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Guru Gone Too Soon

Keith Elam died of cancer related causes Monday after a long battle with the disease. Keith was more known by his rapper alias, Guru, and for being part of the group Gangstarr. If you liked hip-hop in the late 90’s, or early part of the 00 decade you have of heard of him and most likely some of his music. It’s always sad to see someone pass away at such a young age (47) from a disease. You may remember back in March when it was reported that he suffered a stroke, but that wasn’t his only health problem as there was a little more behind the story than what was originally reported. Who knows, I might want to hide that I have cancer. Anyways, I always liked Guru’s music, and hope that his death at least ended the suffering he was going through to battle the disease. I think Guru knew that we’d be writing a tribute to him when he passed. I mean, why else would he have written a perfect theme song for our blog about doin work!?!

Back to the 90s….

We all know I love 90s hip hop. I don’t know why, but this song has fallen completely off the map. However, I still think back to it any time I hear a car horn or any reference to tic tacs. I’m pretty sure it’s the only music video to ever feature a white guy in a Texas A&M cap. He does drop the jewel, “I got the black broad and you got the white one.” Words to live by…..