Lakers Vs. Celtics Finals Game 6 Diary

Unfortunately, Mceezy and I weren’t able to watch any of the first five games, because China isn’t all that excited about teams that aren’t from Houston. Now, we found ourselves extra excited about game 6. So we decided it was only fitting to bust out a game diary while watching the game tonight, to take anyone unable to watch through the ups and downs of the game or maybe even give you some extra insights to what went down at Staples Center. Everybody seems to be picking the Lakers tonight, and I hope they are wrong, so I can break out the Celtics hat I bought in 08′  just to piss off co-workers!

Pre-game predictions,

Chappy: Boston wins. Rondo gets ridiculous with a triple double. Pau already has a flight booked to South Africa to watch Spain play tomorrow in the World Cup, Odom ate too many gummy bears, Artest is confused, so Kobe is on his own out there once again…

MCeezy: There hasn’t been a Game 7 in the NBA Finals in five years. The Lakers don’t want to watch Boston celebrate on their floor again – at least until Game 7. LA can’t match the heart and drive of Boston, but Kobe with his back against the wall outweighs the Celtics with a game to burn. The Lakers live to see another day.

9:08 Lakers up 9-6

MCeezy: The Lakers are winning the battle of the most fired up bench.

Chappy: I think both teams look pretty pumped up for this one, should be entertaining!

7:44 12-14 Lakers after an Allen 3 and Kobe 3

Chappy: The Celtics got their only win when Allen was on fire, good sign for the C’s… Fischer complaining about someone flopping!?!

5:58 18-12 Lakers on a run as Perkins gets shaken up

MCeezy: Kobe: More PASSES or Shot Attempts tonight?  I’ll bet more shots than passes, in the second half at least.

Chappy: I’d lean toward more shots, but I guess that depends on if anyone is else making them! Perk could be a huge loss if he can’t come back…

1:48 26-18 Lakers

MCeezy: 10 minutes in and the Lakers are clearly the aggressor. C’s just need to keep it within 10-12 at the half and they can grind it out in the second half.

Chappy: I guess my prediction of Artest looking confused is already out the window! Does he think he’s back in Houston?

28-18 End of the 1st quarter

Chappy: If allowing the Lakers to shoot 60% doesn’t show you how much better their defense is with Perk in there, I don’t know what does… They are owning the paint…

MCeezy: I think the quarter break couldn’t have come at a better time for Boston. They needed to regroup, but Odom just knocked down a big jumper and Nate threw a fastball into the backstop to turn it over. Momentum stays with LA

8:38 34-22 Lakers

Chappy: Are Pau and Shasha the most punchable players in the NBA?

MCeezy: Sans the Laker jersey, I like Pau. But I sure wouldn’t mind slapping Bynum.  By the way, that was a clean block by Rasheed. Mark Jackson’s trippin

Chappy: Yeah, Sheed actually had a legitimate gripe for once. Maybe the ref knew it and that’s why he didn’t get T’d up… Is there any chance the Lakers get too cocky?

MCeezy: LA has a few more players who get scared. That plays a huge role in the postseason. You’ve got to have guys who don’t get scared in pressure situations, and the Celtics have more of them. The Lakers really need to keep piling it on.

6:54 40-23 Lakers

Chappy: Uh oh, they are starting to pile it on. The C’s can’t afford to give up close 30 a quarter, they aren’t going to come back from that! Let’s hope Sasha get’s T’d up for something retarded, and makes Kobe want to kill him again!

MCeezy: Garnett gets his first rebound 18 minutes in. The Celts NEED to get more physical. They can intimidate the Lakers, but they’re not doing it.

4:47 45-27 Lakers

Chappy: The C’s need to somehow get it under ten by half…

Mceezy: Boston needs to ride Pierce. He’s the only one who showed up. Shelden Williams just checked in. Is that Doc Rivers throwing in the proverbial towel?

Chappy: He could be waiving the white flag. Maybe he’s in there for his offense hahaha!

1:32 49-29 Lakers

Chappy: Man, as much as I wanted the Celtics to win, I really wanted to just see a competitive game like how all the other ones sounded… I’m losing interest a little.

MCeezy: The entire half I’ve been thinking, “Where’s Rondo?”  Now he misses a dunk. He really is their most important player.

51-31 Lakers Halftime

MCeezy: Utter and complete dominance. An Odom tip-in followed by a Garnett missed three. Pretty much sums up the half.

Chappy: Yup, domination. I can’t say this is what I expected, but I’m not surprised that this is the first game we happened to see… Sucks they look like they are playing like they have a one game cushion…

MCeezy: Forget that, they’re playing like they’re up 3-0.  Or down 0-3.

Chappy: Man, this halftime show sucks. They are showing all these close games, and we get stuck with this crap! Definitely thought it would be a Bynum injury over a Perkins injury before this one started…

53-35 8:41 Lakers

Chappy: C’s are showing at least a little effort to start this quarter. Just need to make some layups haha. Looks like I spoke too soon on the Bynum injury thing…

MCeezy: C’s ARE showing some hustle, but if they can’t convert, it’s all for naught.

5:10 62-42 Lakers

Chappy: I wonder how much longer Doc leaves the starters in, and when he pulls them do they ever comeback? Lakers don’t look like they can do anything wrong at this point… Wow, that was an impressive oop for Shannon, I couldn’t do that in the dunk contest, Brown.

2:03 70-51 Lakers

Chappy: Just watching this game, I have no idea how the Celtics are up 3-2…

1:07 73-51 Lakers

MCeezy: Hopefully that shot to the face wakes Rondo up.

Chappy: I just shook the magic 8 ball, and it told me, “my sources tell me no”

MCeezy: MY sources tell me NO as well

Start of the 4th 76-51 Lakers

Chappy: Not sure why all the starters are in for either side… Why wear them out when this one is decided!?!

9:56 78-54 Lakers

Chappy: Ok, Doc took Pierce and KG out, but why is Kobe and Pau still in there? Why risk an injury!?!

7:30 80-56 Lakers

Chappy: So who you got in game seven? I guess I can’t pick against the Lakers seeing this ugly game unfold. With no Perkins, the Lakers are going to get into the paint all night long… Can Kobe get four more Tech’s to get suspended for game seven?

4:35 84-59 Lakers

Chappy: Well, I guess MCeezy lost internet connection or got over it, and I can’t blame him this game OVER… I still have no clue why Gasol and Kobe are still in the game. I don’t understand why Allen, Garnett, and Pierce checked back in either. None of this makes sense at all when it’s already time to look to game seven!

3:36 86-62 Lakers

Chappy: Doc pulled out his starters after two solid minutes of them being in… Not sure why Phil hasn’t done the same since Kobe and Pau have been in the whole second half…

89-67 Lakers Final

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