auburn Tigers, too bad that trophy will be taken back in the next few years and nobody will really care that it was taken back, because we obviously know something is up with money going to Cam.

After watching this slopfest of a championship game, I couldn’t help but wonder if this game would’ve been much better if they had played it slightly sooner than 20 weeks after the season. Sports aren’t supposed to be played like this. I’m the kind of guy that complains when there are too many days between games in the NBA Finals or MLB World Series games.  I understand that Bowl games are a big part of New Years day, but why do we have to wait an extra ten days to put the National Championship game on? The simple answer is money of course. It’s like starting from scratch for these two teams though. We may as well have the game right before the season starts, because both teams looked like they were in week 1 for most of the game. Unless Cuban figures out some way to get us a college playoff, the only way to fight back will be to boycott the championship all together. Nobody buying tickets to the game, and nobody watching is the only way we have any hope of changing the crappy system. That being said, I can’t bring myself not to watch, so it looks like we will have to watch two rusty teams play for the National Championship every year for the rest of my lifetime…

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12 responses to “Tigers Out Slop The Ducks

  • tophatal


    If this was what college football felt was the best to be offered but sorry I’d rather have watched a rerun of the televised debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin ! At least there you simply knew that the two on the dais were bound to make mistakes and look like complete buffoons ! This game was amassed with a litany of mistakes and to top it all over 968 yds of total offense and with the Tigers’ 22-19 win. Am I suppose to be enthralled by this ?

    Newton now is definitely going to get paid and I hear that his daddy will be able to build a new wing on his church in Neenan , Ga ?

    tophatal ………

    • chappy81

      Yup, lots of mistakes! We need to boycott watching to get a playoff system going. There were a lot of mistakes last night, which made the rust factor look even worse…

      I thought Cecil already had a wing made at the Church!?!

      • tophatal


        Nah , that wing is for the female members of the church as that’s where the laying of the hands take place and other forms of sexual gratification they perform at his pleasure and discretion. How’d you think he got the way that he was ? Not because Cam’s mom was puttin’ out but because he knew that the female members of the church were taking care of him. Look lil’ Demetrius , Daequan Shonterius all wannabe like Cam and get paid. That’s why they all want to go to college and play ball … they simply know Pastor Cecil can make that happen . Their momma’s know what needs to be done ! Remember Forrest Gump’s momma and the school principal ? Heeh, heeh ! You momma sure does care ’bout your schoolin son you don’t say much do you ?

        tophatal ………

  • Chris Humpherys

    I think we can both agree going without football for so long totally sucks.

    That being said, the game wasn’t all that bad. At least there was some drama towards the end.

    I honestly thought Oregon would give Auburn more of a fight but they were clearly out-sized.

    • chappy81

      I think what bugged me was the way they won the game. That Dyer 37 yard run was the lamest game winning type of run I’ve ever seen. I wanted to see them earn those yards more than having the players give up on a play that ultimately decided the game… It was very anti climactic…

      I think Stanford would’ve put up a better fight, but who knows with all that time off 🙂

    • mceezy

      Anti-climactic is a good way to put it. It kept feeling like the game was about to get real good, and then something would suck the life out of it. The Dyer run made the game real pathetic, and I felt like there were a few other calls/replays/reviews that really made the game less enjoyable.
      The other thing is people all expected a shootout, so see such a low scoring affair made it fall well short of expectations.

      • Chappy81

        Yeah, those numerous stoppages for replays and commercials seemed to suck the life out of the game at times. Like when Oregon got that 44 yard pass to the one yard line. By the time they ran their next play it had been like five minutes, and Auburn’s defense had a ton of time to rest.

        I agree that everyone expected a shootout, but high or low scoring this game just wasn’t that enjoyable to watch…

  • Alex Friedman

    chappy, first time reader and i’m impressed. I agree with how boring that game was but I don’t think it beats out OSU-Fla. That being said a playoff seems just too ideal. I think Auburn, Oregon, TCU, Standford,and Alabama. I wouldn’t hesitate to say TCU or Standford could beat Auburn. If Cuban can somehow put a tournament into place it would be a miracle for college football and I could possibly see it be a greater tournament than college basketball.

    • mceezy

      Oh man, the office BCS pool would be huge. Everyone would have a bracket, and they’d be able to watch every game. Man there’s so much more money to be made for them in a playoff, they just don’t see it

      • Chappy81

        Thanks for dropping by Alex! I agree that the college football playoff could be bigger than March Madness if they ever got it going, and I LOVE March Madness! From what I read I think there’s a chance in 2014 or something like that when a lot of contracts are up for TV and sponsors. Hopefully they’ll at least look into it…

  • classic17

    I’ll be honest, I slept through most of it. the rest of it, I ended up watching the Blues game. I felt like it was on the cusp of being great…the 2-pt conversion, the fake punts, etc. Maybe if the players had been able to get their footing more than half the time….

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