Funny Signs From China

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13 responses to “Funny Signs From China

  • Chris Humpherys

    Please stop this lineup? Don’t they have that outside all Pittsburgh Pirates games?

    And No Surmounting? Well, personally, that’s just one I don’t agree with.

    Dude, it’s great you got to head overseas, man. What was the purpose for the trip?

    And how can I get some of those I Love BJ’s shirts to sell on my site.

    • mceezy

      Hahahahaha!!!! I need to take a “Please Stop this Lineup” sign to my next A’s game. Although it’s not hard to do, so perhaps the sign is unnecessary

    • mceezy

      Oh and Chappy and I are second cousins, if you didn’t already know that. We went over there with a bunch of extended family, to “get back to our roots” if you will.

  • tophatal


    So in retrospect there’s not much difference between China and the US ? Other than the population and to an extent the ethnic diversity ? I don’t suppose you came across any Jamaicans while you were there did you ?

    I know that there about 40 of them meant to be studying there at various universities across the nation but several are in Beijing .


    • mceezy

      I don’t know about Jamaicans, but black people were few and far between. At the World Expo, the locals sure were excited to take their picture with them. So yeah, not a whole lot of diversity over there.

      • tophatal


        I’ve a cousin who’s there studying agriculture , as he was sent there (Bejing) by the Jamaican government. The cost to go there and study was far less expensive than coming to the states by all accounts which which came as a complete surprise to me.

        Having said that I know that there’s not that many people of African descent in that part of the world unless they’re part of the country’s respective diplomatic corps.

        While I lived in Paris for eighteen months I was always being mistaken for a Moroccan or Nigerian or Algerian. It wasn’t until they heard the English accent that the ice cooled in terms of the resentment. ‘nough said about the bigoted French !

        With you and chappy being related which of you claims to be the brains who has the charm with the ladies ? Or is it a case where you each ride shot gun for one another on that score ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

        I’m glad you guys got to enjoy yourselves and meet extended members of your immediate family. Without “family” life as such isn’t really worth enjoying or living !



        • Chappy81

          It’s funny, when I was wandering through SFO after we landed on our return flight, I was thinking look at all these white people! It had been so long since I’d seen such a variety of non-Asians!

  • Chappy81

    Wow! I don’t remember the “pinching hard” bathroom one, that’s hilarious!

    I think I’m going to regret not buying one of those BJ shirts… I completely forgot to grab one on the way back down from the wall…

    • tophatal


      Is that meant to be BJ as in Beijing or is it meant to have a sexual connotation ? Because having been to Phuket , Thailand and Amsterdam , Holland the women are only that obliging if you pay for the privilege and I don’t remember them handing out t-shirts as a souvenir for getting a certain part of the male appendage taken care of .


      • mceezy

        Yeah, the I Heart BJ shirts were somewhere up on the Great Wall. By the time we realized we had to buy one, we were back down the Wall, and not about to go back up for one. Never saw one after that. We saw an I Heart SH (for Shanghai), but it just didn’t have the same ring to it.

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    And now that you’ve returned home you’re back at work and having to put up with all of the mundane bs ? Ah that’s what tends to happen at times . I was in a similar position on the last trip I took back to Europe to visit friends and family in both England and France. Return back stateside and it were as I hadn’t been away.

    I hear that the Yankees will look to pursue the Mariners’ ___ Cliff Lee to add to their pitching rotation ? All of a sudden it’s made the Rays’ stay at the top of the AL East seem rather worthless. They’re now tied atop of the division and I get the feeling that if they (Yankees) get more than a ” 3 three game lead “ then that’s all she wrote as far as the division is concerned.


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