RFP Of The Day: Marty Conlon

There’s not much to say about Marty Conlon. He played for 8 teams in 9 years. His best season came in 94-95 when he put up 9.9 ppg and 5.2 rpg for the Milwaukee Bucks. 20/10 is the benchmark for great power forwards, but a 10/5 guy is a rich man’s Marty Conlon. I got to enjoy him in his 2nd year in Sacramento when he was only a 5/3 guy, so I didn’t quite get to see him in his prime. He once had 9 pts, 5 reb, and 3 ast in a playoff game. Oh wait, those are his career playoff numbers….

Marty was born in the Bronx, went to high school in White Plains, and played college ball in Providence.  (see a them here?) His other NBA stops came in Seattle, Charlotte, Washington, Boston, Miami, and of course the obligatory stop with the Clippers. But this all what makes him Random and Forgotten. Let’s get to why he’s an RFP! Behold Exhibits A and B…..












Oh, and then I found this bad boy….

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2 responses to “RFP Of The Day: Marty Conlon

  • chappy81

    Wow, that one cracked me up! I don’t even remember him, so I guess I never actually had a chance to forget him… I’m loving those fundamentals he’s got going in those pictures though. I’m sure he was one of those rare 90% free throw shooters from the PF spot with that form!

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America


    That was funny…”10-5 is a rich man’s Marty Conlon” … Epic win.

    Even though I’m a Bulls fan and they are in that division, I remember very little about the 94-95 Bucks, and I don’t feel one sliver of guilt about that at all.

    How incredibly ironic is it that he went to high school in “White Plains”? Haha…that guy makes David Duke look like Lewis Farrakhan


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