Cubs Doing What They Do

Yes, I’m the Cubs fan of the group, and I’m not going to lie anymore. I was sipping Cubbie-Cool-Aide all winter long, yeah getting down right drunk as s**t on it!  Harden, Bradley, Soto,  all seemed like great pieces to an emerging puzzle (notice I just left out the 3 game sweep by the Dodgers last year? Okay just checking) that was going bring back glory to the Northside this year. But I forgot just exactly what we’re dealing with here….100 years of doom, heartbreak, and soul searching. On the heels of an 8 game losing streak, and a team batting under .260 thru May, I think it’s time to stop talking about the Brian Roberts and Jake Peavy’s of the world that are going to take the club over the top. Those guys aren’t coming, and this team just isn’t any good right now. I might be back in July singing wildly about our amazing turn around, and how wrong I was to doubt the Lou Pinella mojo (has he ever had it with a career .500 winning percentage?) train. Until then I’m going to keep drinking my woes under the table with warm cans of Old Style beer as I stare at my fantasy stat tracker pissed off, as the Cubs keep doing what they do!

2 responses to “Cubs Doing What They Do

  • mceezy

    Brilliant use of photos!

    Remember though, Harden and Bradley keyed a second half surge en route to an LCS berth for the A’s in 06. There’s still hope! …or is there.

    And actually, I’m pretty sure Harden was injured during that run.

  • chappy81

    Yeah, Harden was hurt until the last few weeks of the season… I hope they turn it around, I need Bradley’s fantasy production!

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