Gut Reactions to Lane Kiffin Being Named Head Coach at USC

Big news out of Los Angeles as USC announced that Tennessee Head Coach, Lane Kiffin (and his dad of course) will be replacing Pete Carroll. Just when I thought Kiffin was out of my life for good, here he comes back through the Rose Garden to patrol the LA Coliseum sidelines once again – this time as the Head Coach. His father, Monty, will be running the defense for the Trojans. While my first reaction was relief that the coaching vacancy has been filled already, I must admit I was hopeful that someone else, like Jeff Fisher would get the job. The upside is that the Trojans will get an established coach, although the jury is still out on his abilities as the man in charge. Kiffin, of course, didn’t have the most glamorous run at the helm of the Oakland Raiders, but looking back, his record was no worse than anyone else to come through Oakland in the last 6 years. In his only season in Knoxville, Kiffin led the Volunteers to a 7-6 record (4-4 SEC). What will be most interesting to see is how the recruiting season pans out. Will players be as excited to play for Kiffin as they were for Carroll? Will Lane be bringing any of his Tennessee players with him? While many questions will remain open for the months to come, one thing has been cleared up – that being the coaching position – so at the very least, USC can move on and look to rebound from their most disappointing season in the now-defunct Pete Carroll era.

After splitting the last three football seasons between Oakland and Knoxville, Little Kiffin is returning to Watts.

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8 responses to “Gut Reactions to Lane Kiffin Being Named Head Coach at USC

  • tophatal


    Lane Kiffin brings with him about as much success Sarah Palin brought to the McCain Presidential campaign. And we all saw what a f_king failure that turned out to be, didn’t we ?


    Alan Parkins 🙂

  • classic17

    Kiffin had better hope USC never plays a game anywhere near Tennessee again. His name is lower than Spurrier to us Vol fans. I hate him so much.

  • tophatal

    classic 17


    Lane Kiffin will end up ‘paying the piper’ for this monumental betrayal of the Vols’ football program and to the university itself. They went out of their way to give him everything he asked for and more . And now he goes and pis_es all over them like a fire hydrant. What a disigenuous basta_d !

    They’re a noose with his ‘name ‘ on it there in Knoxville. Let’s just that he never has to return to the state of Tennessee to play the Vols. As they’ll end up lynching his lying a_s.


    Alan Parkins

    • mceezy

      Yeah, that was actually my initial reaction when I saw the news: “Wait, he’s leaving Tennessee already?” I’ve never been a fan of Kiffin. When rumors of Carroll leaving first surfaced, I told people I was a USC fan, not a Pete Carroll fan. I think it’s safe to say I’d rather have Pete still around.

  • chappy81

    I’m still not sure what I think of this hiring. I guess I still don’t like Kiffin, so it’s probably not a bad move. Since he bounces around nearly every year to a new job, he probably won’t be there for long…

    • tophatal

      chappy 81

      Like it or not the Trojans are now stuck with him. Although if he gets Norm Chow to return there , he won’t be off to a bad start. Where he’ll be really tested is in the caliber of the recruits that he can lure there. I mean when you hear the name ‘Lane Kiffin’ coach of the USC Trojans it doesn’t exactly impress you from the get-go does it ? I mean the guy hasn’t done a damn thing as a coach at any level. Unlike his predecessor there at USC.

      If this all goes south then not only should Kiffin be castrated but also the Trojans’ AD Mike Garrett for this asinine hire to begin with.

      Alan Parkins

    • mceezy

      Can’t really claim to be a Saints fan per se, but I do have a Duece McAllister jersey that was given to me that I plan on rockin this week. Go Saints!

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