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Doin NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers – They played on the biggest stage of Week One and arguably put on the greatest show. The defending champs opened the season with a win over one of their primary challengers. The throne is theirs until someone knocks them off.

2. Baltimore Ravens -Wow, I’m on board with the Ravens after watching their dismantling of the Steelers to kick off the NFL Sunday season. Lewis, Suggs, and Reed all look like they’re still the same age as they have been the last 8 years. Who’s gonna stop the Ravens in the AFC?

3. Philadelphia Eagles – It looked like they were going be an average team for the first 20 minutes or so of their game against the Rams, but in the second half particularly, the Eagles showed they should have no problem living up to expectations as an elite team in the NFL this year.

4. New England Patriots – I watched the game with a couple of New England natives, and at one point I actually said, “I feel like the Pats promised someone they’d keep the game close.” That’s what it felt like. Even when they weren’t dominating the scoreboard, they were in control of the Dolphins the entire game. As usual, that’s how they’ll look for thirteen or fourteen of their games this year.

5. San Diego Chargers – The Chargers, thanks to their schedule, have every opportunity to start no worse than 4-1. They weren’t particularly overpowering in their defeat of Minnesota, but they capitalized on Donovan McNabb’s existence.
6.Chicago Bears – No one gave them a chance to win the opener against Atlanta. So, even though it’s just one win, it’s a win over another NFC contender that may prove valuable when it comes to playoff seeding.

7. San Francisco 49ers – Jim Harbaugh notched his first win as an NFL head coach. I’m not sure where the credit should lie, since the Niners didn’t do any one thing special. But anytime you can get 2 returns for TDs from Ted Ginn, I’m sure you like your odds

8. Washington Redskins – Washington took advantage of an injury-riddled Giants team and an uninspired Eli Manning. Rex Grossman was the better QB on Sunday, and the Redskins notched a much needed division win.

9. New Orleans Saints – Brees and co. didn’t disappoint, but the ground game was pretty painful. Not sure if it had anything to do with Reggie Bush, but I expected bigger things from the trio of Thomas, Ingram, and Sproles. There’s no shame in losing to the defending Super Bowl champs though.

10. Atlanta Falcons – Maybe it was just one game, but the Falcons did NOT look good in their opener. The offense is supposed to be their strength, so 12 points isn’t going to cut it – especially when your defense is going to give up 30 points to the likes of the Bears.

11. Buffalo Bills – So far the Bills have one more win than a lot people predicted they would have. Beating the Chiefs is no accomplishment, but putting up 41 points on offense is more than enough to get recognized. Especially when you do it with guys like Fitzpatrick, Jackson, and Johnson.

12. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals are only this high because most people picked them to be at the bottom of the league. I don’t think they’re going to be as bad as many predict though. Granted, their victory came at the expense of the Browns, so we won’t go pumping them up into the top ten just yet.

13. Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford threw for 305 yards and 3 TDs leading the Lions to a week one win over a Tampa Bay team that was over .500 last year. The talent seems to finally be there in Detroit, but can they put it all together?

14. New York Giants – Expectations were fairly low after injuries ripped through the Giants roster in the preseason, but no one really expected them to lose to the Redskins. Lucky for them, the Cowboys couldn’t pull off the win against the Jets, so it won’t be too lonely at the bottom of the NFC East just yet.

15. New York Jets – Mark Sanchez doesn’t set the world on fire, but he seems to come through in the clutch more often than not, which is exactly the opposite of the guy he beat this weekend in Tony Romo. This didn’t look like the team that got to the AFC Championship game, but they didn’t look too bad either. 

16. Houston Texans – I’m not sure if the Texans won, or the Colts lost because they didn’t have their captain of the ship running the show, but they did win in convincing fashion. This could be their year to reign supreme in that division.

17. Miami Dolphins – Miami put up a respectable fight agains the Patriots Monday night, but they never really threatened to win the game. Not when you rely on Chad Henne to make throws, or Reggie Bush to be your primary back. He came out of the gates hard and then ran out of gas 4 min into the game! At one point, the Dolphins seemed like they were handcuffed – forced to throw exclusively at Brandon Marshall just to keep his evil personality from coming out.

18. Oakland Raiders – At the time Janikowski put his name in the NFL record books for his 63 yard field goal, it didn’t seem like that would be the difference in the game as the Raiders were dominating the Broncos. Still they have way too many penalties to consider them a contender just yet.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars – The Luke McCown era begins with a win, as the Save Jack Del Rio season gets underway. Home games against teams like the Titans are the ones the Jags will need to stay afloat this season.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Hopes are high this season for the Bucs coming off an impressive 2010 campaign. Kicking off the year with a home loss to the Lions will kill all that noise real quick…

21. Minnesota Vikings – Oh man, are we witnessing one of the greatest, fastest falls from the elite ranks of an athlete this decade? Where does this rank on the Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Ken Griffey, or Tiger Woods scale? Donovan McNabb threw for 39 yards in his Vikings debut. His first pass was  an interception that led to a San Diego TD.

22. St Louis Rams – Expectations are fairly high for Sam Bradford and the Rams, but no one can overlook their ridiculous schedule. They put up a decent (albeit futile) fight against Philadelphia, but things don’t appear to be looking up, as Steven Jackson will miss at least the next week, and Bradford has a banged up right index finger.

23. Cleveland Browns – The loser of the Cleveland-Cincinnati matchup gets an automatic invite to the bottom three in the league. Add the fact that they lost at home. But they were able to move the ball a bit, and managed to put 17 points on the board.

24. Tennessee Titans – The wannabe highest paid player in football rushed for 24 yards on 9 carries, and so went the Titans offense. They struggled to move the ball in a 16-14 loss to Jacksonville

25. Pittsburgh Steelers – They sure didn’t look like a team ready to go to war in week 1. It was more like the U.S. (Baltimore) taking on some third world country  with rocks as weapons in a war. It looked over by halftime as mistake after mistake happened to them. Maybe they got them all out in this opener…

26. Arizona Cardinals – The Panthers gave them all they could handle, but Kolb looked really good in his first game as a red bird. He better be good if they are going to be in shootouts with against a QB making his first start. I have very little confidence in this team going forward, because they need to make some major adjustments on defense.

27. Indianapolis Colts – Poor Indy. They’ve fallen so far in just one week of football. I’d like to see them go out and get someone not named Kerry Col lins. I feel like nobody in the locker room trusts the guy, and why should they?

28. Carolina Panthers – Wow, was Cam impressive. I couldn’t tell if it was terrible defense on Arizona’s part or if he was really tearing them up. Either way it looks like Carolina picked a heckuva player with the #1 pick this year. 

29. Seattle Seahawks – Losing to the 49ers in the fashion they did is reason for plenty of pessimism in Seattle. Despite lackluster performances from Alex Smith and Frank Gore, the Seahawks suffered a 33-17 defeat in San Francisco. At least none of their fans got shot.

30. Denver Broncos – They battled the Raiders, but never really looked like they could win the game. It was awesome to hear the crowd chant for Tebow at the end of the game. Maybe it was because they had no running game!?!

31. Dallas Cowboys – You didn’t think they’d be high on these rankings did you? Romo seems to do everything possible wrong in the moment. Maybe he tries too hard to make the big play, but he never makes the right one. They’ve got talent, but there’s many areas they need to improve on, like conditioning. They looked winded down the stretch this weekend.

32. Kansas City Chiefs – Yikes, losing by 36 to the Bills!?! If you thought they took a step in the right direction last season, then this must be three steps backwards. Getting blown out by those proportions and getting beat in every phase of the games lands you last in the ol power rankings!

Doin Lines Week 1

Chappy: It feels like football crept up on us quickly. It feels like just yesterday they were locked out and crying over spilt milk. Now that my fantasy teams are set it’s time to take a look at some of the bets to make this weekend to avenge my losing trip to the Del Mar horse races last weekend. I feel like week 1 is always the toughest to pick, and this year it feels a little tougher to pick with the extremely shortened offseason, and not knowing exactly where all the free agents landed. I’m looking for a bounce back year with my picks. I didn’t have a whole lot of luck last year which might have evened out my extremely successful 2009. Anyways we’re on to year three in the Doin Lines picks, and I think it’s going to be a good one!

By: Doin Lines is back!  Woot a mother f**king woot!  I’m so excited to yet again, give you all my idiotic thoughts, opinions and overall predictions for another season!  I really don’t have much to say as far as an intro to our picks, I’m just so happy and excited that football is back!  We all know the NFL is king in terms of sports ratings, so with that being said, LONG LIVE THE KING!  Glad the suits were able to get together with the hard hats and hash it out!  Now … let’s get this show on the road!

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore (+2.5)

Chappy picks Baltimore (+2.5). Wow starting the year with a pick that I don’t really want to go with, but it’s going to be a great game, so I couldn’t resist. Anytime these two teams meet up, you know it’s going to be close. I feel like Big Ben might have his best season of his career this year, but that might have to start after week 1. I really like taking the points when (A) the home team is the underdog and (B) said home team is looking for some revenge from the season before. I’m scared of this pick because the only time the Ravens did beat them last year was during Big Ben’s four game suspension, but that won’t stop me from throwing them in a parlay.

Detroit @ Tampa Bay (+1.5)

By picks Detroit (-1.5)

It’s tough to pick the unproven Lions, who are led by an unproven and often injured quarterback to open the season with a win on the road against an upstart Tampa team, but … that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.  My mouth salivates thinking about all the weapons Detroit has at its disposal, from Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, to Jahvid Best (who is also injury prone).  If this team can stay healthy, watch out.  Aside from the potential explosiveness from Detroit’s offense, their defensive line is equally ferocious.  Anchored by the fiery Ndamukong Suh, they’re an opposing quarterback’s nightmare, just ask Tom Brady.  Plus, I have a gut feeling the Bucs are going to fall into the category of “one step forward, two steps back” from last season to this, and it starts with week one.

Chappy picks Detroit (-1.5). I think the Lions meaningless undefeated pre-season record talked me into this one. Yeah, I get it, preseason means about as much as my opinion, but I feel like Detroit is going to be good this year as long as Stafford can stay on the field. Megatron should have his breakout year pretty soon as he enters his physical prime. I was disappointed in Tampa’s offseason as they seemed to forget to spend some of their money when they had a ton left under the cap. I’m a big Freeman fan, but I just don’t see this one ending in the Bucs favor.

Philadelphia @ St. Louis (+6)

By picks Philadelphia (-6). Although the Eagles haven’t exactly set the world on fire during the pre-season, it is, still … pre-season.  Some experts now have Dallas as the favorites out of the East … seriously?  What has Tony Romo done to sway their predictions?  Anyway, this is about Philly and how they’ll dominate St. Louis.  As oppose to listing reasons as to why the Eagles will cover, I’ll ask a few questions.  Once you answer them in your own head, you’ll understand.  Who on St. Louis will stop Mike Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek?  That’s to name a few.  Can you see how easily Philly can spread the field?  Now, does St. Louis have enough on offense to pose a threat to this stacked Eagles d?  Bare in mind, Nnamdi Asomugha will erase half the field. Not sure why the spread is so low, Eagles big.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland (-6.5)

Chappy picks Cleveland (-6.5). I have few rules with my betting in week 1, but this is one I’ve always stood firm by. Bet against any rookie QB starting their first game. This holds even more true after a lockout, and while I don’t have anything against Dalton, I don’t think he’s had enough time to guide this team to a victory in week 1, plus Cincy is far from a contender. Not that Cleveland is, but they looked pretty legit down the stretch last year under Colt (I wish the Raiders picked him) McCoy. If Cincy has a tough time scoring early, Cleveland covers easily.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville (-3)

Does this look like the face of a guy you want leading your team?

By picks Tennessee (+3). To be honest, I don’t even know who Luke McCown is, and I’m not even going to Google him.  He’s probably just keeping the quarterback seat “luke” warm for Blaine Gabbert anyway.  See what I did there?  If I stated Matthew Stafford is unproven earlier, then what does that make McCown?  And with that being said, that is why I’m going with Tennessee here.  It’s crazy how quickly people have pushed aside Matt Hasselbeck.  He may not be the Hasselbeck of 2005, but the guy can still sling the rock.  Plus there’s some good targets out there in Tennessee, Kenny Brit, Jared Cook.  Oh by the way, having Chris Johnson in the backfield is not a bad thing.  Long story short, the Titans load the box and force McCown to win the game, which he won’t.  Tennessee 21, Jacksonville 10.

Carolina @ Arizona (-7)

Chappy picks Arizona (-7). My week 1 rule applies twice to my picks. Always pick against a rookie making his first career start, and you can count on me parlaying the two rookies in the loss column. I have little to no confidence in Arizona, but of any team in the NFC West, for some reason I think they are the best. They should be able to handle last years worst team. Cam will throw a couple picks and Beanie Wells will run over their terrible defense. Yeah, I just said Beanie Wells is going to play well this weekend, and that will probably be the only time you hear me say that.

NY Giants @ Washington (+4)

By picks NY Giants (-4). This is a situation in which I’m not so much in love with one team, as much as I am in hate with the other.  Experts expect big things from the G Men, but I’m still skeptical.  Yes, Eli Manning is the best Manning right now, but obviously that’s by default.  To this day I don’t believe he has what it takes to win a Super Bowl, and that’s with him already winning a Super Bowl!  I know, it doesn’t make sense, right?  Yet, it kind of does, huh?  But the Giants have plenty of weapons to make up for a sub par quarterback performance where as the Redskins have nothing.  Literally … nothing.  ‘Nuff said.

New England @ Miami (+6.5)

Chappy picks New England (-6.5). Even though we’ve seen Miami hang tough against the Pats a few times, I don’t see it happening Monday Night. Bellichick had a whole off-season to prepare for this game, and that’s never a good thing for the competition. I feel like Brandon Marshall and Devon Bess could have big games after they are getting blown out against a weak Pats secondary, but that’s a crappy consolation prize. I’m pretty excited to see Daniel Thomas in the backfield for Miami, dude looked like he had some skills in college.

Doin Lines Week 14

A 2-4 week has me thinking I will never crack the .500 mark this season. Luckily I hit a parlay to break even money wise, but I’m sure you all could care less about that. I think everyone has found this season a little strange in that there aren’t a ton of contenders that cover the spread every week, and looking through the lines I was shocked to see that there wasn’t one double digit favorite. What does this mean? Even the odds makers are a little befuddled by this season! The highest spread is New Orleans -9 at home. Speaking of NO, is it just me or are they the least hyped defending champs ever? I don’t hear the morning FOX, CBS, or ESPN gangs raving about anything the Saints are doing, and aren’t they the champs until someone knocks them off? I guess not in this Twitter age. The Patriots and Jets must be the only teams worthy of our attention, so the networks have led me to believe. I just can’t get over how many people were on their bandwagon last year and now, no love at all. What gives?!?

What gives is right!  As in, what gives with a 2-3 record last week!?  Well I am a firm believer in karma, or getting your “just dues”, and the way I was approaching my picks last week, like it was some sort of guaranteed 5-0 event, let’s just say I got what I deserved with those results.  Time to get myself back on the positive side this week.  On a side note, the Bo Sox just signed Carl Crawford!?  Looks like Bean Town’s the new “Evil Empire” in baseball …

Week 13 (By 2-3, Chap 2-4) Overall (By 32-29-4, Chap 33-38-3)

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (+3)

By picks Indy (-3). I will beat this horse dead, but I’m not going to stop riding it.  Wait, does that even make sense?  I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m not jumping off the Peyton Manning ship just yet, especially in a must win scenario at a division rival.  As horrible as Manning has been these past three weeks, he’s still one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game, which in my book, means something.  He will right the ship this week and trust his guys more.  On the other side of the ball, Tennessee is a mess.  Vince Young, Randy Moss, need I say more?

Oakland @ Jacksonville (-4) Continue reading

Nothing Has Changed in the Bay Area…

I was too disappointed to post something yesterday, plus my computer crapped out with some Trojan virus on Friday. I’m the one to blame for that since I didn’t ever buy one of those virus protectors…. Anyways, now that I’m a little bit more calm and collected, and at work with a working computer, I can actually assess what happened to the bay area teams. This was supposed to be the year of hope for both franchises, since their divisions suck, and they both made solid offseason moves, but in week one, they were huge disappointments having everyone in the bay saying nothing has changed. Neither team was in their game at the end of the half, which was very disturbing to see both of them give up on both sides of the ball when the game was out of hand. Usually you like to get a couple positives going for the next game during garbage time, but there wasn’t even much of that to draw any hope from. A grade of an F- for both of these franchises to start the season. Actually, I’ll give them an incomplete to start the year since they didn’t even finish all their assignments for week 1.

The Raiders had everything going for them coming into the game, even their “Taking it to them” t-shirts they wore all of training camp. The temperature was mild (77 degrees), and it was surprisingly un-humid in Tennessee. If it was humid, I can only imagine what the score could’ve been. The Raiders had a chance to pull within 14 at the end of the half, and chose to only be down by twenty after kicking a field goal instead. With the ball at the 15, and a yard to go on fourth down we really needed a touchdown. Cable’s fat ass called in the kicking unit, and it felt like we were mailing it in before the half. If we really wanted to be in this game, we don’t go for a field goal when the offense is struggling, and actually has the ball in the redzone for once. Three points wasn’t going give us that boost of confidence we needed going into the locker room. I would’ve been much happier seeing them go for it, and not get the first down, even if that meant we scored zero points on that possession. The most worrisome part of the day was easily the o-line. We couldn’t figure out the no name Tennessee defense. They knocked Campbell down every time he dropped back, and made me hesitantly think, maybe Jamarcus wasn’t completely the problem. Campbell’s line looked familiar for Raiders starting QB’s over the past few years two fumbles, one pick, and one garbage time TD. I might finally be jumping on the fire Cable bandwagon. He seems to have the respect of the players, but what the hell is wrong with our o-line. Isn’t that your specialty Tom!?! If you can’t get your team to be good at what you are supposed to be good at (former o-line coach), then how are you helping this team improve!?! He already gave up the offensive play calling to Hue Jackson, so shouldn’t he be more responsible for other things like coaching the offensive line. The one silver lining is that they played a Tennessee team that is supposed to be pretty good, and a team that was on fire to end last season. If they can’t show up against the Rams, I’m going to be very worried about this team. There was one part of the game that I found entertaining, the Titans mascot ate a cheerleader!

The 49ers had an even worse day than the Raiders. They couldn’t even get a touchdown, and looked terrible in every facet of the game against a team that both By and I predicted to having a good shot at that #1 pick next year in our Doin Lines picks. Coach Singletary thought it was a good “wake up” call for the team, and hopefully he’s right for their sake. If losing to the Seahawks isn’t a wake up call, then I don’t know what this team expects to do this year. Maybe their players were partying in the Castro District a little too much over the offseason and that made them soft, or maybe Vernon Davis is taking to curling more than football… Ok, ok, Vernon was one of the few guys that played well. Seattle played off their 12th man, and somehow looked like the 2007 Seahawks that were perennial playoff contenders. They do have a great home crowd, but the 49ers should’ve made this one at least a little close. It’s sad that they can’t even pin this all on Alex Smith, because every part of their game plan was executed poorly. The scariest part for the Niners is that this isn’t a good team, and preseason this was one of the games I had inked in a W. At least the Raiders got beat down by someone that has playoff aspirations. It’s only one game, but both of these teams have a lot to work on before they are considered anything near a playoff caliber team.

Doin Lines Week 1

I’ve been impressed with the revival of Entourage this season. For the last couple of seasons, I thought the show was heading downhill, but this year they got Vinny on a drug binge, making bad choices, and dating a porn star. Excellent twist to what was getting to be a repetitive series. Speaking of things reviving themselves, and the true reason for this post, the NFL is bizzniizzzizzaacckk! This means that every team has hope again (including my Raiders and the overly optimistic prediction I made about them making it to the AFC Championship), but this also marks the beginning of gambling season, and the return of Doin Lines! Even if you aren’t betting on spreads, lets face it, there’s plenty of $10 bets thrown down on games amongst friends. I found myself enjoying keeping track of how I did against the spread last year, and ended the season doing surprisingly well considering I was way below .500 for awhile there, and had pondered giving up posting my picks out of sheer embarrassment. My comeback was strong, and ending 49-45-3 on the season, which made me want to see how I could do in my second year of keeping track. At points during the season, I was much more into making these picks correctly than keeping track of my fantasy teams. Not to say that I didn’t care about fantasy, but of all the fantasy seasons, football is the least attractive to me. It’s too much of a crapshoot, and everyone talks endlessly about their “squad”, which is more of a turnoff than a girl with a butterface. Instead of picking ALL of the games, we decided to each pick the top six or so games that we believe are either mortal locks, or very watchable. I did say “we” right!?! Well, this season, By has decided to join me on the adventure of posting picks, so I don’t feel like such an addict doing all these lines by myself! By also had a couple quick thoughts before we get started.

Before I reveal my picks, I must say I’m excited to hear that Entourage is back on the radar in terms of “must see” programs.  There was a point in my life where I looked forward to watching Entourage as much as I looked forward to watching a football game on Sunday, but then it slipped.  But from what Chappy just wrote, and from what friends have mentioned, Vinny addicted to hard drugs, Sasha Grey,  plus the return of Carla Gugino (who is one fine woman) equals the return of Entourage!  I have catching up to do …

Now, on to business … Continue reading

Raiders vs. Chargers Live Blog Part II

Raiders Charger Fans getting along

Here comes the second half, and were all tied up at 10. The catch that wasn’t a catch should have us up. 14-10. We haven’t answered all the questions I raised in the first half.

Some blah blah blah on what happened this weekend that we already saw. And now the…


This is the first time I’ve seen the Raiders hold LT in check. Very rare, but it’s not over, so I’ll shut up! The Chargers are moving the ball a little with a few solid passing plays.

MCeezy: Chargers are starting to look like they’re supposed to.  Tough holding call sets them back a bit. Michael Huff!  The forgotten man!!!

MICHAEL HUFF did something good! Right place at the right time!

MCeezy:Big momentum swing back to Oakland’s side.  Time to pound away on the ground some more.

Ouch, three and out…

MCeezy: Golic’s right.  I do hold my breath every time Russell throws the ball.

Hahaha! ME TOO!

MCeezy:Delay of game…. nice to see a little home field advantage!  Greenie’s asking how much of this is the Chargers playing bad…. what do you think?

Well, I’d like to point out to Greenie that they are coached by Norv Turner, and were only 8-8 last year.

MCeezy:You’re right… SD doesn’t look too bad.  It looks like the Raiders D is just rising to the occasion.  Must be nice to not to be playing from behind.

Yeah, it might have actually been a fun game to go to! I wonder if this game sill get a few fans pumped up enough to sell out some more games?

Nice solid return, they need to get the ground game going again! Ouch another breath holding toss from Jemarcus…

Uh oh, did I awaken LT with my taunting? Wow, we might have gotten a dteal of a deal on Seymour! I love this guy already!

MCeezy: I know the stats back it up, but I don’t the Raiders defense has been that bad over the last few years.  They’re just on the field more because the offense has been so inept.

HAHAHA! Rivers is such a poor sport! I think the crying mentality will wear off on the rest of the team. I hope Dre reads this part in the morning. He will destroy your team!


MCeezy: Rivers with the taunting penalty.  Guess that backs up our claim that he’s a hot head and prone to blowups.

Boring third quarter…

MCeezy: I hate to say this… but WHO is Chris Johnson???  I’m as big of a Raider fan as you’ll find but I didn’t know much about this guy before tonight.

I’ve heard of him, but we were so bad last year I probably didn’t watch closely enough to see if he was good.

WOW, huge hit by Mcfadden!

Jemarcus looks like a better blocker than Gallery…

MCeezy:OK, Jamarcus just went up a couple notches in my book.  I’ve long questioned his football IQ, but I must say, having a QB who can block downfield like that on an end around is a GREAT asset to have!

Well, atleast they got three before they had time to turn it over. 13-10 Raiders with that Janikowski FG! He must not be drinking tonight he’s 2 for 2.

I forgot to say it’s the 4th quarter! 12:55 after a short Sproles return.

Gates does a nice job of bailing out Rivers. Is it just me or are you more scared of Sproles or Tomlinson these days?

MCeezy: Thomas Howard is extremely underrated.

Yeah he is, he’s even under rated on Madden 2010.

MCeezy: Hahaha, RIGHT on queue!  Thomas Howard with a big stop in the backfield. And yes, Sproles is far more troublesome out of the backfield than LT.
Wow, Vincent Jackson just made Asomugha look bad! Or maybe it was just perfectly under thrown… Well, at least we can count on Jeamarcus for a comeback hahaha! 17-13 Chargers 7:22 4th Quarter.
MCeezy: Man, I don’t know that Rivers “put the ball where only his receiver could catch it,” but it fell in the right spot.  Now the Raiders really have something to prove.  They don’t usually march down the field in these situations, so we’re about to see what the 2009 team is made of.
I won’t lie, my confidence level isn’t through the roof, but they have answered a couple questions so far, hopefully Jemarcus can show some leadership.
Steve Young is having some serious flashbacks! He can barely spit it out as Jemarcus falls under Merriman’s Tequila beating hand. J/K San Diego!For a minute after Jemarcus went down, I wanted to see them just put the wildcat out there…
God, Gradkowski, looks like a punter in there… It’s a very bad sign!
MCeezy:HUGE break.  I thought for sure it was another Raider penalty.
Lucky Bailout call! This is a classic Raiders 2008 drive. Time consuming, but don’t go anywhere on the field…
MCeezy: Well… here we go.  3rd and long for with the game on the line. And Higgins is out.
Good thing he got up. I guess we have to go for it!
HOLY SHIT! They actually went for it all! That one might have come from Al himself!

There’s still 2:35 left, but Oakland is up 20-17 on a 4th and 15 from Jemarcus to Murphy!
MCeezy: Even if they don’t end up winning this game, the Raiders showed a lot tonight.  I don’t discount the fact that the Chargers may have regressed, but the Silver & Black have new life this year.
I couldn’t agree more whatever the outcome!
Chargers are driving at their own 28 with 1:58 in the 4th.
MCeezy: Does it get any better than this?  Us Raider fans couldn’t have ask for much more.  They need to stop em here.
It definitely doesn’t! Lets see Seymour get some pressure! Why are we in prevent, this is retarded…
SD is getting yards for free, down the middle and to Gates…
Cmon Golic check our blog, we already said we were more scared of Sproles than LT what more confirmation do you need. Even Norv knows that!
MCeezy: Heartbreaker.
Wow, are these announcers paying attention, that’s why you have Sproles out there to score a TD!24-20 SD :13 seconds left in the 4th.
MCeezy:We still got way more than we could’ve hoped for.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t deflate them for the rest of the year.
I fully agree. I’m satisfied with their effort.
MCeezy: Well they put up a good fight.  Nice blogging with you cousin… It’s possible we’re in for an interesting Raider season.
Yup, good times! Let’s hope we’re on the winning side a few more times than last year!

Raiders Vs. Chargers Live Blog!

Raiders Chargers fans

I have to admit I am expecting the worst tonight for my Raiders, but then again I was expecting the Pats to blow out the Bills, and that definitely didn’t happen! Man, if the Bills only had Marshawn tonight maybe the story would have changed. This game could say a lot about our team this year, and answer a lot of the lingering questions from the off-season. Does Cable have control of a team that he socked one of his coaches in? Is Richard Seymour going to benefit from being in a 4-3 defense? Can Jemarcus give us any hope or is it time to cut ties? I’ve said before that I would be happy with Oakland going 8-8 to at least not have a losing record, but they’ll have to prove it to me for that to happen. If the Chargers happen to lose this game, I think they’ll have more questions than the ones I just asked about the Raiders, starting with; Should we fire Norv?

So, Steve Young, Mike Golic, and Mike Greenburg are calling the game. They just showed them together, and Golic looks like the Jolly Green Giant towering over two midgets.


Raiders get the kick, and are starting at their own 29. Steve Young needs to turn up his mic. Bush just ripped off a nice 17 yarder on the first play. Better start than last year already! Couple good runs by McFadden.

MCeezy: Raiders are moving the ball well early on.  No doubt they’re coming out to establish the run, which is their strong point, if you could say they have one.  Russell, on the other hand is 0-2 to start.  Russell finally completes his first pass to Zach Miller.

I was almost excited, but that then Jemarcus brought me back to earth the same way Kayne took Taylor Swift’s thunder last night.

Three and out for SD. Rivers tossed that third down pass like he was imitating Jemarcus!

One thing I don’t miss about the NFL is all of the TV timeouts, real lame, real lame!

Wow, the Raiders are moving it on the ground. The SD defense looks confused against the Raiders, whaaa!?!

MCeezy: Raiders are playing inspired for a change!  Chargers look conservative on the defensive end.  I’m sure they know it’s a long game and they might be able to just sit back and wait for the Raiders to make more mistakes.


Sproles just ripped off a huge return that looks like the Raiders I remember! Followed up by their 1st first down to Vincent Jackson…

MCeezy: Let’s see how the Raiders play with a lead. It’s nice having some established vets on the ends of the D-Line


He said he’d “be the guy on top of the quarterback.  He’s not wasting any time!
LT is starting to show his age, and the Raiders catch the first break with his fumble! Maybe Seymour is bringing some intensity to this defense!
MCeezy: WOW. They came to play!  This drive will be huge in terms of seeing if they’re really for real.  Expect a heavy dose of Bush and McFadden. They need to keep Rivers and the SD offense off the field.

Raiders started with a few running plays. Followed by a bailout call, and two third down conversions. Something we never did last year. Showing signs of life in the offense I could get used to this.
Uh oh spoke too soon, the third turnover of the game already with a McFadden fumble…
MCeezy: Raiders are doing a phenomenal job of game and clock management.  If they can get another stop here, they can really take control of the game…. for now
The Chargers get their second first down. The Raiders are laying out some hits now!
MCeezy:WOW, amazing pursuit by Tyvon Branch.Rivers just hung Sproles out to dry.
The Chargers finally started to look like themselves and got a TD off the turnover Oakland 7, San Diego 7.
MCeezy:Despite the TD to tie it up, the momentum is still on the Raiders side.  They need to answer back here…
Greenie brings up a good point…. Russell never finds his receivers.  It’s either the tight end or RBs out of the backfield.  Why even have WRs?  You and I could run around and be decoys, because that’s all they’re really doing.  and where’s Javon Walker?
That’s why… (Heyward Bey drops a pass) I still am surprised how easily they’re pushing around the SD D-Line! Our receivers suck, maybe Jemarcus doesn’t deserve all the blame.
MCeezy: Special teams is the only area where the Raiders aren’t absolutely despicable.  Good to see exceptional coverage on another stellar Shane Lechler punt.
I think I expect the worst nowadays!
MCeezy:Asomghua making some noise!  He had a feature on him on espn.com earlier.  I was curious to see how he’d respond, and even though he doesn’t get the ball thrown his way, he still finds a way to make plays.
Another solid defensive stand for the Raiders! One thing about them is their defense has looked good the past few seasons, they’re just on the field way too much. Maybe they can change that this year, and keep them fresh!
MCeezy:Wow. I feel like I’ve said that many times tonight, but what would you expect.  The Chargers were expected to win in a route…
Seriously! I picked SD in my Doin Lines Week 1 giving 91/2 points!
MCeezy: The first catch by a WR!  Louis Murphy was a steal in the second round.  He may not see many passes thrown his way in this system, but if he can get open, the offense will be okay.
After two terrible throws, he made one good one. He needs to change that MO…
MCeezy:For the first time in his career, I can honestly say Jamarcus Russell looks like a legitimate QB.
It’s funny I wrote in my Raiders preview, that this pre-season was the first time he actually looked like he knew what he was doing…
MCeezy: Caught a break there, as Russell threw it RIGHT to the defense.  Lady Luck just might be on the Raiders’ side for a change.Think the Raiders would be happy with a 10-7 lead at the half?
I’d almost say no, the way they’ve dominated this game… Seeing how they’ve been the last few years, I’d say yes! Murphy your boy! I think you might be right, maybe I’ll add him to my fantasy team…
MCeezy:Russell to Murphy!!!!  Just when I thought Jamarcus was settling back into his old ways, he finds the rookie in the end zone!GREAT double move.

I think the TD stands
I think it does too. When is Norv going to get fired? Haha, I love how he lead a talented SD team to an 8-8 record last season!
Lady luck my ass! How was that not a TD! God I hate refs! It was Ed Hochuli bad! FG good. 10-7 Oakland
I love how the announcers agree that it was bullshit.
Sproles just ripped off a long return, I’m officially worried about a TD here…
SD gets into FG range with a couple of plays the Oakland defense really didn’t care to stop… Seymour getting on top of Rivers again!
Kaeding FG. Tied at 10 for the half.
Immediately kicked to Swami talking about the non-tuck rule hahaha!
MCeezy:Gotta be happy with a tie at the half…. Should be 14-10 but calls going against the Raiders is nothing new.  Overall, they look a lot better than any of us could have expected.  Let’s hope they can keep it up in the second half.

Doin Lines Week 1

Chalk linesThroughout the season I will be try to predict the outcomes of the NFL spreads. I used to gamble quite a bit, and had good and bad times with it. I think I would’ve done better if I hadn’t gone for so many parlays, but that makes it more exciting. Anyways, I’ve never kept track over a whole season, so this should be interesting. The home teams are in bold, and the first team listed is the favorite. I will also be giving a confidence rating on my picks with a scale of 1-5. A one would be “I like me betting on the Raiders, because they’re my favorite team”, and a 5 would be “Parlay this one with any other 5 on the board” Without further ado here is the predictions.

Pittsburgh (-6) Tennessee

3, It’s going to be tough for everyone going to Pittsburgh, but Tennessee proved last season that they are for real with their 12-4 mark, but are a fairly big underdog against the Steelers. The Titans have pretty much the same look as last year minus Haynesworth. They should be ready to at least cover in this one, since I feel like this line should be around -3. Plus, I have a feeling the Titans will want to pull out everything they have to get a win off the newly crowned champs.

Atlanta (-4) Miami

4, I felt like the Dolphins were huge overachievers last season. They wouldMichael Turner stiff arm Falcons probably do fine in the AFC West, but in their division I think it’ll be a long tough road for them. Their first game is going to be in hostile territory against a team looking to see improvement through acquisitions and growth from their young QB. The Falcons should cover this spread with all the offensive firepower they have.

Baltimore (-13) Kansas City

2, It’s always hard to tell how crappy a team is going to be. I doubt that KC will win this, but can you really give a guy named Flacco enough confidence in covering a two TD spread? I didn’t think so. KC will kill a few bettors at the end of this game scoring some points in garbage time. They seemed to do that well last year even with Thigpen.

Philadelphia (-1.5) Carolina

2, this is a tough one. I don’t like it when the home team isn’t favored, but in this one I can’t argue. Carolina’s often stalling offense is always a roller coaster that I wouldn’t bet a replica ring on.Donovan Mcnabb McNabb has two weeks to prove he is the undisputed starter, so I like Philly taking this one either by a good offensive effort or Jake Delhomme choking it away.

Cincinnati (-4.5) Denver

3, With all the drama in Denver this off-season it’s hard to tell what is going to come out of the once proud franchise. Saying they are dysfunctional is an understatement, but saying Cincinatti hasn’t had it’s problems isn’t fair either. I don’t like any team coming off as many problems and changes as Denver had this off-season, and they won’t figure it out until it’s too late.

Minnesota (-4) Cleveland

5, Like I said before I don’t like road teams being favored, but I really can’t bet on a franchise that just named it’s starter today, Quinn. Cleveland didn’t make any upgrades and sorely needed to over the off-season. Minnesota should run away with this one. We could even see a chunk of playing time for Tavaris or a tryout from Anderson if Quinn struggles…

Houston (-4.5) NY Jets

4, it’s Mark Sanchez’s first start as a pro, and I have a feeling that he’s going to get acquainted with Mario Williams early and often.Mario Williams If the Jets had a solid running game or receivers that didn’t disappear, I’d give them a chance. Schaub is expected to go today, so as long as that stays the same I’m taking the Texans.

Indianapolis (-7) Jacksonville

3, I think it would be impossible to pick anyone but Indy at home. Jacksonville usually gives them a good fight, but in a home opener it’s going to be hard for the Jaguars to pull it out especially with their disappointing 5 win campaign last season. I think the Colts will start the season as they usually do undefeated with a convincing win.

New Orleans (-13) Detroit

5, The question is when will the Saints be up by 13? First half? First quarter? Watch the bottom line or your stat tracker to see just how many they can put up. I don’t see the Lions 20 game losing streak ending in week 1 especially in a tough environment.

Dallas (-6) Tampa Bay

4, Tampa Bay is in shambles after barely missing the playoffs last year. They are doing an overhaul with minimal talent, so it’s pretty hard not to like the Cowboys in this one. Dallas will probably run a little more smoothly with TO out of the way. Look for the Buccaneers fans to be one of the blackout teams soon.

Arizona (-6.5) San Francisco

2, I really don’t know what to expect from this one. I’ll loosely pick the Niners to cover.Kurt Warner Cardinals old Arizona had an incredible season last year, but I don’t see lightning striking twice. It was kind of funny watching Kurt Warner fall to late rounds in nearly all my fantasy drafts. That has to say something about their chances.

NY Giants (-6.5) Washington

2, it seems like the Giants start off strong and slowly fade away as the season wears on. If Eli had one good receiver, I’d probably bump up my confidence rating, but in this rivalry game it’s always tough to give a team nearly a TD. Washington just ends up being disappointing every season, and this year doesn’t look much brighter, as I see the Giants taking this one.

Seattle (-8.5) St. Louis

3, One rule I have is never to bet on crappy teams, because you never know what you’ll get. Seattle vs. St. Louis definitely fits that mold, and I can’t really give more than a TD to any team I deem crappy. St. Louis should make this competitive while they cover the spread.

Green Bay (-3.5) Chicago

4, I like the way the Packers look this year.Greg Jennings Packers Rodgers has a lot of guys to throw to, and proved that he is going to be a good starter for years to come. The Bears have issues on defense especially against the passing game. I like the Pack to set the division tone with a convincing win.

New England (-11) Buffalo

4, If Brady is indeed back to 07′ form, we could see the stats that only a QB on Madden puts up. I don’t really see the impact of TO on the field overshadowing the gaping hole left by Lynch in the backfield. I think Buffalo is a decent team, but they are no match for the Pats in Foxboro on opening night. There could be two Monday night blowouts.

San Diego (-9.5) Oakland

2, it’s never easy picking against your team especially when they are giving a TD plus, but the Raiders are starting to mirror the Timberwolves as their franchise spirals out of control. They have talent, but no direction. On a side note, I hope Gruden calls this game on ESPN, it would be nice to hear what he has to say about his former employer! Plus I caught him during a pre-season game and he was pretty funny.