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Kid Calling Out Lebron

Couldn’t have said it better myself kid. One point he failed to mention is that the dunk contest rules have now changed, so instead of having to think up six dunks for two rounds, they now only have to think up three dunks in a one round winner take all format voted on by fans. With only one round, I have to think one wouldn’t have to expend as much energy and is another reason I don’t understand why Blake Griffin isn’t going to try and defend his title. Blake said he was exhausted after last years all-star break,  but with less to do to defend his title you have to wonder why he wouldn’t give it a go.

Just Another Dunk

Blake Griffin is easily the rookie of the year at this point of the season, and will continue to be unless some kind of injury happens. Anyways,  I actually watch a lot of Clippers action, since I can’t bring myself to watch the Lakers night in and night out. Griffin is on his way to 400 dunks this season, (leading the NBA), and this one above occurred Sunday night, and I had to go back and re-watch it on youtube today because of it’s awesomeness. This has happened on many occasions, so I figured it was time to throw one up on the blog. This babble has made me feeling Blake Griffin for the dunk contest more than voting Monta Ellis into the All-Star game. I mean, the guy already said he wants to be in it, soooo what’s the holdup!?! If you need some more convincing, here’s his best dunks for the month of November, if that doesn’t convince you, I guess you just don’t like basketball.

Worst Dunk Contest of All-Time?

All-Star Saturday night is just 48 hours away now, and the Dunk Contest is always the make or break event of the weekend. It’s definitely had its share of ups and downs over the course of the last 20 years, even taking two years off, due to a lockout and a season in which the contest was shelved, before Vince Carter single-handedly brought it back. The Dunk Contest is like Christmas. Sometimes you get great presents, most of the time you get some good and some bad, and some years you walk away with nothing more than a stocking full of coal. That’s what the 1995 Contest was…. a stocking full of coal. First off, the list of competitors reads like a 1995 D-League all-star team, even though it didn’t exist back then. Sure, you had the two defending champions, Isaiah Rider and Harold Miner, but the average basketball fan would be lucky if they could remember more than one of the other guys. There was Antonio Harvey, who was actually an opening night starter for the Lakers in 1993, alongside other Laker legends like Trevor Wilson and Tony Smith. There was Tim Perry, who was traded to Philadelphia for Charles Barkley (along with a couple other guys of course). There was Tony Dumas, who believe it or not, was the second best Dumas in the league that year. And then there was Jamey Watson, who to be honest, I haven’t thought about probably since 1995, if not before. He’d be a great RFP of the Day, except he really WAS forgotten. Watson’s first dunk on this highlight reel pretty much sets the tone for the contest as a whole. It looks like a warmup dunk. Even Rider and Miner, two of the best dunkers of the decade, seemed to leave their ‘A’ game at home. I truly believe this contest was the one that got the wheels turning in the league office to think about canning the event. Here are the highlights. Enjoy….. if you can.

All-Star Weekend Moments of Yesteryear

I got to thinking today about how I get excited for different events during NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND each year. One year it’ll be the Dunk Contest, the next it’ll be the Three Point Contest, and the next it’ll be the Haier Shooting Stars. Okay okay, that last one is obviously false. I don’t think anyone with a frenulum preputii gets excited to watch a player shoot set shots with an old guy and a chick. Having said that, I’m on board with Team Sacramento this year. Tyreke Evans, Chris Webber, and Nicole Powell. They might as well just make it a 3-on-3 contest – it’d be so much better. Other things I’m excited to see are Stephen Curry in the 3pt Contest and Gerald Wallace out to avenge his disappointing scores from his first appearance earlier this decade. What takes the cake this year will be the Rookies taking on the Sophomores in the Schick Gatorade Rookie Allstate Sophomore E*Trade Challenge Presented By Ford.  Nevermind that both teams are stacked, but just the thought of Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, and Jonny Flynn running the floor together is enough to get the juices flowing. For anyone who actually cares about the outcome of the game, the real challenge will be whether the undersized freshmen can keep up on the boards with the likes of Marc Gasol, Brook Lopez, and Kevin Love. While the All-Star game has become an afterthought, the Rookie-Soph Game is the perfect blend of all-star freedom and competitive drive.

Here are a few of the Rookie Sophomore Challenge’s greatest moments….

Tough reminder that Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, and Gilbert Arenas were all rookies on the Warriors.