Doin Lines Week 14

A 2-4 week has me thinking I will never crack the .500 mark this season. Luckily I hit a parlay to break even money wise, but I’m sure you all could care less about that. I think everyone has found this season a little strange in that there aren’t a ton of contenders that cover the spread every week, and looking through the lines I was shocked to see that there wasn’t one double digit favorite. What does this mean? Even the odds makers are a little befuddled by this season! The highest spread is New Orleans -9 at home. Speaking of NO, is it just me or are they the least hyped defending champs ever? I don’t hear the morning FOX, CBS, or ESPN gangs raving about anything the Saints are doing, and aren’t they the champs until someone knocks them off? I guess not in this Twitter age. The Patriots and Jets must be the only teams worthy of our attention, so the networks have led me to believe. I just can’t get over how many people were on their bandwagon last year and now, no love at all. What gives?!?

What gives is right!  As in, what gives with a 2-3 record last week!?  Well I am a firm believer in karma, or getting your “just dues”, and the way I was approaching my picks last week, like it was some sort of guaranteed 5-0 event, let’s just say I got what I deserved with those results.  Time to get myself back on the positive side this week.  On a side note, the Bo Sox just signed Carl Crawford!?  Looks like Bean Town’s the new “Evil Empire” in baseball …

Week 13 (By 2-3, Chap 2-4) Overall (By 32-29-4, Chap 33-38-3)

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (+3)

By picks Indy (-3). I will beat this horse dead, but I’m not going to stop riding it.  Wait, does that even make sense?  I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m not jumping off the Peyton Manning ship just yet, especially in a must win scenario at a division rival.  As horrible as Manning has been these past three weeks, he’s still one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game, which in my book, means something.  He will right the ship this week and trust his guys more.  On the other side of the ball, Tennessee is a mess.  Vince Young, Randy Moss, need I say more?

Oakland @ Jacksonville (-4)

Chappy picks Jacksonville (-4). As pumped as I was to see the Raiders break out the brooms for the season sweep of the Chargers, this might be their toughest test yet. Flying across the country to play the first place Jags in the early game is a lot to ask for a team that takes two steps forward, and usually one step back every time they are considered good. In fact I think the Raiders are a prime example of how this NFL season as a whole has gone, it changes week to week on who is the best or crème of the crop. I’ve been wrong on about seven weeks with the Raiders, so in an effort to keep their season meaningful, I hope this pick works as a reverse jinx.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-9.5)

Chappy picks Cincinnati (+9.5). If there’s one thing you can give the Bengals credit for is that they usually cover the spread. They like to score a bunch of points after they fall behind by 21, and rally enough to close within a touchdown with time winding down in the fourth to make the game look a lot closer than it was picking apart prevent defenses. The Steelers are bruised and battered limping into this game after a huge win against Baltimore. Will they take this game lightly after that big win? Maybe a little, but the best part about this match up is that they are usually a shootout. For as long as I can remember the over is the safest bet when these two teams match up. The over is 39.5, and their last meeting in Cincy ended with a 27-20 score, you do the math.

New York Giants @ Minnesota (+2.5)

By picks N.Y. (-2.5). Stop me if you’ve heard this before, Favre injured, questionable for Sunday’s game, ends up playing and sucking.  That’s exactly what I expect from him this week.  The Vikes are playing for nothing, while the Giants are in the hunt for the NFC East lead.  They’d need the Eagles to stumble, but they have to take care of business themselves.  And now with Thunder & Lightning back on track, the Giants are that much more difficult to stop.  G-Men big in this one.

Chappy picks NY Giants (-2.5). Both of these teams beat bad teams last weekend convincingly. The sole reason I’m picking the Giants in this one is because they are 100 times better than Buffalo at pounding the QB and stopping the run. The Vikes face their first good opponent since Childress was sent packing. With Favre looking like a 40-year-old, I’ll take my chances with Eli. Even if Tavaris gets out there, I’d still take my chances with Eli. I can’t really stand either of these teams, so that’s all I have to say about them…

Kansas City @ San Diego (+7)

By picks San Diego (+7). This one’s a tough one to pick, my original thought was that K.C. would man-handle the Bolts, but upon seeing the +7 on paper, I’m having a sudden change of heart.  Philip Rivers is still in the hunt for league MVP honors (although probably out of the chase for Marino) and he must be fuming coming off his first professional loss in the month of December.  At home to the Raiders while in the hunt for a playoff spot too.  I expect him to go off against the Chiefs.  Problem is, the Chiefs should go off against the Chargers defense too!  I think the Chiefs still pull this out, but by a field goal at best.

Green Bay (-6.5) @ Detroit

Chappy picks Green Bay (-6.5). Aaron Rodgers has had a hot hand lately, and he will need to keep that up with GB sporting a non-existent ground game. Detroit has been decent this year, but always finds ways to lose. I see Stanton making too many mistakes and the Packers D pulls out a few turnovers keeping them up by a TD. Plus at 2-10 I think the Lions are ready to give up on this year. Hopefully Megatron is too since I’m against him in a playoff match up for fantasy!

New England (-3) @ Chicago

Chappy picks New England -3. Who would’ve thought this would be the game of the week between two division leaders. The Patriots win by trickeration, and getting the right match ups going for them all over the field. The Bears are very predictable especially on defense where they run basically the same cover 2 scheme all game. The Bears win ugly, the Patriots win pretty, that sums these two teams up. I’ll take pretty over ugly today, and the AFC’s best over one of the NFC’s best any weekend. All that being said this could be like the Browns game and the Bears could surprise a lot of people.  Damn, I couldn’t even convince myself on that one…

Philadelphia @ Dallas (+3.5)

By picks Philadelphia (-3). My other favorite for league MVP is Mike Vick.  He’s been unbelievable this season, and I have the Eagles playing the Falcons in the NFC championship game, mostly because of him.  Not to discredit Philly’s other weapons on offense, and they obviously have a lot of weapons.  For Dallas, I’m sorry but the feel good story has to end sometime, and that sometime is now.  Jason Garrett has done enough to prove his worthiness to be the coach moving forward, and a loss here won’t hurt the public’s opinion of him.  Philly by at least 7.

Baltimore @ Houston (+3)

By picks Baltimore (-3). After another classic black and blue battle that did live up to the expectations (ahem the N.Y. Jets at New England Patriots on Monday) left Baltimore with a sour taste in their mouth, I expect them to take out their frustrations and anger on a once again over rated Houston Texans team.  I love Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster has been a fantastic story this season, but no.  Not against the Ravens.  Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and company take care of business.

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23 responses to “Doin Lines Week 14

  • tophatal


    Week 14 what else can be said ? Some teams’ ___ seasons are or will be effectively dead after this weekend.

    Suffice to say that even with a little luck one or two teams may well eke out the wins they may well need. The pitiful side of this all is that in the AFC and NFC West we could well have a sub .500 team make the playoffs . That to my mind is simply crazy ! What use is rewarding a team that at best is sub average ? The NFL really does need to look at this rather than thinking that it’s fair .

    So the Yankees are prepared to offer Cliff Lee a 7yr $140 million contract ? Thanks Scott Boras for making Jayson Werth be the market spur that now makes this whole offseason ridiculous when it comes to free agent spending !

    I know that you want to bury his (Boras) ass in a deep pit somewhere ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


    Now I understand why he didn’t make it as a player in the game .
    tophatal ……. 🙂

    • chappy81

      Hey man don’t rip on the AFC West too much, the AFC South leader is at 7-5 (Jags) and they only have one 6-6 team (Colts). The West has KC at 8-4 and SD and Oakland at 6-6, so the West isn’t as terrible as it was for the last couple years. There is no defending the NFC West though 🙂

      I’d much rather give Lee $140M over Werth. I know that he only plays every fifth day, but I think you get more for your money with a top flight pitcher over a slightly above average outfielder. All this spending might help the A’s in the long run if a lot of teams blow their load so to say on one guy then there might be more guys on the market that have to settle with Oakland!

      • tophatal


        The Jags’ll come out of the AFC South should they win it with an above .500 record .

        As to Werth with him signing for $126 million and Crawford with BoSox for $140 million over 7 years is there anything left to be said about the game ?

        Chris (sportschump) will be like a high school girl who’s just bought a new outfit for the prom. Oh here we go he’ll jump off that Rays’ bandwagon to be sure ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

        Do you ever get the feeling he’s got a great deal of time on his hand ? When does he find time to get laid ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!



        tophatal ………… 🙂

        • chappy81

          Yeah, I doubt any team in the AFC will finish with a below .500 record and make the playoffs. I guess if the Chiefs go 0-4 there’s a chance, but I wouldn’t count on that happening at the moment looking at their schedule…

          Wow, never saw the video of Chris. Funny stuff! I’m sure I look more ridiculous rooting for all my losing teams thinking they are going to win haha!

  • tophatal


    The NFL is awash with some really average teams at present but what might be even more embarrasing had been how tepid the coaching has been by the coaches of those teams .

    It seems that the haggling over the services of Cliff Lee has been amped up to some really ridiculous levels ? At the center of the argument is whether or not the option for a seventh year is viable. I think that ‘no team’ < ought to offering a pitcher seven years and paying millions under those circumstances as it's a high risk without due rewards that are a certainty . Simply look at the Giants and the fact that they still owe Zito in excess of $72 million and he’s done absolutely nothing to justify that contract as a member of that team ?

    sportchump (Chris) has it going on like that as he lives in his own little bubble ! Do you think that he’s gotten over the fact that Meyer has simply walked out on the Gators ? That was a pi_s poor excuse by the coach to my mind as his situation isn’t that different from any other collegiate coach who happens to be a parent .

    😛 _ 😦

    tophatal ………. 🙂

    • chappy81

      I agree there aren’t as many good coaches in the league. With guys like Gruden, Dungy, and Cower not leading teams anymore the coaching pool has grown luke warm like a pool filled with 6 year olds peeing in it.

      Lee is one lucky guy. Good thing he didn’t give up baseball like some thought he might before his Cy Young season in Cleveland. I guess if you are the Yankees and you already gave CC a seven year contract why not throw out another one. Sounds like Nolan Ryan doesn’t feel like it should be seven years, so well see what Lee decides…

      I don’t mind Meyer’s excuse as long as he doesn’t coach for at least three years. If he comes back after one year, I will dislike him again… Maybe he just knows the recruits he has coming in aren’t that good 🙂

      • tophatal


        Cowher says he’s now open to offers and I think definitely a number of teams will come calling on his services.

        As for Lee with the money that’s backing the Rangers including several multi billionaire oilmen I don’t think that it’s a foregone conclusion that he could end up signing with the Yankees.

        Meyer on the other hand I don’t feel can be trusted ! I do believe that he’ll return to coaching in some capacity within the next two years. This guy has waffled on more than John Kerry !

        How do you feel about the Spanos’ family selling a 30% stake in the Chargers to Philip Anschutz the multi billionaire co-owner of the Lakers who also own the Staples Center , Nokia Theater , Home Depot Center in Carson as well as severl MLS soccer teams ? Rumor has it that because the ongoing negotiations for the sale of the Pistons has been hampered by the NBA Magic Johnson may well join Anschutz in bringing an NFL team to Los Angeles . Personally I think that the Chargers may seek relocation to the greater LA are if a stadium can be built that will meet their needs !

        tophatal …….. 🙂

        • Chappy81

          Yeah, there’ s been a lot of talks about the Chargers moving to LA. Sounds like it could happen within the next few years if it does at all. I think LA might actually support the Chargers if it did happen. I’m just happy the Raiders swept them this year, that is already enough amo for the friends that rip on the Raiders 🙂

  • Chris Humpherys

    Oh, I find the time.

    And Chap… why the hell did you superimpose that picture of Charlie Sheen onto mine?

  • tophatal


    If Lee had Scott Boras as his agent instead of Darrell Braunecker how much do you think that the Yankees would be prepared to pay for his services ? $200 million ? $250 million or considerably higher given what we know about Boras as an agent ? Ha , ha !

    tophatal …… 🙂

  • tophatal


    Gladly the Raiders ____ swept the Chargers and it makes for the division a real race. I certainly don’t see the Chiefs as the presuptive favorites to win it all with the division !

    Scott Boras is now looking for applicants who can run , throw and hit because he knows how easy it is to dupe the ‘idiot owners’ in baseball !

    Any takers ?

    tophatal …….. 🙂

  • tophatal


    I think that the NFL would be more in line with a team relocating rather than a new franchise altogether . The initial cost would be monumental in terms of the franchise free alone given the market itself.

    tophatal ……………… 🙂

    • chappy81

      I totally agree, I was just saying that the Chargers would be a lot more accepted in LA than any other team, because they’ve been in Socal for a long time already…

      If they brought in another franchise like the Rams, I don’t see it being that successful…

    • tophatal


      Better the Chargers than say someone like the Jags ! And given what the proprietary franchise fees in the NFL now goes for I think that’d be more practical than having a new franchise altogether ! At some time in future the league hierarchy will look to add to the number of teams in the NFL .


      tophatal ……….. 😛

  • tophatal


    NBA season and all isn’t as it seems .

    Stripper Poles Or NBA Polls ………… Which Gets Your Direction And Immediate Attention ?

    I’ve never been one to really put much store in polls unless it’s pole that’s actually being adorned by an exotic dancer . Needless to say that with the NBA __ season now in full swing and but a quarter of the way through already some fans out there are already putting up their polls as to who they believe are the best in the league given the teams’ records. That may well be all well and good but anything can be read into a poll given the amount of information stated at the time. To my mind we don’t really know much about the teams until we are at least a third of the way through the season. But realistically we can as such say that a number of teams are merely now there only to make up the numbers . Click on the link provided to read on ………………


    tophatal ………….. 🙂

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    What a great article title…that’s priceless


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