Dar the D-League Dunker

Well we all know that All-Star weekend is in full swing in Dallas, but did anyone know there are D-League All-Star games!?! I did, but didn’t think they had the mini-games like the pros… Anyways, Dar Tucker 6’4″ hopped over this 7′ guy in the D-League dunk contest. I found the tomahawk dunk a little more impressive than Nate Robinson’s dunk over Howard, but you can judge for yourself…

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6 responses to “Dar the D-League Dunker

  • tophatal


    The events thus far as the All Star festivities have been one complete and utter bore ! And it certainly hasn’t helped with the asinine commentary coming from either Barkley , Reggie Miller or Kenny Smith . Never mind the fact Ernie Johnson is about as funny as a ‘heart attack’. And we’re suppose to find the event meaningful ? The ‘Slam Dunk Contest’ was a joke ! You could’ve elicited more suspense watching Sarah Palin being interviewed by Clay Aiken ! Please , the NBA All Star Weekend so far has been one complete joke !

    Alan Parkins

  • By

    Boom goes the dynamite!

  • Larry

    This was better than any dunk in the contest last night!

  • mceezy

    Not only was this a better dunk than any last night, it also got a louder reaction from the crowd than any dunk last night. I’m the first guy to say the NBA needs big names in the dunk contest, but maybe they oughtta go with D-leaguers. They can dunk with the best of them, and since no one knows who they are, the expectations wouldn’t be as high. If this kid pulled this off last night in Dallas, he would’ve brought the roof down.

  • Anthony

    mad ups…i agree way better than the nba dunk contest

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