Vincent Jackson’s Value E-mail Thread

In response to Michael Silver’s article on Chargers’ GM, AJ Smith vs. Vincent Jackson over on Yahoo Sports, the Doin Work crew sounded off on the San Diego dilemma. Should the Chargers continue to hold out for what they want for Vincent Jackson, or simply take what they can get and move on?

Chappy: Sure isn’t a fan of AJ Smith. Can’t say I disagree with his point of view though…

Dyslecix: I get both sides of this…in the end though, this falls on VJ….he didn’t hold the cards to play AJ Smith heads up, and he lost. That’s just business.

Chappy: I think having his team blacked out on TV on the home opener might be making him reconsider not giving in… His business should be to fill up the seats…

Dyslecix: I can’t speak for Charger fans…but Dre and a ton of posts in the comment section sure make it seem like there happy he didn’t give in.

Chappy: That’s true, dre was pretty bitter… I guess the weather is just too good to go to football games that cost $100 for crappy seats…

Anonymous Broncos Fan: i don’t think vj has a leg to stand on in the whole situtaion, but they should’ve traded him.  2nd round picks become starters in the nfl…

Cali4Dre: I disagree with what this guy is saying, AJ Smith is not acting “misguided” here, it’s definitely the player

This isn’t the first time AJ Smith has gone head to head with someone else in the organization, and he’s fried much bigger fish than the other Vincent Jackson (See: Schottennheimer, Marty).  Football is a business, Players are assets, and the Chargers are one of the shrewdest teams in the league when it comes to trades (See #1 pick (Vick) in 2001 for picks that tuned out to be LT and Brees; see: see #1 pick (Manning) in 2004 for picks that turned out to be Rivers, Kaeding, and Merriman in 2005).  Let’s not forget the Chargers spent a #2 pick on Vj, so it’s not like they signed him as an undrafted FA or something.  They kept him on the sidelines until he was ready and in the next couple of years VJ will cash in on how the Chargers groomed him.  You’d think he would have a little bit of gratitude towards the Chargers, but instead he turns into a punk and goes out and gets a DUI not once but twice and decides he’s bigger than the teams 3.2M offer to play out his original contract.

Chappy: Since you’ve followed it every step of the way, I’ll take your word for it

MCeezy: Are we sure Vincent Jackson is really that good? You know I’m the last to admit Philip Rivers is good, but maybe VJ is just a product of having a good QB? He could easily go to another team and completely disappear. I think they should take whatever they can get for him and move on with Floyd and Nanee, or whoever else they can sign

Dyslecix:69 catches is his high total, and 8 TD’s. Mehhhh

Chappy: Slightly better than Heyward Bey

MCeezy: OH, well in that case he’s a stud!!!!  hahaha.

Cali4Dre: Point is he’s valuable to the Chargers because he knows his their system and he moves the chains.  I saw a stat that said he averaged the highest percentage of catches for a first down in the league last year, and the highest average YPC.  He’s big, fast, and can out-jump any corner in the league for a ball in the end-zone, so while he might not have racked up say 100 catches, he didn’t need to.  They have Gates who catches more balls than most TE’s, and Floyd caught his fair share.  The Chargers also spent a lot of time leading in games so they didn’t need to pass as often.

MCeezy: I agree with every bit of that. That’s why I think Jackson’s expendable. I know VORP is a baseball term, but I feel like they’re good enough offensively that they can plug in someone else and be just fine. He’s not worth the headache, or holding out for a 2nd & 3rd round pick

Anonymous Broncos Fan: obviously not THAT valuable.

Dyslecix: Expendable and not worth the money he was asking for.

Chappy: Don’t need to pass a lot!?! They were ranked 31st in rushing last year…

Dyslecix: What was there passing rank?

Chappy: 5th

Cali4Dre: Point will missed on rushing when leading games, I would expect that from a Raider fan. I agree he’s easily expendable, but the Chargers aren’t going to let a punk or the rest of the league strong arm them into dealing their Pro-Bowl WR for something they don’t want…

Chappy: Ranked 19th in attempts and are 32nd in YPC… I guess when your ahead 3 and outs are acceptable…

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One response to “Vincent Jackson’s Value E-mail Thread

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    He certainly made it seem like he was worth the headache, but that’s nothing new when you consider the overinflated ego that exists among some of the wideouts in the game today.

    Hell, TO probably still thinks he’s worth a first rounder in the 2011 draft at 36 years old.


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