More Fun With Milton, Getting Sued Edition

Bradley's world has always been a little upside down...

I’m not sure what it is about athletes getting sued or getting in trouble that is so fascinating to me, but alas, I give you the most recent case against one of the most hated players in baseball, Milton Bradley. He is being sued by his landlord in Chicago for $44K in back rent, fees, and interest. I truly CAN understand why people hate Bradley so much, because he has the skill set to be a force in baseball, but he never really lives up to that potential as he sits out from hangnail type injuries throughout each season, and causes rifts in the clubhouse more often than not. His personality is emotional to say the least, and that sensitivity has made the media get on him that much more! I can’t defend most of his tirades, but I’m still grateful for his stint with the A’s. He single-handedly carried our offense to the ALCS in 2006.  Unfortunately, he won’t be remembered for his on-field contributions, and more for his dynamic personality off the field. To beat the dead horse, at the end of the article I found a statement I thought was pretty funny,

Bradley — who said during his time in Chicago that writers, fans and even waiters didn’t like him

Sounds like a pretty open and shut case to me. If you sign a lease and don’t pay it, you might find yourself getting sued. I’d expect that if I decided to stop paying rent! I’m guessing the landlord is probably a Cubs fan and has close to the same amount of hate towards him as the rest of the city does. I’d wish him luck, but I think he probably needs a shrink to figure out why so many people hate him. I hope he does good in Seattle, as long as it’s not against the A’s!

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5 responses to “More Fun With Milton, Getting Sued Edition

  • tophatal


    I think getting sued beat the crap that former major leaguer Jose Offerman now finds himself in ! What with him apparently slugging an umpire down in the Dominican Leagues.

    How crazy is that nut job ?

    Alan Parkins

  • classic17

    “Unfortunately, he won’t be remembered for his on-field contributions, and more for his dynamic personality off the field.”

    Dynamic personality indeed. Haha, you’re much nicer to him than most people would be.

    I think Bradley will do well in Seattle. It’s a very laid back place, and the players really don’t have to deal with anyone if they don’t want to. I spent a summer working for the M’s and met more visiting players than Mariners. Actually, I didn’t meet any Mariners at all, but the other intern had a pretty funny run-in with Carl Everett.

    • chappy81

      Ha! I’m only nice to him because he was a solid contributor to the A’s when he was here. He also didn’t cause any clubhouse drama, which was kinda shocking. Seeing how he succeeded with the mellow A’s, I think the mellow Seattle team suits him as good as anywhere.

      Did you ever meet Brett Boone? That guy is one hilarious alcoholic. I used to work at Pebble Beach, and every time I saw him there he was wasted!

      • classic17

        No, Bret was gone the year before I worked there. I did have a long conversation with Ervin Santana and Jose Molina in right field before a game about different girls in the stands. We’ll just say that neither one is picky.

        I also got to tell Pudge Rodriguez about Zidane’s headbutt in the World Cup Final. He was a very active listener, which I appreciated.

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