ROY Award Comes Back to Oakland

Some are debating the decision, saying Rick Porcello or Elvis Andrus deserved the award more, but this morning, Athletics reliever Andrew Bailey was named AL Rookie of the Year. Many would argue that Porcello had more of an impact for a contending team. Some would also argue that Andrus deserved it for playing shortstop every day for a team that made a run at the postseason. Amid all these facts, no one can really say anything to take away from what Bailey’s done. Last year at this time, Bailey was buried in the A’s minor league system. He spent the year in AA-Midland, getting roughed up as a starter. This year, he made the change to reliever, and was expected to start the season in AAA-Sacramento. Well, Bailey never arrived. Instead, he overcame longshot odds to win a spot on the big league roster. A month or so later, he was named the A’s closer and his job security never wavered all season long.

In July, he made the all-star team. Obviously that has a lot to do with Oakland not having a clear all-star. I would’ve named Kurt Suzuki, but that’s just me. At any rate, as we look back at Bailey’s final numbers for the season, it only proves he did deserve to be an all-star. After all, he finished with the second best ERA, behind only the immortal Mariano Rivera, and firmly one spot ahead of Jonathan Papelbon.  All this while throwing 15+ innings more than either of them, compiling a 91-24 K:BB ratio, and rattling off 21 straight converted saves to finish the season. I could throw more numbers out, but the point is that Bailey deserved the award. Perhaps in any of the previous four seasons, he doesn’t win it, but this year he was the best. The only knock on him I’ve heard is the fact that he plays for a poor team. If he were an offensive player, I might agree with that, but as a closer, you’re not facing your own team, you’re facing the Angels, and the Rangers, among others. All this really says is if he played for a different team, he would’ve had even MORE saves. Congratulations Andrew. I would say it’s too bad we never got to work together in Sacramento, but obviously things worked out better by jumping straight to Oakland. Besides, let’s be honest, Bailey wasn’t even a top prospect before this season anyway.

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5 responses to “ROY Award Comes Back to Oakland

  • tophatal


    It’s all well and good the A’s having these young prospects . But amounts to nothing more than a hill of beans in the end. As we all know that this kid’ll end up in one of the bigger markets in the end. It’s not as if they’ve been known to try and retain their best players in recent history.

    There’s little if any money at all within the A’s organization. They’re virtually one of the also rans once the season comes around. But for three or four good months they’re all the rage and then just fade out like a flickering match.

    Alan Parkins

  • mceezy

    I think it’s a common misconception that the A’s don’t have a lot of money. They play in one of the smaller markets and obviously tend to have one of the smaller payrolls, but the owner has money. I believe he shelled out a good portion of it this last year on the Holliday acquisition, along with Giambi, Cabrera, and Nomar. In the big picture though, he’s probably saving his money until if/when he builds the new stadium. California taxpayers rarely approve public funds for stadiums, so he’ll need to cover most of it. Look for an increased payroll if/when it ever gets built.

    • tophatal


      The fact of the matter is the A’s have never been predisposed to spending money on players. And that’s the way that the ownership conducts its business. They’d rather be frugal scrimping and cutting corners to save every last red cent they possibly can. And that’s really down to the hierarchy of MLB and their archaic way of conducting business.

      It’s plain to see that sooner or later the bottom is going to fall out of it all. There’ll be one or two teams that’ll have to be folded. You don’t need to be a finance major to understand it but it does help.

      Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    As long as he’s not the next Bobby Crosby, I really like his upside! I think I’ve liked him since the first time I saw him pitch, he’s overpowering and actually has control!

    I’m pretty pumped to see what they do with the roster this year. I hope instead of signing six old guys they sign one really solid guy, that turns out better than Holliday!

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