Raiders Were Screwed Either Way…

I found myself saddened by the Bills decision to cut Trent Edwards today. It’s strangely the second pro athlete my mom has met since I left NorCal, and I was more excited to hear about her encounter with Ricky Williams, but Trent Edwards wasn’t a terrible silver medal. Edwards happens to be my mom’s neighbor’s wife’s cousin, so she has seen him a few times here and there. Anyways, the reason for this post wasn’t to be sad about Edwards getting the axe in Buffalo, but more to be happy that the Raiders couldn’t have selected a solid quarterback out of that 2007 draft when they gave their fate to arguably the biggest draft bust in the history of busts selecting Jamarcus. It might have been one of the ugliest classes in decades, unless Kolb somehow grabs the job from Vick (don’t hold your breathe for that one) it was a horrible draft for QB’s. It’s always fun to see where the top QB’s for the first 100 picks of that magical 2007 draft are today.

#1 Overall – Jamarcus Russell

I’ve said all I can say about this guy, but right now he’s probably pounding some sizznurup hoping the UFL will give him a call.

#22 Overall – Brady Quinn

He’s now hanging out in Denver behind Tim Tebow(another over drafted QB) of all people. I guess if Orton got hurt, he might see the field, but if his resume isn’t bust material I don’t know your definition of a bust is.

#32 Overall – Kevin Kolb

Can’t call him a bust yet, but can’t call him much of a success when Vick has already supplanted him as the starter in Philly after 6 quarters against bad teams. I’m not a beliver yet, but I guess there’s a chance he could be good…

#40 Overall – John Beck

Who? Took me a minute to remember who he was too. Miami didn’t like him all that much, now he’s a third stringer in Washington, not exactly a successful 2nd round pick.

#43 Overall – Drew Stanton

Another who? Is there an owl nearby or something?!? He is holding down the backup spot on Detroit right now, but when Stafford gets back on the field he’ll move down the depth chart.

#92 Overall – Trent Edwards

Just got cut, so the way I see it, if Kolb sucks the Raiders didn’t make a terrible choice in drafting Jamarcus, there was simply nothing to work with out of this QB class, so we were doomed no matter who ended up coming to Oakland.

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8 responses to “Raiders Were Screwed Either Way…

  • Baumer

    Interesting post. I didn’t realize that the class was that bad. To give the Raiders credit, Russell was a beast of potential. That’s the problem, it was all potential and nothing realized, but you can’t truly fault the Raiders for trying to hit the home run by selecting him.

    Still, I am a bit disappointed that my Bills cut Trent. He may not have been the answer, but the way the organization handled it all was…poor. Within a week Trent goes from starter to not good enough to even be on the team?!?! Buffalo has been my team for my entire life, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but they somehow manage to continually amaze me with every mind numbing decision…

    • Chappy81

      Yeah, I agree that Jamarcus had the tools, but just not the head. I think we could’ve waited it out and picked him in the 2nd round, but we didn’t and were stuck with him for three miserable years. I guess I understand why he held out for so long 🙂

      The Bills really did handle it poorly. He showed flashes of good when he was playing last year and the year before. It’s not like he has a whole lot of help out there on offense either! Hopefully someone else takes a chance on him…

  • tophatal


    The problems start from the top and literally works its way down. I mean simply look at the Bills front office then the coaching staff under Chan Gailey and tell me what’s meant to be appealing about the organization ?

    This team couldn’t find its much less beat its way out of a wet paper bag !

    As to the qb’s their problems stem from the fact that there’s way too much hype over them . I liken it to the fact when you have idiots such as Kiper making pronouncements about these players when they’ve yet to do anything within the NFL . He’s never fully explained to us all how it is that Akili Smith never set the NFL alight . I wonder why ?

    tophatal 🙂

  • Chappy81

    The Bills need to re-recruit Marv Levy 🙂 I guess not everyone can be as solid as your Patriots in the competency category. I agree with you that the analysts over hype these players, but it’s their job. They have to get overly excited about guys even if they aren’t really excited about them just to get others interested in the draft…

    At this point, I really am just happy that none of these QB’s turned out good, or I would be wishing the Raiders selected that QB who actually did do well…

  • tophatal


    The Bills don’t need to go down that route . What they need to do is to get rid of GM Buddy Nix and actually bring in someone who knows talent and a coach who can relate to these young kids. Chan Gaily is old school and he’s not about to change his ways anytime soon !

    No One Circles The Wagons Like The Buffalo Bills …… Send In The Cavalry Now

    tophatal ……… 🙂

  • mceezy

    Well that didn’t take long. Edwards already got picked up by the Jags –

    Not a bad situation either given David Garrard’s early season struggles

  • Chris Humpherys

    It’d be interesting to see career minutes played sorted by draft year and by round.

    Someone get Bill James on the phone.

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Yeah, personally I did think that they may have pulled the trigger on Edwards a bit early.

    As for Russell, as out of shape as he is, you’d think that a team in a league like the UFL would be pretty adamant about getting him when that league thrives off of players like that.


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