Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

Feelin the FIBA Championship More Than I Thought

I really didn’t think I’d get into the FIBA championship this year, but surprisingly I’ve caught at least a little bit of each game. Either when they decided televise them 12 hours after they happened on NBATV, or on ESPN3 when I’m at work, and not so busy. As much as I was unimpressed with the names on the squad we put together, I was very impressed with how well they’ve come together over the past month. If you watched their first game and last game, you’d see a dramatic improvement. They finally looked comfortable together against Angola, and sent them back to their country. I was surprised to find that the U.S. was not the favorite to win the title. I guess not winning the tourney since 1994 is a good reason for them to be ranked lower, but still, shouldn’t the country that invented the game be the favorite even with the rules being much different than the NBA? I’d think so, and even with the B squad they should beat down the competition. Continue reading

Brawling and Foul Balls

Sometimes the fans take center stage, and ARE the story more than the athletes at times. We saw Bo and Sarah’s foul ball fiasco give them more than their five minutes of fame, and fortunately, I think we are done with both of them. This past Friday a fight between an unruly fan at the US Open made more waves on internet forums  than the actual tennis being played. I figured it was only fitting to show you the compilation clip that someone spent some time syncing up all the camera phone videos that caught the incident. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about this jackass. I’ve never been a fan of people from the eastcoast, and this might just be another example of why…

This second clip shows us that unitentional pain is always funny. Cali4Dre’s thoughts summed it up nicely…

Three things I like about that one:

  • The HD feed looks really nice
  • The multiple replays of ball contact to forehead
  • The camera dude saying he tried to warn him, as if that made a difference