Even Dr. Phil Has An Opinion On Lebron

In case you missed it last night Jimmy Kimmel had a pretty good little skit where Dr. Phil chimed in some interesting reasons on why Lebron would want to go to a city. I think he was talking about Gloria James on the whole sex thing, but funny nonetheless.

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6 responses to “Even Dr. Phil Has An Opinion On Lebron

  • tophatal


    Psychoanalysis isn’t going to help LeBron who’s completely shattered from finding out his mom is puttin’ out with his teammate. Do you think he might’ve witnessed his mom also ” giving/i> head ” to Delonte` ?

    Dan Gilbert is simply proving that because you’ve got money and are a self made millionaire it doesn’t mean that you’ve an ounce of common sense. What in hell’s name made him think that Tom Izzo would give up his gig at Michigan State when LeBron has yet to give the Cavaliers a commitment that he’s willing to remain with the organization ?

    Gilbert is an absolute dumb a_s !

    The rumor is he’ll approach Byron Scott to see if he’s interested in the vacant coach’s position with the team.


    • chappy81

      I have no idea why Izzo would leave his post. He’s the ultimate college coach. He teaches guys to be true “team” players. Not sure that would work in the NBA, but it was a weak attempt by Gilbert nonetheless… I don’t think Lebron is staying unless they make some roster moves, regardless of who they have as a coach…

  • Chris Humpherys

    I’ll admit to taking a liking to Kimmel lately.

    After all, who else could unite Don Rickles and Ozzy Osbourne for the first time ever?

    • chappy81

      I have to admit, he’s grown on me too! I thought he peaked on the Man Show, but he’s slowly proved he can hold down a late night spot…

    • mceezy

      I feel like he’s always dangerously close to a Jim Rome – Jim Everett move, but I do enjoy his show. He’s easily the second best Jimmy on late night television.

  • tophatal


    Now Gilbert will have to pare down his choices . Izzo is out and so too would be Krzyzewski and Tubby Smith. I still think that he might make a run at the Wildcats’ John Calipari ! As we know Calipari a ” man-whore” ! He’ll go wherever there’s money to be made even if it’s being done at someone else’s expense.

    The other choice might be Byron Scott but Scott may well be holding out hope that he’s next in line for the Lakers’ job should Phil step down having won another NBA title .


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